‘If you can’t change the people around you, then change the people around you.’

Seven years ago I made a personal choice which affected my life and the lives of those closest to me. (you can read the full story here)

Up until that point I believed there were aspects of my life that were out of my control. Bad things happened to everyone, especially me, and unfortunate circumstances were not my fault and just part of life. My ‘situations’ were thrust upon me, largely due to a belief that I was a magnet for finding myself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Seriously? Did I believe that crap? Short answer, yes…yes I did. Substance abuse (and alcohol misuse) was my excuse! I came to a realization that forever changed my life – and those around me – forever.

1 Year later, and the story continues…

It was one year ago that I first partnered with Saint Jude Retreats to share my story in a very public forum – the Internet! The outpouring has been amazing. The amount of people that have reached out to share their stories with me has left me feeling overwhelmed and completely committed to continuing the conversation – on and offline.

To further help, Ryan Schwantes and I have co-produced a free e-book (see below) which includes all the articles, resources and tools shared over the past 12-months. Please take a moment to download a copy, or share it with someone you know who could benefit from the resources.

Get your complimentary copy of “Addiction Free Life” e-book…

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Don't stop here, check out the other articles from the Addiction for Life series

If you, or anyone you know, resonate with any of the information shared in this post, do not hesitate to reach out for more information. Call my friends at Saint Jude’s at 877-958-3310 or reach out to them directly via www.SoberForever.net — don't bother waiting, don't seek out the advice of others, simply make the decision to choose you and your health first, you deserve happiness.

FREE RESOURCES for Substance Users and Family Members



This e-book provides family members of substance users with a completely unique and common sense approach to helping their loved one while simultaneously gaining back the focus and freedom for their own lives.



It is Saint Jude Retreat's mission since 1989 to provide a research based program to help you move beyond your current self-limiting habits and achieve a sustained balance in your life driven by your own freely chosen goals and dreams.

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Dai Manuel - The Moose Is LooseThis post is sponsored by Saint Jude Retreats. The opinions and views are wholly my own…

And to be absolutely clear, this is my disclaimer: “Just so you know, I have been compensated to share my ideas on this topic. Sometimes it is in the form of products, or services or even money… But here’s the thing; I won’t  share anything with you that I don’t fully support. It doesn't matter what it is, or how much they are willing to give me, if I don’t believe in it, It won’t be on my site. Seriously. You’ll just have to trust me on this.” ~ Coach Moose

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