Ever heard of the “Paleo Diet”?

Yes, it has also been touted as the “Caveman Diet”, “Primal Diet” or simply as the “hunter-gatherer diet”… all are accurate ways of describing what can be summed up in a cool, easy to follow Paleo Pyramid created by BalancedBites.

The Paleo Food Pyramid

Paleo Pyramid graphic care of Balanced Bites

Whether you have or not, what you probably DON'T realize is that it's the fastest growing “diet” in the world right now.  From celebrities, chefs, elite athletes… even fitness experts — everyone is eager to try it or adopt it.

I'm an advocate for healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.  Over four years ago I found the Paleo Diet and it has helped me immensely.  A few months ago I came across the PaleoHacks cookbook series and all I can say is I wish I had it four years ago!  And for good reason as it is one of the most comprehensive diet/eating plans I am aware of.

The top 7 benefits with the Paleo Diet

  1. Increased Energy
  2. Clearer Skin
  3. Lean, Muscular Body
  4. Enhanced Libido
  5. Greater Mental Clarity
  6. All Day Stamina
  7. Better Workouts and more…

The list goes on and on.  Talk to anyone who's actually eaten Paleo for even a full month and chances are, they'll rave about the changes they started seeing in their body.

The #1 Problem With The World's Fastest-Growing Diet

You see, by far the biggest complaint I hear from many who try out the Paleo lifestyle is “boring” or that it's “too hard”.  Often, people learn the core principles, experience results, then get stuck eating bland meals of the same foods over and over again.

The solution?  Enter PaleoHacks stage right

PaleoHacks started as a massive online community of people with a common interest in the Paleo lifestyle.

Finally after reading, posting and responding to all the conversations from the forums, they've solved the common problems experienced with the Paleo Diet by creating the complete, first-ever Paleo Cookbook series.

When you download your package, you'll not only get 125+ delicious mouthwatering recipes, but they've also included some great bonuses as well to help you get started as fast as possible.  Like the bonus “Paleo 4x Cookbook”, which lists some creative recipes that only require 4 ingredients to keep it as simple as possible.  Love this!

I almost forgot… it's completely risk free.  Get the cookbook, try some recipes over the next few weeks, and if for whatever reason you are not satisfied – you can hit up PaleoHacks support for a full refund.  No hoops or hassles to jump through. (ummm, that's what I call a no-brainer – LOL)

Order all 6 books HERE for only $37


The PaleoHacks Cookbook – Over 125 Full-Color, Mouth-Watering Recipes

The PaleoHacks Cookbook

The Paleo Foods and Fails Guide (along with a complete Paleo food list)

PaleoHacks Food guide & shopping list

The Eating Paleo at Restaurants Guide

How to eat Paleo at restaurants

The PaleoHacks 30-Day Jumpstart guide

PaleoHacks 30-day jumpstart to living a Paleo lifestyle

The Paleo 4X Cookbook (all receipes with only 4 ingredients)

Paleo recipe book - all recipes only contain 4 ingredients or less

The Paleo 1-month Meal Plan

Paleo 1-month meal plan


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