12 Mindfulness Techniques to be as Chill as a Buddha

12 Mindfulness Techniques to be as Chill as a Buddha

For millennia, people have sought methods to quiet their minds. Long before modern technology introduced new distractions into our lives, humans have pursued inner peace. If you're seeking a method to quiet your mind and achieve inner peace, these four ancient techniques have proven effective even by today's standards.

Practice Meditation

  1. Practice breathing meditation. Breathing meditation is a simple and effective method for calming your mind. Start by finding a comfortable and quiet place where you can sit and observe your breath. With practice, you'll be able to meditate longer periods or place your mind on your breath in any surroundings.
  2. Develop single-pointed concentration. Train your mind to rest upon your object of meditation whether it's a candle or a spoken mantra. Note any distracting thoughts but decline to pursue them. Bring your mind back to your chosen object.
  3. Learn to visualize. Select images that promote happiness and serenity. Perhaps you may want to picture snow-capped mountains or sheep grazing in a meadow.
  4. Focus on positive thoughts. If your meditation is part of spiritual practice, you can follow the prayers taught in your tradition. Alternatively, you can soothe your mind by repeating any thought or quote that is meaningful for you.

Use the Soothing Qualities of Water

  1. Take a bath. Cultures all over the world have long appreciated the calming effects of water. A simple warm bath can soothe your nerves. Rest your head on a bath pillow and add some comforting scents like sandalwood or lavender. Turn the lights down low and play soft music.
  2. Surround yourself with the sound of water. Eat your lunch by a park fountain or install a solar device in your own backyard. You can find recordings of waterfalls online or get an MP3 with aquatic effects that you can play anywhere you go.

Here's a great YouTube video of the sounds of waves… can you imagine yourself laying on the beach and watching them roll in and out?

Get Back to Nature

  1. Go for a walk. In some eras, it was common for people to go on long retreats into the wilderness. Even a short break can do wonders to restore your peace of mind. Visit your local state park or take a quiet walk around your neighborhood. If you work indoors all week, use the weekend to explore scenic trails for biking and hiking.
  2. Cultivate a garden. Gardening is a great way to slow down and appreciate nature. Devote a section of your backyard to growing flowers and vegetables. If you live in an apartment setting, select plants that will flourish indoors or on a balcony, like some species of palm trees and herbs.
  3. Spend time with animals. Spending time with animals is so therapeutic it's even been proven to help people recover from surgery faster. Take your dog for a walk. Watch your cat at play. Sign up for horseback riding lessons.

Live in the Present Moment

  1. Put the past behind you. Dwelling on the past can make it difficult to feel composed. If you're thinking about past misfortunes, decide if you'd rather devote your energy to more constructive activities.
  2. Adopt a positive view of the future. The future always carries some uncertainty. Focus on creating causes for a better future and patiently accepting whatever outcomes arise.
  3. Enjoy the present moment. Give your full attention to what is happening now. Take advantage of the opportunities before you and delight in the good things that surround you. Steer your mind towards wholesome thoughts and actions. Engage fully with the people who share your life.


Many ancient techniques work equally well today for achieving a quiet mind regardless of external circumstances. Visit your local library or bookstore to discover more information about the healing powers of meditation. With these methods, you can create a welcoming environment for yourself and others and train your mind to enjoy greater peace.

Effective Ways To Overcome That Shyness Inside You

Effective Ways To Overcome That Shyness Inside You

Being shy can be normal.

But, if your shyness hinders you from achieving what you want and what you truly deserve, then something has to be done about it. We are all living in a very competitive environment where there is just so much on the line, thereby making it difficult for some people to overcome their shyness. However, you have to learn how to get over your shyness and be an achiever in life.

The following are some effective ways on how you can overcome your shyness.

3 Effective Ways To Overcome That Shyness Inside You

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Shyness often comes with anxiety which usually occurs to people who do not have enough confidence and such can also be caused by a lack of knowledge about a certain task or challenge that one is about to go through. Shyness can be conquered through knowledge. If you are about to perform on stage, you should know more about the skills that you are about to showcase. When you arm yourself with more knowledge your confidence will also improve. Stage fright is real and so is shyness.

