Family lessons

A Father’s Day weekend to remember

I was reminded by Christie that this weekend marked my 10th Father's Day.  I'm amazed that 10 years have come and gone and here I am with two beautiful girls that look up to me and call me “Daddy”.  I reflected a great deal over the last few days, remembering times where I made mistakes and wasn't the father or …

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Daddy’s little girl ain’t so little anymore

Today started off on a high-note, it's my daughter Chardonae's 9th birthday!  I can't believe it.  I am feeling my age, catching myself thinking about how fast time flew by – as cliché as it is, it feels like it was yesterday I was fumbling with her car seat for the first time trying to prove to the nurses at …

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I love the mundane

After a couple of weeks of some highs and lows, I'm finally getting back to basics with a number of things in my life.  I have a new-found zest to be the best family man that I can be.  Recognizing  even the most seemingly mundane of moments as some of the most special ones in my every day life because they are …

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How’s this for an endorsement?

Last Saturday, Christie and I went to the Canucks game and had an amazing (and much needed) date night. Our date night wouldn't have happened without the help our amazing sitters (Tenisha and Keyana). Chardonae and Brie stayed the night at the sitters and early Sunday morning Tenisha was telling Brie that she was planning to go the gym after they were picked up.

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