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One Day – You’ll Want This App

One Day You will want this app

Are you like me and find yourself shooting lots of videos but never completing a finished clip? Maybe just filming something for the sake of filming? I’m guilty of this. I have hours and hours of unedited, unfinished videos that seem to never “get done” and live out their days in a buried Dropbox folder… at least that’s what it ...

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Paleo Hacks For the Open-Minded: Weeds, Flowers, Bones & Insects

Paleo Hacks for the open minded

Living like our hunter-gatherer ancestors means thinking about health for survival and not as a recommendation. It’s ironic that high-tech research techniques have provided so much insight into our very distant past. Because human evolution spanned a few million years through several climate changes, there were actually many paleo diets, depending on whether the tribes made their home on the ...

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Working Out Naked Has Its Benefits – can you name 3?


Working out naked, huh? The Ancient Greeks and Romans did it, so why shouldn’t we? Several months ago a story of naked men doing CrossFit began to circulate the internet. It began in Aarhus, Denmark, when the owner of the Danish gym ‘Spartan Mentality’ Steffen Haldrup Andersen, decided to pull an April Fools joke with an ad featuring some ripped, ...

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5 Summer Activities to Keep the Family Fabulously Fit


The days are longer, the sun is shinning and the kids are out of school for summer vacation. It’s time for some family fun in the summer sun, and because the best activities are those that help you get in shape without even noticing, I compiled this short list of 5 summer activities you can do outdoors while enjoying your family’s company ...

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Cardio vs. Conditioning: 15 differences you should know

Cardio vs conditioning

Recently, my friend Kent sent me a piece of paper with the following note: “Cardio vs. Conditioning: There is a difference“ There was no author or claim to who wrote it and after searching on Google I wasn’t able to find anything under the title.  But it made me laugh pretty hard and I felt a need to share it ...

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#300aDAY Challenge Update: Day 3 on the books

alkatraz san fran lauren 300 - featured image

The #300aDAY challenge has now surpassed 1,100 registered participants around the globe.  Between the event page and group pages on Facebook, I’m blown away with the amount of supportive feedback, tips and words of encouragement being shared with relative strangers.  Or at least what were strangers not even four days ago are now part of a common movement – the ...

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