Every person has his own moments of shyness. If you plan to join competitions, better be good at overcoming your shyness. If you want to join contests like bikini competition, make sure you’re completely aware of all its pros and cons. You also need to know about all the factors that could affect your chances of winning. See to it that you have a comprehensive bikini competition guide and a coach who will help you go through all the process. A training coach will also help you beat your shyness by making sure you have the best physique required for the competition.

Don’t let your insecurities drown you.

Having insecurities is normal. Every human being has his own share of insecurities. However, some people choose to step over it and refused to have it as an obstacle to their success. Insecurities can lead people to lose their confidence and make them feel that they are not capable of achieving something, believing that other people deserve it better. You have to rise up above your insecurities and be proud of who you are. You are not just a unique creation, but someone who definitely have what it takes to become successful just like other individuals on this planet.

Stop comparing yourself with other people.

Needless to say, everyone is unique. This statement alone should be enough to convince you that there is no point in comparing yourself with others. Practice at your own pace. Learn more about what you're passionate about. Work towards achieving your goals. If you want to engage in competitions, train hard and give your best shot. Do all these things to keep you busy and avoid yourself from the tendency of comparing yourself with others. Otherwise, you will find yourself always at the losing end.

Keep in mind that success does not warrant a big personality. It only takes enough courage and determination to rise above our own imperfections. Learn to overcome your shyness and you will find yourself slowly opening more doors to opportunities for success.


Self-Care for Women Is Not Selfish, It’s a Non-Negotiable and Absolutely Imperative

Self-Care for Women Is Not Selfish, It’s a Non-Negotiable and Absolutely Imperative

If you were to take just five minutes to scroll through your Instagram feed, you will no doubt come across many snapshots of gorgeous women immersed in steaming baths adorned with flowers and bubbles.

These posts all feature beautifully manicured feet conspicuously sticking out the water, and expertly applied the facial mask and even a glass of sparkling wine to complete the picture. You are sighing, saying to yourself that will only happen to you when you win the jackpot, right?

Possibly, but hang on there!

Self-care for yourself as a woman is vital, it is not meant only for the fortunate few. It is a necessity, in fact, no matter what kind of a lifestyle you lead, and no matter own much money you have or don’t have.

Self-care in women isn't selfish – it’s imperative

Self-care is a term which when simply defined means taking care of one’s own health and needs.

Let’s explain it better here:

  • It’s a true story, the one of Poppy Marler. She had a realization when she decided to look at herself at 40; to change her life and begin a new journey head-on.
  • She says that when she was a young mother, she just put everything on hold, being hyper-focused on her child’s care. She actually put her own life on hold. She neglected friendships and bored anyone who’d listen with baby stories and pictures.
  • When she got into real social situations, she found she could not add anything to the conversation because all of her current experiences were about her parenting experiences. She had no life or interests outside of motherhood.

  • She didn’t notice that she had put on a whole lot of weight either because she no longer dressed in her professional or party clothes. In fact, there were very few times when she wore anything nursing and spit-up friendly. She gradually realized that she had no life outside of her child.
  • Finally, a dear older and wiser friend of hers told her that it was an essential thing, apart from taking care of her family, to take care of her own needs because her own health and happiness directly impacts her ability to care for her family. She then realized the consequences of her self deprioritization :
    • Weight gain
    • Depression
    • Lack of socialization

Poppy eventually realized that just like how in an airplane, you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask first, then help others; in order to help others, you need to take care of yourself first. It was then that she discovered how taking steps to care for yourself each day should be a top priority.

