As if you have to ask, but ‘Why Should I use YouTube?'

Youtube is a fantastic medium to provide fitness videos that are appealing and create buzz.

It’s a lot harder to gain traction on Youtube than it was 5 years ago but if you work hard you can still do damage.

Here are some Youtube Stats to blow your mind

  • Youtube has more than 1 billion users
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute 
  • 85% of online adults use YouTube 

3 Steps to Create Great Video Content on YouTube

  1. Be Unique – There are thousands of people who post videos on how to bench press. Think about your local community and what sets you apart from your competition. Make videos on it.
  2. Embed Videos into your website or articles – Video is a way that more and more people are choosing to learn from. Video can be a great marketing tool to use within articles and on your website.
  3. Quality – Make sure that you are using some high quality equipment. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A smart phone, turned sideways for full screen with a Megapixel of at least 5 should do the trick. Make sure the image is stable and an external lavalier microphone is great to ensure high quality audio, too.

Social Media Strategy and You… THE Conclusion

Action Steps, focus on where your clients are and concentrate on one or two channels.

Even though every social media platform is different the similarities are more common between each channel.

If you want to gain followers and drive new leads and sales the fundamentals for all social media channels don’t change.

The Fundamentals of Social Media include:

  • Completely filling out your profile with relevant information
  • Adding a link to your email signature of your social media
  • Placing social sharing buttons on your website
  • Cross linking each social media platform

You should know where you’re clients hang out and focus your energy on attracting them. In the beginning, you should only focus on one or two platforms and come up with a strategy.

Here are the takeaways of this post:

  1. Know which social media channel your clients hang out. For most Fit Pros this will be Facebook
  2. Define your goals: More followers, leads, and/or sales
  3. Plan a strategy and be consistent
  4. Use software tools to automate the process

Now go forth and be epicly social!

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maurico pt advisorMauricio Cardenal is the founder of The PT Advisor. He’s been helping Fit Pros grow their business online since 2014.

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