A Complete Guide to Vipassana Meditation

A Complete Guide to Vipassana Meditation for Beginners

Be it from reading books and magazines or from your friend, you most definitely heard about the benefits of practicing meditation daily. After all, most studies show that doing meditation can be quite a challenging but exciting new practice which can improve not only your physical but also your mental muscles. Vipassana, which is one of  India's most ancient meditation …

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The Man Cave - How It Can Help Your Physical and Mental Health

The Man Cave: How It Can Help Your Physical and Mental Health

If you find yourself feeling irritable, tired, and having a negative mindset towards yourself or those around you, you may be experiencing the effects of burnout. Burnout gets often associated with excessive amounts of stress,  career-related factors being one of the most common causes. Major health issues, like depression, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer are all trademarks …

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Stay Cool in the Heat with this Simple Breathing Technique

When it gets to a certain point in the year, we all start to yearn for summer. Long evenings sat outside, fresh fruit and salads at mealtimes and the knowledge that if you forget your coat, it really doesn’t matter. Yes, summer is wonderful and we can all appreciate it, especially after a long winter – but when it comes …

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5 amazing ways to bust stress in your life

5 Ways to Make Stress Not Suck So Much

Believe it or not, without stress, we humans wouldn't be around today. Stress comes from an “ancient” part of the brain called the amygdala. It’s critical for regulating fight or flight situations. It has manufactured our fear response, crucial in keeping us safe from predators and dangerous situations. While we no longer need to worry about a woolly mammoth barging …

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what is heart rate variability HRV

What is Heart Rate Variability and WHY should I care

Do you ever wake up in the morning and something just doesn't feel right? Regardless of the quantity of sleep and how dialed in your lifestyle habits are, you feel lethargic and stressed. Well, you're not alone in this feeling. This begs the question, ‘Wouldn't it be great to wake up each morning, press a magic button and instantly run …

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Why Your Brain Needs A Good Workout Too

How (and Why) Your Brain Needs a Workout

We all know the body needs routine exercise to stay healthy. Living without fitness has visible consequences as well as a correlation with body shape. Weight gain is something easy enough to notice with the naked eye. Brain health is not as easy to analyze by the casual observer. A decline in mental stimulation and cognitive abilities has no obvious outward signs. Only later in life do …

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Why You Need to Savasana like a Boss in Yoga

Why You Need to Savasana Like a Boss in Yoga and Life

Savasana, also known as corpse or relaxation pose, is considered the most important pose in yoga. This soothing pose completely relaxes the body and helps release tension and tightness from all areas. The posture is called corpse pose for two reasons. First, because of the body’s position; in savasana you are lying on your back with arms comfortably resting beside …

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Want to Reach Your Goals Hold That Thought

Achieve Life Goals by Tapping Into Your Flow State – here’s how

Your legs burn, but feel strong, steady. . .powerful. The mixed sounds of stampeding feet, screams of names, and runners' breathy “ooo, ahhh”s  fill the airwaves.  Yet all you hear is your anthem song blaring inside your head (Eminem’s “Not Afraid”. . .it’s so ingrained), and the tempo of your even-paced breathes (two strides, breath in, two strides, breath out). …

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