9 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love and Make Your Life Better

She went on further to start involving these important aspects of her life:

  1. Exercise, because moving your body keeps your blood circulating, keeps you strong, and keeps your mood happy.
  2. Eating well: She says she learned to eat 5-7 servings of fresh fruit and veggies, ensuring that she got all her nutrients in, removing all the junk foods.
  3. Maintaining relationships outside your family. It was important that her family remained her top priority, but she also learned not to under-estimate the power of good friends. She found that just having someone to talk to was a great help in advancing feelings of well-being.
  4. Getting enough sleep: Without good and enough sleep, the quality of your life deteriorates rapidly. Sleep is what is needed to help your body recover and repair itself, and also to avoid television as well as snacks which are high in sugar and fat before bedtime
  5. Getting dressed every day: Working and walking around all day in sweats and slippers is not good for anyone’s self-esteem. We know that when we look good, we feel so good.
  6. Having a positive attitude: A positive, mindful attitude used on yourself and others will change the way you view life. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning and face whatever challenges come your way!
  7. Have a hobby: You need interests of your very own outside of the home and family because it maintains your individuality.
  8. Spend some time alone: Just taking a relaxing bath for 30 minutes or a few hours out to do your hair and nails or reading a book you have been meaning to read, these are what boost your morale, your spirits, and make you feel good about yourself and life.
  9. Ask for help: If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help, because it’s true, we can’t do everything alone – no man is an island.

It figures…

“Learning to take care of your own needs isn’t selfish, it’s downright essential.”

It makes you a better caretaker because after all, happiness and health are top assets to have, aren’t they?

It’s a lifetime investment – how are you really doing?


Best Ways to Condition the Mind and Live a Fitness Mindset

Best Ways to Condition the Mind and Live a Fitness Mindset

Keeping your body fit and healthy may be an ongoing battle in your mind. With a lot of things to think about and maybe some stressful situations here and there, it may become a continuous struggle for some people to maintain a good physique. Balancing your activities at work or school can be a constant struggle. To some people, the problem could be because of some physical conditions affecting their willingness to adopt a fitness-oriented mindset.

But did you know that you can condition your mind and body to become hyper-focused on your overall fitness?

In fact, this has been the secret of many athletes and fitness professionals to achieve success in their chosen field. And if you would like to embrace the very same mindset and start maintaining a healthy mind and body, here are…

7 Great habits that you should constantly apply in your everyday life

One) Do What Makes You Happy

The secret to a happy and fulfilling life is passion. Your passion for life, happiness, and health can do a great deal when it comes to acquiring a healthy lifestyle. It’s true that not everyone will have the same level of passion as others when it comes to staying fit. Some may find it burdensome, while others find it to be a priority. But it goes without saying that maintaining a healthy body is a necessity. Thus, adopting a fitness mindset is something that everyone should do.

10 scientific ways to be happy

If science fails you, these 17 steps won't…

If you are passionate about keeping a healthy body, it will become a lot easier for you to stay active, eat healthily and avoid vices. Apart from that, doing what makes you feel good and happy every day can have a significant effect on your outlook in life. If you feel like you are on the right track to fulfilling your dreams and following your passion, it will be a lot easier for you to navigate through life and do things that will make you feel good. And that includes maintaining a fit and healthy body.

Two) Figure Out What's On In Your Brain

With your busy life of juggling your studies, social life and time for yourself, it may come as a great challenge to figure out what is going on inside your head. But if you want to have a better understanding of how your mind operates and what usually triggers your productivity, you will need to take time and look deeper within you. If you want to adopt this sort of practice, you can start by setting a time at least once a day to go to a quiet place, wherein you can focus, not just on the things that you need to do, but more importantly, on why you are doing what you are doing or why you are thinking the way you do.

The practice of meditation and mindfulness has proven wonders to a lot of successful people. With these practices, you can bring your attention to the various things you are sensing around you or within you at a given moment. You get to really think deeply about what you feel, hear or smell in the present.


It helps you relax and have a deeper understanding of how you operate as a person. Considering that you are jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle and would like to keep a fitter body, it is best that you start with your mental state. To be able to condition yourself for a new lifestyle, you should start by conditioning your mind first before you start with the rest of your body.

