Dai Manuel is a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Professional Blogger, Social Media Strategist, Brand Architect, CrossFit Athlete & Coach, and soon to be published Author of the “WholeLife Fitness Manifesto”. As a fitness retail entrepreneur, personal trainer, motivational speaker and all-around life enhancer, Dai Manuel has helped thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals through education, inspiration, and training. His wildly popular online exercise programs and online community have allowed him to share the idea that a sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone.

Don’t be a Wimp, it’s Time to Lift Like Grandma


As Mark Twain once said, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.“ Good thing wrinkles don’t decide what we can or cannot do when it comes to our health. As cliché as it sounds, age is JUST a number. Age doesn’t predetermine our level of health, fitness or well-being it’s just an indicator of life experiences… a lifestyle founded ...

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How to speed up your metabolism and burn fat with HIIT training


The minutes drag on as you put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill. The show you are watching on the gym television loses all appeal, and you find yourself staring at the treadmill’s screen and counting the minutes till the end of the workout, all to burn off that stubborn fat. But what if there was ...

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The Apple Watch: What Does This Mean for Your Health and Fitness?

The Apple Watch What Does This Mean for Your Health and Fitness

Motivation… if it came in a bottle, we’d all have it. This might not be exactly how Cher described it, but I love the way it sounds. There’s no quick fix when it comes to health, fitness and motivation. That comes from within – however, today there’s some incredible tools to help one be more accountable to their goals by ...

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Strength Training Do’s and Don’ts for Kids


Not too long ago, a slightly disturbing video was posted on YouTube. A six-year-old boy was bodybuilding with his father and his muscle definition was incredible; he looked like a mini Arnold Schwarzenegger. It prompted questions as to whether this type of strenuous training would be harmful or if it might stunt the child’s growth. Of course, people also wanted ...

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Why Choosing Diet Pop is NOT Better for Your Health


With so many diet drinks and calorie-free beverages available, you may believe that these products might offer a healthier and more guilt-free alternative to regular beverages. The truth is, diet drinks aren’t the dietary blessing they once seemed to be, and may in fact be linked to cardiovascular disease in women. Simply put, choosing diet drinks over regular beverages is ...

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Adrenal Gland Fatigue: Does It Exist (and if so, what you can do about it)

Adrenal Gland Fatigue

The term adrenal gland fatigue is referenced about with increasing frequency, with supporters proudly hailing the cause, and believing it is the underlying reason for many health issues. However, most medical experts remain extremely skeptical, with perhaps good reason. What is adrenal gland fatigue? The term adrenal gland fatigue was first coined back in 1998 by Dr. James Wilson and involves the belief ...

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One Day – You’ll Want This App

One Day You will want this app

Are you like me and find yourself shooting lots of videos but never completing a finished clip? Maybe just filming something for the sake of filming? I’m guilty of this. I have hours and hours of unedited, unfinished videos that seem to never “get done” and live out their days in a buried Dropbox folder… at least that’s what it ...

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5 Longevity Benefits of Yoga that you should know about

5 longevity benefits of yoga

We all know that frequent exercise is the ticket to a long and healthy life. But yoga as a form of exercise and as a lifestyle can provide additional, highly potent benefits that are far more encompassing than simply helping you shed a few pounds. Below is a guide to five amazing benefits of practicing yoga. 1. Chill Out: It’s ...

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Atkins Diet or the Paleo Diet: Which one is for me?

Paleo versus atkins

Health and weight loss have often been linked with strict, nearly impossible eating regimens. Who hasn’t heard of Gwyneth Paltrow’s stringent macrobiotic diet? Luckily for meat lovers, other diets have emerged catering to the tastes of would-be carnivores while promoting weight loss, health and overall well-being. What is the Atkins Diet: Delicious Weight Loss The Atkins diet has been around ...

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No Stress Management? Your Health is a Ticking Time Bomb


Many of us have lives that are so jam-packed we rarely have time to breathe, resulting in stress levels going through the roof. Although stress is normal, and actually good for us in short bursts, prolonged stress is a serious time-bomb waiting to go off. What is Stress? Stress is a natural response to a situation that makes you feel ...

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