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Crossfit: My love/hate relationship

Top 3 Ways To Stay Committed To Your Weight Release Goals


A lot of people jump into working out and nutrition the wrong way. If you’re like me, you would make a commitment to yourself that would go something like, “starting Monday, I will start to eat healthier and go to the gym.” This is great but a lot of us never follow through when Monday rolls around… There are two ... Read More »

Harvest Your Health Ultimate E-bundle SALE for 90 hours only


I’m pumped! The Moose is Loose has partnered with Harvest Your Health to bring you a limited time opportunity As I’m sure you’ve realized in reading my blog, Facebook posts, and other on and offline initiatives, I’m extremely geared towards helping people get results. One of the ways I do this is through education, motivation, and providing cool tools that I find along ... Read More »

6 Fitness Goals to Set For the New Year [Guest Post]


This upcoming year, it’s time for you to start challenging your body, start an adventure and feel accomplished by this time next year. So, the question to ask yourself is:  “What can I do to start feeling amazing about myself when it comes to anything fitness?“ If you’re goal is to become fit in 2014, here are some goals you may ... Read More »

Take the Challenge and Become a Holiday Hero in 96 Hours


Starting the New Year with your best foot forward It’s the holidays.   A time of year where we find ourselves reflecting on our past year’s experiences, learning, and of course, wondering if we did all we could do to improve the lives of those around us. Well, maybe you don’t think about all that, but I sure do. Ask ... Read More »

#300aDAY December Challenge is on! Are YOU ready?

300aday Challenge Group Header

Before you commit to the December challenge… Did you know? Did you know that the average North American gains 5 pounds per year after the age of 25? Did you know that between 1.5 to 4 pounds of this weight gain occurs between American Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? How crazy is that?!  It blew me away when I learned this ... Read More »

The Question that sparked a fight: Should you date a CrossFit Girl?

Should you date a crossfit girl

So where did it all go wrong? On November 25th I shared a lighthearted, tongue-and-cheek Huffington Post article written by my friend, Pam Rehal.  The Huffington Post article entitled “You Should Be Dating a CrossFit Girl: Here’s Why” had a simple goal: to entertain (and that’s just what it did).  Pam grabs our attention, gets a few laughs and ultimately ... Read More »

From Obese Teen to Shape Magazine Top 50 hottest trainers

Obese Teen to Shape Magazine

“What the heck?”   … was not my real response (that’s the PG version) when I heard word that Shape Magazine chose me as a “top 50 trainer” a few months ago.   Honestly, to be chosen “top 50″ of anything is mind-blowing for me.  Growing up obese for a better part of my developmental years had a profound effect ... Read More »

Brain Fitness: Did you workout your mind today?

Brian Workout header

“67% percent of people with gym memberships never use them” If you think the above statistic is sad, then take note that the real number may be closer to 80%. My personal experience working at gyms selling memberships and working as a personal trainer suggests the 80% figure. Every January we would sell droves of memberships and more than half ... Read More »

Survival of the Fittest comes to Vancouver

survival of the fittest

Studeo55 presents the first annual SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST The SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Invitational is a single elimination tournament comprised of Lower Mainlands top 16 teams of 1 women and 1 men. With trained judges, stadium seating, big prizes for athletes and spectators, DJs and entertainment… The SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST is for elite athletes that are ready to ... Read More »

Cardio vs. Conditioning: 15 differences you should know

Cardio vs conditioning

Recently, my friend Kent sent me a piece of paper with the following note: “Cardio vs. Conditioning: There is a difference“ There was no author or claim to who wrote it and after searching on Google I wasn’t able to find anything under the title.  But it made me laugh pretty hard and I felt a need to share it ... Read More »