LifeIsAMatterOfChoiceI don't have time. I don't know what to do or how to do it and I don't have any motivation to exercise.

Let's face it. These are the 3 most quoted excuses (bad habits in disguise) we tell ourselves when we ponder our state of inactivity. We in essence grant ourselves permission to stay unfit, unhealthy and demotivated.

My 5 Most Asked Questions as a Personal Trainer

Because of these ingrained excuses, when people start looking for the treatment for “Couchitis”, I'm asked variations of the following 5 questions:

  1. How often should I work out?
  2. How long should my workouts last?
  3. What's the best exercises or workout program for my whole body?
  4. What can I do to tone my stomach?
  5. Do these pants make me look fat? (actually, that's not how it's usually phrased. What they are asking can be paraphrased in the following question, “How fat am I compared to others?“)

All of these questions are valid. There's no one easy answer.

The advice I offer to those that reach out to me is the same every time. When it comes to being active, find something that you like to do, and do it regularly. Make sure it involves other people on some level – there'll be days when you need a cheering squad (a tribe) to celebrate your wins with and of course they'll also be there to console your losses. They'll hold you accountable to getting the results you want. And most importantly, it better be fun! If it isn't fun, you'll let the excuses work their way back in to your life.

#WOD247, WOD 24/7, No Regrets, workout on your own, but never alone

Strive to make your fitness a lifestyle choice. If it is something you WANT TO DO as opposed to something you HAVE TO DO, then you're already there.

It's really quite simple. Once you make fitness a lifestyle choice, the answers to the above 5 questions become a moot point. You'll start to find the answers yourself and results will follow.

Have a look at WOD 24/7 and the community within. That's why I helped create it. It's where health, lifestyle and community meet…

… are you ready to join our tribe?

On a lighter note…

This is a Full Body Workout that doesn't keep me in shape

EURO TRAINING, by definition, is the most hardcore training regimen known to man. The style is defined by adding excessively explosive, though arguably not extraneous, movements to common exercises. In addition, the vocalization of the phrase with a slight pause after each word (ex between reps) should be performed for optimal results. The term was coined by actor/dancer Terry Crews on an episode of “My Wife and Kids“.

The dialogue is classic. Be sure to listen for the following dialogue (you're going to love it):

Guy 1: “Yo, wanna go for some EURO TRAINING?”

Guy 2: “…My chest gonna look like yours?”

Guy 1: “In-Deed.”


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