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How to Support the Prostate Cancer Foundation this Father’s Day

this father's day support the prostate cancer foundation

This Father’s Day support Prostate Cancer Foundation BC by registering for the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run On Sunday, June 18 Prostate Cancer Foundation BC will be hosting its annual Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run in support of individuals and families diagnosed with prostate cancer. What is the Raymond James Father's Day Walk/Run Charity? The Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run …

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How To Hack Into Our Happy Chemicals

how to hack your happy brain chemical

I don’t know about you but it’s good to have a thing or a hobby that can instantly cheer you up when you feel sad or disappointed in life. For instance, whenever I feel stressed out – which is not good for our health – I treat myself to my favorite restaurant or buy a good book or a cute …

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Thank You For Calling Me Fatso

Thank you for calling me fatso

You never saw the tears I held back or the wounds your comments left… Thank you for calling me Fatso. I was in fourth grade. You remember, the year we were all awkward 9-year-olds with mock swagger. You were the girl with the long, blonde hair, new shoes and designer jeans. You were the kid who played club sports, went …

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How (and Why) Your Brain Needs a Workout

Why Your Brain Needs A Good Workout Too

We all know the body needs routine exercise to stay healthy. Living without fitness has visible consequences as well as a correlation with body shape. Weight gain is something easy enough to notice with the naked eye. Brain health is not as easy to analyze by the casual observer. A decline in mental stimulation and cognitive abilities has no obvious outward signs. Only later in life do …

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