When was the last time you sat back and reflected on an important time in your life?

Family Brunch Life jar

For me and my family that happens on January 1st each year. We have a #LifeJar which sits on a shelf above the sink and throughout the year it fills up with little mementos like ticket stubs, personal notes, receipts, expired room keys, plane tickets and other random memory joggers. Each one of these little artifacts acts as a trigger for memories back to certain experiences from the year that was.

It's an amazing exercise in reliving our annual highlights, fun life experiences, and gives us a few minutes to live them again while enjoying our New Year's Day brunch. What will you fill your #LifeJar with?

Whats in your life jar

I don't necessarily have a #LifeJar for my blog, but I can share with you the top read posts of 2014 (just in case you missed them). Enjoy and feel free to share with anyone you feel could benefit from them.

Top 20 (Most Read) Stories from “The Moose is Loose” in 2014

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What will be in your life jar this year?

What will be in your life jar this year?


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