Mindfulness and meditation can also provide you a holistic healing and overall physical well-being. This practice can help you appreciate even the smallest pleasures in your life and help you achieve a clearer, more relaxed state of mind. This way, you will be more prepared in dealing with stressful situations. It can also help you fight depression, urges of substance abuse, as well as eating or anxiety disorders. Apart from an improved mental state, it can help lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep, reduce chronic pain and can even help in treating heart disease.

Three) Flip Negatives Into Positives

Sometimes, when we get tired or frustrated about some things in our lives, we tend to feel bad or think negatively about ourselves. In the end, it affects how we do things and even ruins our self-confidence. Staying confident about your abilities is very important, especially if you are trying something new for the first time. If you think about things like, “I don’t think I can do this.” or “I’m not really meant for something like this”, then this negative state of mind will definitely affect how you handle things in your life.

Be Positive Not Negative

This is especially true when it comes to involving yourself in some physical activities you are not used to doing. Of course, anything that you do the first time will be challenging. But it could also be just a state of mind. Thinking about getting past a certain obstacle is a good way to condition your mind and prepare your body for what it needs to do. Think about how you can deal with a situation, instead of what you can’t do. This way, you get to prepare yourself for the idea of accomplishment, instead of failure.

Maintaining a positive vibe matters. Yes, it’s important that you understand what the potential obstacles are, but it’s essential to look at these obstacles from a different angle. Having a better perspective about what you are up against can help you find a better way of getting past it. So even if it’s your first time to get into some fitness activities, be it weight lifting, jogging or aerobics, think about the positives and what you can do to accomplish them, even just by getting past one small step at a time.

Four) Give Positivity to Feel Positivity

Want to know how you can attract positivity into your life? Start by adopting a positive mindset. Some people say that whatever you throw out onto the world, it will give back to you ten folds. And it actually makes sense. In today’s world, we all tend to be living in our own little world. Witnessing the goodness and beauty of humanity has become a very rare occasion for us. But if you do nice things for others, you will get good things in return. And knowing that you have done something good helps you feel great about yourself.

tip 5 join a community for weight loss success

When it comes to conditioning your mind and body, feeling good about yourself and the world around you can go a long way. A fit body should start with a fit mind. And the best way to feel good is by attracting positivity into your life. An increased level of positivity can help you see things in a different light. It helps you think better and feel braver. You tend to feel like nothing is impossible. So if you want to feel good about your life, you should start by spreading some positive vibes and making the people around you feel that life can be amazing.

Now, if you are looking for more reasons to be more positive, you will be happy to know that adopting a positive mindset can help increase your lifespan. Staying positive helps lower your risks of distress and depression. It also promotes better mental and physical well-being and helps you cope with many stressful situations in life. In the same way, positivity can also improve your cardiovascular health. So by staying positive, you really have nothing to lose!

Five) Find The Tool to Fix Your Weakness

We all have our weaknesses. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. And when it comes to starting a fitness-based lifestyle, it may be a problem with your physical strength, stamina, or overall well being. It can also be your confidence, time, financial situation or your availability. These concerns are all normal because that’s just how we humans are. We can not always be perfect. We are normally flawed individuals, but it is important that you understand what weaknesses and strengths you have. By knowing what you are good or bad at, you can create a plan on how you can live with what you’ve got, and make the most out of every situation presented to you.

Try to convert those weaknesses into an opportunity to improve. Figure out what can help you change for the better. If your challenges are more about your physical strength, there are ways for you to tackle this weakness. You can try some strength exercises and get a personal trainer who can keep you motivated and focused on your goal. By identifying ways that can help you target your weaknesses, you can eventually become a better version of yourself!

Six) Look After Your Body

You are an amazing machine! But just like every other natural or manmade machine, you need to maintain your body and keep it in good working condition. You have to keep your body well oiled so that it will operate effectively at all times. How do you do that? With proper rest and nutrition, of course. To maintain a fit and healthy body, you will need to provide it with some much-needed vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

In college, you may be involved in a lot of physical activities, but you have to maintain balance. Even heavy pieces of machinery need to rest, and so should you. Give your body enough time to recover after some strenuous physical and/or mental activities. You should also supply your body with an ample amount of nutrition to make sure that you have enough energy to get some work done. Eat a well-balanced meal, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. This way, your body will have enough time to recuperate and be ready for another busy day.

