Special Events

Winner, Winner, Chicken-dinner – The Chicken Squad Movie is here!


There’s a cry of excitement often heard along the bustling rows of games throughout hometown carnivals. It’s a shout that makes very little sense on its own, but to the would-be contestant and lively bystanders, it’s a cry of winning! The other night I found myself in THE perfect situation to not only shout out this exclamatory cry but use it in perfect context… “Winner, ... Read More »

Do you #PlayWithTheBest? Time to show them your stuff


Post Update as of October 26th, 2013: Wanted to share a cool update about #PlaywiththeBest. The outdoor enthusiast photo contest that ran earlier this month: We received 3000 entries from across BC and Alberta. Our videos supporting the contest received over 237,000 views on our YouTube channel. Top traffic to our website was from Vancouver and Calgary. The first winner ... Read More »

It’s Grind Time! Grouse Grind for Newbies


The Grouse Grind is a world renown landmark nestled into the North shore landscape of Vancouver. For most of us it is right in our backyard… yet for some reason or other, many of us haven’t taken the opportunity to take the challenge head-on and summit the Grouse Mountain (sans-gondola, of course). The Who, What, When, Where and Why? Due ... Read More »

Telling the voice in my head to take a flying leap

My cheering committee

I often say to clients, “the trick with personal growth is getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable“.  This past Thursday I had to swallow my advice as I competed in the “Big Chop Stand-Up Paddle-board” race. 25. Before Thursday evening 25 was my total combined minutes spent on a Stand Up Paddle-board (or SUP).  The first time I took a whack ... Read More »

There’s a #JSPedalForKids party and you’re all invited July 10th


Did you know that 1 in 3 Canadian Kids can’t play the sports they want to because of financial barriers? I didn’t until just a few days ago.  Also what I didn’t know was that the “Jumpstart” program has helped over 600,000 kids get in the game since 2005.  Ah-mazing! I consider myself someone in the know and was surprised to ... Read More »

Where’s the Canadian beef, eh? Part 1: Meet the ranchers

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Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself reminiscing about my childhood and some of my early impressions of Canadian beef ranchers.  Growing up in small-town, rural Ontario in a community just outside of Newtonville, I spent many a weekend playing at the Cartwright Farm.  My brother Josh and I would spend hours playing on the farm with the Cartwright ... Read More »

The Grind for Kids: A Family, Fitness and Fun-draising Opportunity

You know what they say... a family that hikes together...

It’s Grind-time again!  And along with the opening of the 2013 Grouse Grind season, marks the start of another year of fundraising for the Grind for Kids.  My family is excited to be a part of this amazing program and we challenge other Vancouver Lower-Mainland families to join us in making every Grind count this summer for BC Children’s Hospital. Read More »

Do you give where you live? TELUS asked and we responded

Telus Day of Giving

Question: ‘Do YOU give where you live? Recently myself and our two little girls had the honor of joining the 13,000 TELUS volunteers from across Canada for the 8th annual TELUS Day of Giving. The thousands of volunteers consisting of TELUS team members, retirees, their friends and family members came together at various activities throughout their local communities to lend ... Read More »

A busy dad pumped for the Whistler Children’s Festival

Whistler Children's Festival 2013 logo

As a very busy dad of 2 beautiful girls, finding time to plan fun events is sometimes a challenge, especially when summer rolls around.  This summer I’m looking forward to spending a couple of days along with nearly 5,000 other participants at the Whistler Children’s Festival.  The festival is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary at the Whistler Olympic plaza in the ... Read More »

Do you think you love chicken more than me? Then prove it

Canadian Chicken: It's all about the love (blogger)

Chicken. Chicken. Chicken… and more chicken! It’s no secret I love chicken!  As a Paleo-eating, active-lifestyle-kind-of-guy, I eat a whole lot of it.  I did the math today and figured out that I eat nearly 1/2 my body-weight in chicken annually.  That’s nearly 90 lbs per year!  Arooo! Do you think you love chicken more than me? Than prove it ... Read More »

The Fork in the Road of Life: The Audience has chosen

The Audience TV Show thumb

Three and a half years ago I made a decision which forever impacted my life… …and the lives of those closest to me.  The choice I made was to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and I’m proud to say I haven’t had a drink since.  Before you jump to conclusions or hypothesize about the “why” behind my actions, let me share ... Read More »

The CKNW 35th Annual Pledge Day is here

CKNW 35th Annual Pledge Day for the CKNW Orphan's Fund

On Friday December 7th, me along with a few of Vancouver’s local bloggers including @Miss604, @DennisPang, @Amuse_Events, @WendyHartley and @ViAwesome, will be busily answering the pledge-lines between 3 and 5 pm.   Make sure to Tweet us during the event and if you can, pop by in person or call in your pledges for the CKNW Orphans’ Fund.  This is a fantastic ... Read More »