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leanna carriere perspiration inspiration

Perspiration Inspiration: Canadian Pole Vaulter Clears The Bar For Equality

“It’s a very unique feeling – flying through the air.” That’s how Leanna Carriere describes her favorite athletic event, Pole vault. It is all about pioneering, having been introduced as an Olympic event for women in 2000. Leanna excels, jumping the same heights as younger men. She follows her dreams to motivate and inspire others.  She wants to show you can …

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Rob Gosse Perspiration Inspiration

Perspiration Inspiration: Adaptive Skier, Rob Gosse, Makes A Splash

When Rob Gosse’s motorcycle collided with a semi, he wasn’t thinking about sports. He was thinking about his kids. As a self-employed automotive technician, his attention moved from the pursuit of conventional success to parenthood. His fitness journey became part of that goal. When a L1 spinal cord injury that left in him in a wheel chair, he had two …

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After the CrossFit Open: The Downs and Ups of Competing

The CrossFit Open is designed to be a challenge. It’s something we train for, focus on, re-arrange our lives for and can come out the other side having overcome some of our previous limits. We can become better versions of ourselves. Post CrossFit Open Blues – can you relate? Just over a year ago, my marriage had bitten the dust …

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Life Advice from a child

The single greatest piece of Life Advice I’ve been given is…

Life Advice – little pearls of wisdom passed on to us from those we respect, hold in high esteem and very often, love unconditionally. Whether they're our mentors, parents, partners or children, these little tidbits of knowledge can profoundly influence our beliefs, daily actions and the way we tackle the obstacles we meet. To be right to the point… They …

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How NOT to Lose Self Doubt as an Athlete by Jen Rulon

October 13, 2014 – Less than 3 weeks from Ironman Florida.  I am heading into my taper week, keeping the intensity stable but bring the volume down.  I have a bit more time on my hands; finally get stuff done around the house. October 15, 2014 – I am sick as a dog. Head out for my easy 50 min …

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The 4 Letter ‘C-word’ that no one should ever use

The 4 Letter ‘C-word’ that no one should ever use

My wife and best friend, Christie Kennedy Manuel aka the @Mom_OnTheRun posted this on her Facebook wall yesterday morning: “We consider the C word an extremely bad word in our home, even ranked above the F word. I am not one to click on random links, but because this came from a person I value and I had a few …

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Monday Motivator: What does ‘healthy’ look like?

Like many others, I have spent my entire adult life battling with eating disorders and although being in the wellness field has helped me to come a long way, I'm still a work in progress. As a product of these struggles and overcoming many of them, I am a proponent of eating disorder awareness and a passionate advocate of self-love, …

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Chris Stoutenburg: A wheel life story

In the beginning there was Chris… In 1977 at 10lbs 3oz and longer than most, I came into this world as fresh and new as can be. I had my whole life in front of me and would soon be starting the process of learning how to move, function independently, and to fend for myself. As a new-born baby I was …

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The Top 7 Health and Fitness TEDx Talks

The 7 Most Inspiring Health and Fitness TED Talks

TED in a nutshell… TED is short for Technology, Entertainment, Design and was created by a private non-profit entity called the Sapling Foundation. The slogan – “Ideas Worth Spreading” – captures the true essence of TED. During the TED conferences, a range of topics are showcased by industry leaders. Many an iconic figure have delivered thought-provoking, trend-setting and mind-blowing speeches. Their focus is …

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The best 59 minute investment you can make in your life, NOW!

Over the years I've posted several times on inspiring books I've read, motivational videos I've watched, and great people I've met. One thing remains constant in my toolbox of awesomeness is TED. I'm addicted. I love watching TED talks every day. No If's, And's or But's, it's happening while I sit at my computer, drive in my car, walk along …

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