carbs are killing you

“Carbs are killing you” infographic revisited

Carbs , how and why they are the cause of weight gain.

Carbohydrates — it doesn’t matter whether these are in sugar, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, fruit or vegetables — are all exactly the same as far as your body is concerned: they are all ultimately converted to the blood sugar, glucose.

All carbs are digested very quickly — within a few minutes. This means that within a very short time after a carb-rich meal the level of glucose in your bloodstream will rise rapidly.

High blood glucose levels, over prolonged periods of time, are dangerous and as levels of glucose rise rapidly in the bloodstream, your pancreas rapidly produces a large amount of insulin to take the excess glucose out.  This is an important point as insulin is the hormone ultimately responsible for body fat storage.

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  • Nice post Dai!
    Maybe pictures will help people get the message?
    Has krispy kreme invented a no carb donut yet, that would help people, ha!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • LOL! True enough… you know if they come up with that, they’d have a line up out the door…

  • awesome :] explains why i missed weight on the last fight ,the carbs i drank like gatorade is that reallly bad though ? or is it the carbs from rice an corn an so.. i love cross fitness it gives me the endurance i need an helps me out an now that i know what to eat tings should go better 17yr old mixed martial artist ,due to this an my endurance people will see why they call me “The Wolf” :]

  • My apologies for being so blunt, but What a load of crap. It should be a no junk diet. Americans are fatter because they are eating more and exercising less. Back up your claims with peer reviewed science. Here is a link from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.
    And from an article that explains why the “paleo diet” is based on
    How many fat Kenyans or Chinese people do you see?

    • Love you passion, Tammy! I’m one that believes in sharing information and creating conversation. There’s definitely many varying opinions that surround diet and nutrition. I’m very much in agreement with you that a leading cause for increases in obesity rates being tightly tied to “eating more and moving less”. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion and for providing some links.

  • This is not how things work, and I fear articles such as this will lead people to the wrong conclusions from these drastic and biased conclusions. Too much of anything can add to fat stores, though it’s most efficient for your body to convert fat at 2.5 kcal per 100 grams, compared to the almost 25 kcal needed to convert 100 grams of carbohydrates (path of least resistance points to fats being easier).

    Also, the glycemic index is the scale of how different carbohydrates react to blood sugars, while the glycemic load illustrates the overall impact. Raising blood sugar is fine up to “normal levels.” Eating a proper diet of non-processed carbohydrates (>50%) along with many vegetables, a lesser percent of protein and fats (20-30% respectively) will never put blood sugar at a high enough level to create a major fat storing situation. In fact, the insulin receptor substrate involved in forcing fat storage from carbohydrates mostly only unlocks its pathway in a starvation state (for survival purposes).

    The idea that Americans decreased their fat intake is absurd. Just because most people bought non-fat yogurt didn’t mean they didn’t go out to McDonald’s afterwards. Most people are unaware of the amount of fat that is in the foods they are eating. Potato chips, pizza, ice creams are generally much higher in fat calorically than they are in carbohydrates, and the quality of the carbohydrates is at its worst in those foods.

    Fat is entirely necessary, but not above 30% (35% for children) according to the American Heart Association. Carbohydrates are vital for proper long-term brain function (gluconeogenesis cannot produce enough for the brain when eating less than 50% of total daily kcal). I urge people to not believe this sort of false information. I am happy to share science articles that pertain to this (I have access to most of them).

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