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Why You Need a Daily 15-Minute Ritual of Self-Care Awesomeness

Why You Need a Daily 15-Minute Ritual of Self-Care Awesomeness

It's often been said that cleanliness is next to godliness. If you desire to have a greater measure of peace, harmony, and self-awareness in your life, cleansing of the body is just as important as a cleansing of the mind. Read on to find out how taking just fifteen minutes a day spent on a body cleansing routine with the …

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last diet you will never fail again

The Last Diet You Will Ever Pay For (and Never Fail Again)

Do you find positive lifestyle changes difficult to maintain? Odd question, I know. But if you give me a few minutes of your time, I'd like to share a few personal stories with you and why I'm excited to finally provide my clients – my Tribe – with something I've been working on with my wife, Christie, for the past …

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this father's day support the prostate cancer foundation

How to Support the Prostate Cancer Foundation this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day support Prostate Cancer Foundation BC by registering for the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run On Sunday, June 18 Prostate Cancer Foundation BC will be hosting its annual Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run in support of individuals and families diagnosed with prostate cancer. What is the Raymond James Father's Day Walk/Run Charity? The Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run …

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When did you last volunteer - telus day of giving - million hours

When was the Last Time You Gifted Your Time and Volunteered

As many of you are aware, our family has chosen to be Telus Ambassadors. Volunteering is an Integral Part of Our Family Telus' mission to provide digital services beyond devices and a connection, with a focus on community, customer care, environment and giving back is a natural fit for our family. Our relationship with Telus began 5 years ago when …

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how to hack your happy brain chemical

How To Hack Into Our Happy Chemicals

I don’t know about you but it’s good to have a thing or a hobby that can instantly cheer you up when you feel sad or disappointed in life. For instance, whenever I feel stressed out – which is not good for our health – I treat myself to my favorite restaurant or buy a good book or a cute …

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7 exercises to make you happier

The 7 Best Exercises That Will Increase Your Happiness Starting Now

Your Body, Mind, and Spirit – Mental, emotional, and physical health are all keys to maintaining happiness and excellent health. If you aren’t happy mentally, the other two can’t keep your soul happy, and you can find yourself becoming sick or weak. All three areas of your health need to be in optimal condition, or your body won’t function correctly. …

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Substance and Alcohol Abuse was my Excuse, how about you

Substance and Alcohol Abuse was my Excuse, how about you?

‘If you can’t change the people around you, then change the people around you.’ Seven years ago I made a personal choice which affected my life and the lives of those closest to me. (you can read the full story here) Up until that point I believed there were aspects of my life that were out of my control. Bad …

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7 reasons traveling can make you smarter and healthier

7 Reasons Travelling Can Make You Smarter and Healthier

Have you ever experienced being so burned out that you literally need a break from everything and everyone? Do you spend all day and all night just staring at your computer with piles and piles of paper works that don't seem to end? Well then, now is the right time to travel and escape your office responsibilities and life pressures. …

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Thank you for calling me fatso

Thank You For Calling Me Fatso

You never saw the tears I held back or the wounds your comments left… Thank you for calling me Fatso. I was in fourth grade. You remember, the year we were all awkward 9-year-olds with mock swagger. You were the girl with the long, blonde hair, new shoes and designer jeans. You were the kid who played club sports, went …

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what is heart rate variability HRV

What is Heart Rate Variability and WHY should I care

Do you ever wake up in the morning and something just doesn't feel right? Regardless of the quantity of sleep and how dialed in your lifestyle habits are, you feel lethargic and stressed. Well, you're not alone in this feeling. This begs the question, ‘Wouldn't it be great to wake up each morning, press a magic button and instantly run …

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