Why should I use Instagram?

For Fit Pros, Instagram is the perfect channel to offer amazing visuals and videos for your fitness audience.

Since Fitness is so visual Instagram allows you to give compelling images and videos that capture your audience’s attention.

It’s why Instagram is so popular for fitness businesses!

Here are some interesting Instagram Stats:

  • Instagram has 4.21% engagement – The Highest of any Social Network!

This means that Instagram posts are much often liked and commented on which can mean more success for your Fit Pro business.

  • 300 Million Monthly Users

Although Instagram isn’t the biggest Social Media Platform, it is one of the fastest growing.

  • 90% of Instagram users are under 35 

Instagram is a great place to market to younger clients.

Copy the Best on Instagram to Gain followers

The best way to succeed on Instagram and to gain more followers on is to model your posts after someone who has a lot of followers already.

Pay attention to the kind of photos and videos they post, what hashtags they use, and the frequency of each post.

Two great examples are Barstarzz and Ruben Bravo

Barstarrz had already a great following on Youtube before they’re Instagram page but they’ve done a terrific job of gaining and followers and engaging with fans.

barstarz instagram


Bobby Bravo is another great example of great, engaging account.

bobby bravo instagram

5 Things To Do To Be Successful on Instagram

  1. A fully filled out profile and a link to their landing page
  2. Use Keywords in your profile to increase search ability
  3. Have a solid hashtag strategy. You can use up to 30 hashtags on every Instagram post. Have a notebook of the most searched hashtags and record them in a note. Evernote is a great app for this.
  4. Give shout outs to the influencers in your niche
  5. Use call to actions in your posts examples include:
    1. Click on the link in my bio for more information
    2. Contact me to learn more
    3. Re-post this image for a chance to win

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have software that allows you to post automatically via scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite, like other channels.

But it does have software that allows you to schedule posts in advance like Latergram and Schedugram and just recently, Hootsuite have come up with the same “reminder” process.

Next up… Pinterest…

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