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Apart from changing your diet and your activities, you should also start adopting some supplemental activities such as physical therapy, nutritional supplementation, dietitian consultations, and personal training sessions. These steps may sound over-the-top, but if you want to make sure that every move you make is really helping you achieve your fitness goal, then these pursuits might just do the trick for you. Note that these extra steps are not requirements, but by consulting fitness and nutrition professionals, you can get a deeper insight and a more personalized approach on how you can achieve your fitness goal.

Seven) Put Your Tool Into Practice Every Day

Once you have found a way to ease into your fitness goal, this is when you should start to constantly practice. The only way for you to move forward is by giving yourself the opportunity to get stronger. Whether your fitness routine includes jogging, yoga or weight lifting, what you should keep in mind is that constant practice can help your body be more in tune with a fitness-oriented lifestyle. If you want to maintain a fit and healthy body, you basically have to change your habits and daily activities so that you can get closer to your goal.

Dai Manuel - Before and After - From obese to Healthy

I know all too well what it's like to fall out of health…

The best way for you to condition yourself is by practicing constantly. How else would a pianist learn how to play the piano? How else would you memorize a song or a poem? It’s all about practice. And if possible, it should be every day.

Adapting to a more physical, fitness-oriented lifestyle will be a great challenge, especially if you’ve never really been a fitness buff before. But this opportunity is a great thing to take on because it pays off in more ways than one. Apart from looking great, you also get to feel great because you are improving your lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and mental state. For you to get used to this sort of lifestyle, it takes a lot of patience, discipline, and perseverance.

It won’t be easy — IT WILL be worth it — but with constant practice and by adopting new and healthier habits, you will soon see great progress and achieve the fitness goal you have been eyeing for a while now.


What is an Upper Limit Problem? And how it is holding you back in Life

What is an Upper Limit Problem? And how it is holding you back in Life

The UPPER LIMIT PROBLEM is the feeling that you will never be successful or never achieve what you want is often due to a lack of self-confidence or self-belief.

A lack of self-confidence can cause many problems for individuals, and for some people, one of these is an upper limit problem. Understanding upper limit problems and deciding whether or not you have one can take some time.

What is the ‘upper limit'?

Our personal upper limits are the limits that we have, sometimes subconsciously, set for ourselves. Maybe you can imagine yourself becoming a millionaire, but you can’t imagine more than that and feel like you probably wouldn’t try to earn more money once you become a millionaire. This is an example of setting a limit for yourself – you have a boundary within which you feel you should, or will, remain. Most of the time, this isn’t necessarily a concrete example of a limit e.g. money but is rather a limit on the amount of happiness you feel or the level of success you have at work.

What is the ‘upper limit problem'?

If you don’t feel like you want to raise your limits, or you feel constrained by upper limits (whether created intentionally by yourself or not), you could have an upper limit problem. An upper limit problem can interfere with your life and prevent you from experiencing happiness. Rather than embracing change, new experiences and new life challenges, you will feel compelled to avoid them, shy away and hope they go away.

Having an upper limit problem can affect your health, both physically and mentally. Avoiding new challenges and experiences could mean that when you are forced to confront something, you physically cannot handle it and become ill as a result. Adrenal fatigue and physical burnout can also affect you if you become too stressed and consumed with the idea of doing something that you feel you can’t.

You may also find yourself feeling a huge amount of guilt when you say no or make an excuse not to engage with someone or something which you feel you are not capable of. For example, if you are invited to present at a business meeting but decline because you feel you’ll do a bad job, you could find yourself feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt that only adds to your feelings of self-doubt and limitations.

Solving your upper limit problem

Like many problems, an upper limit problem isn’t something which will go away overnight. You can start by increasing your comfort zone – doing things which make you a little bit uncomfortable but on a regular basis. This will ensure that you prepare as effectively as you can for the big moments when you have the opportunity to reach higher.


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