If you’re someone who’s hoping to improve your strength level, boost your physical appearance, and burn fat faster, you’re likely on the hunt for a superior workout program.

With the hundreds of different workouts out there, it can be very hard to know which is best.

If you have not yet considered body-weight training, it’s time you do so. Many people are quick to gravitate to weight machine or free weight based programs as it’s what they typically think of when it comes to improving muscular strength. However, people who embark on these programs are forgetting the many benefits body-weight training has to offer.

Let me walk you through five ways in which body-weight training is superior to weight training.

Top 5 Ways that Body-weight Training is better than Weight Training

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.Arthur C. Clarke1. Less Stressful On Your Joints

The first benefit about body-weight training is that it’s far less stressful on your joints. With heavy weight lifting, it is not uncommon to see many people sitting out for weeks at a time because of joint pain that’s developed.

What often happens with these people is that their muscular strength is increasing faster than their bone strength and as such, as they load up with more and more weight, eventually it creates serious wear and tear on their joints. In time, this can be so painful they can no longer perform the lift they were doing.

With body-weight training however, since you aren't hoisting high amounts of weight, you won’t deal with this issue. You will find other means of overstimulating the muscles so they get stronger including doing different varieties of exercise or increasing the total reps that are completed in the exercises you do.

2. Superior Metabolic Enhancing Capacities

Next, another reason to consider body-weight training is because it earns top marks for its metabolic enhancement capacity.

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You work against the resistance of your body weight so you get the same metabolic enhancement regular weight lifting provides. But, with body weight training, you can also add plyometric based exercises, which help to boost your metabolism even higher.

Furthermore, you can use shorter rest periods between your body-weight conditioning exercises, which also serves to increase your post-workout metabolic boost.

For those seeking fast fat loss, body-weight training is a perfect option.

3. Better For Muscular Endurance

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. William Allen WhiteIf you take part in any sort of athletic sports or you simply want to build the best well-rounded level of fitness possible, muscular endurance should be a priority. Yet, this is one element of fitness often overlooked by those participating in weight lifting.

With weight lifting, you will typically be working in the rep range of 6-12 reps, very rarely going higher than 15.

With body-weight conditioning however, it’s not abnormal to take your rep range into the 20-50 reps per set range, which really teaches your muscles how to persist despite fatigue.

For sports whether you are on the court, field, or ice… playing for longer than 60 seconds at a time, this can be extremely beneficial for your performance.

By training your muscles to keep contracting with high force over a longer period, you’ll find yourself performing better throughout the entire game, race, or event.

And even if you aren't regularly doing sporting events, this helps out with daily life as well. The greater the muscular endurance you have, the easier time you will have carrying out any task that life may bring.

99 Workouts, No equipment required - free download

99 Workouts, No equipment required – free download

4. Highly Convenient

  • One of the greatest benefits that body-weight training has to offer is that it can be done anywhere.
  • In a small space? No problem – body-weight conditioning can be done.
  • Traveling and no access to a gym? Again, body-weight training will serve you well.
  • Even if you simply just enjoy outdoor workouts and can’t stand being cooped up inside a gym throughout summer, body-weight training once again comes to the rescue.
  • With this training, anyone can get started with just a simple pair of running shoes. You don’t need any fancy weight equipment, weight machines, or a gym membership.
  • This makes it highly accessible no matter where you are, so the excuse of not having a place to workout is no longer valid.
  • If you get involved with body-weight training, you will never have to miss a workout again.
  • By making it your mainstay form of exercise as well, you just carry on with your workout wherever you are.
  • Some people who primarily rely on weight based training will use body-weight training when traveling and while this can work, there is still going to be a change in training stimuli when they make the switch over.
  • If you do body-weight training at all times however, you get around this.

5. Less Taxing On Your Central Nervous System

Finally, a last important benefit to note about body-weight training is that it isn't as stressful on your central nervous system.


Just a few benefits to building your muscle mass up with body weight exercises

Lifting heavy weights, especially if you are in the gym lifting 3-5 days per week, is going to get very draining on the body. If you don’t take enough time to deload and recover than its likely that you’ll over train.

This will put an immediate halt to the results that you could be seeing.

With body-weight training however, you’re less likely to suffer from over-training because your central nervous system isn't being put under such great strain. Your muscles will still need sufficient rest from day-to-day, so that cannot be overlooked, by you’re less likely to suffer from total system shut down like you would with a demanding weight lifting protocol.

Next time you’re hunting for a workout, give body-weight training some real consideration. Try it for a few weeks and you might just find you never want to go back to your old style of training again.

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