Want to Reach Your Goals Hold That Thought

Achieve Life Goals by Tapping Into Your Flow State – here’s how

Your legs burn, but feel strong, steady. . .powerful. The mixed sounds of stampeding feet, screams of names, and runners' breathy “ooo, ahhh”s  fill the airwaves.  Yet all you hear is your anthem song blaring inside your head (Eminem’s “Not Afraid”. . .it’s so ingrained), and the tempo of your even-paced breathes (two strides, breath in, two strides, breath out). …

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Maintaining A Stress Free Life With These 4 Simple Tips

Maintaining A Stress Free Life With These Simple Tips

We all hate being stressed. Nothing good ever comes of it, and it can be the most frustrating thing to deal with. Maintaining a stress free life is easier said than done, and takes concentration as well as hard work. Although stress is a mental condition, it can show up physically in your body in many ways. It can completely …

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5 easy ways to reset and destress your brain

Burnt out? Here’s 5 Easy, Everyday Ways to Hit the Refresh Button on your Brain

Are you feeling stressed out? Burnt out? Pulled in a million (bazillion) different directions?   Between juggling work, relationships, families, finances, fitness, and (those seemingly far-away) personal goals….it can feel like your mind is being whipped in a blender. . .and left pooling into a pile of grey mush. Helloooo, near-future mental breakdown? We can all get caught up in …

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A Type A Personality's Path to Discovering Meditation and Mindfulness

A Type A Personality’s Path to Discovering Meditation and Mindfulness

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]My first experience with meditation was a mandated trip for a college religion course… Forty ego-driven, smart phone crazed college students sat in a room being instructed to follow our breathing. My thoughts were dominated by how uncomfortable I was (I had the flexibility of an oak tree) among other things like, “if the …

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what is meditation and mindfulness

What is Mindfulness and the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a large umbrella term that encompasses the practice of reaching maximum consciousness and concentration, to acknowledge the mind and, in a way, self-regulate it. It can involve a lot of techniques or practices to reach this heightened level of consciousness-including compassion, love, patience, and of course, mindfulness. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and …

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8 Awesomely Inspiring and Motivating Videos to get Your Day Started

8 Awesomely Inspiring and Motivating Videos to get Your Day Started

After 20 years in the fitness industry, I've had my fair share of people sharing with me that they ‘lack motivation‘. When it comes to setting health, fitness or lifestyle goals, lack of education/knowledge, limited time, and ultimately, the un-belief in one-self, are all working against those de-motivated many. So what does one do about it? For starters, it's understanding …

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Meditation vs mindfulness

Mindfulness vs Meditation: Is there a difference?

Two terms that are getting a lot of attention lately are meditation and mindfulness. Most people are familiar with meditation (even if their view of it is a caricature of what it actually is), but mindfulness is a newer term to enter the mainstream, so let’s start by helping people understand what it really is. According to Wikipedia, mindfulness is defined …

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