The Financial, Social and Emotional Benefits of Healthy Living

The Financial, Social and Emotional Benefits of Healthy Living

By now you probably know that living a healthy lifestyle has obvious physical benefits such as weight loss, better heart health, and a lower chance of disease and diabetes. However, there are many other advantages to healthy living that may not be as obvious such as financial, social and emotional benefits.


Being health-conscious is not only good for your physical health but your financial health as well. Those that live a healthier lifestyle spend less than individuals who have unhealthy habits.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life

I'm all about leading a life of YES! But, I also accept that finances are key to get me there.

Decreased Medical Bills

For example, the National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study analyzing the additional cost of health insurance annually for an unhealthy individual. They found that when someone lives an unhealthy lifestyle for a shorter period of time (between one to five years), they spend $652 more annually than a healthy person.

However, if someone maintains unhealthy habits for a longer period of time (16 to 20 years), they lose $5,000 annually in health insurance costs.

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with retirement savings message. Sharp focus on the piggy bank with blackboard slightly blurred.

Even workplaces are jumping on the healthy living bandwagon by incentivizing their employees to prioritize their health because they understand how poor performance in the workplace can sometimes be traced back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Additionally, these wellness programs are being put in place because employers understand the significant cost savings associated with employees who are healthier.

For example, a wellness program model that some companies are following is implementing smoking cessation and weight loss support. Other companies have programs that reward employees who pass a health screening with satisfactory results by allowing them to pay less towards their health insurance costs per year.

Lower Life Insurance Premiums

If you already have life insurance, you are probably familiar with the medical exam that is required to secure a policy. The medical exam is performed so the insurance company can mitigate their risk by assessing your health based on factors such as smoking status, blood pressure, weight, and family medical history. After underwriting receives the results of your exam, they will determine your monthly premium.

Depressed couple doing their accounting in their living room

Essentially, if you live a healthier lifestyle, you could end up paying less for your policy than someone who has a more unhealthy profile. There are additional factors that may impact your life insurance premiums so it is best to invest some time investigating the terms of the different policies that are available. It is important to do your research because some companies weigh different factors differently so you might find a better rate for your particular situation.

Save Money on Food

You may have heard of some of the most popular food trends available on the market right now such as The Paleo Diet, eating strictly organic, meal subscription services, juicing and supplements. While these aren’t necessarily bad for you, diet fads can sometimes be very expensive and discourage healthy eating because of the perceived associated costs.

However, healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive if you try to prioritize buying more fruits and vegetables and skipping packaged foods when you’re grocery shopping. Being mindful of portion size can also help cut costs when grocery shopping. There are plenty of simple, low-cost food options in the grocery store to help you achieve your health goals without breaking the bank.


Taking control of your health initiatives and making it a point to get active can have added social benefits in addition to the direct physical benefits.

Become a Better Role Model

If you have children or family members that look up to you, it is important to set a good example and prioritize your health for their wellbeing as well. Children who watch their parents lead a healthy lifestyle are more likely to prioritize their own health as well. There are plenty of ways to encourage health in your home and it can start with simple changes such as allowing your kids to help with food preparation or grocery shopping, limiting screen time and encouraging fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks instead of packaged foods. Remember, prioritizing your health doesn’t happen overnight— it requires a lifestyle change so try by starting small and implementing changes little by little.

Community is one of the MOST important factors in choosing a CrossFit box…

Form Stronger Relationships

In addition to setting a good example for your children, healthy living can help establish close relationships with friends and family.

For example, studies on family mealtime show that children who come from families that sit down and eat dinner together are more likely to maintain a healthy weight in the future. Not only is this beneficial to your child’s health, but setting time aside to sit down with your family over a meal can improve your connections to each other as well.

Other ways to prioritize your family relationships while also living a healthy lifestyle include:

  1. Getting active together
  2. Choosing one or two nights of the week to let your kids help with food preparation
  3. Taking family walks around the neighborhood every evening

Community Building

Another way that healthy living has added social benefits is the opportunity to meet new people and find new communities on your personal health journey. For example, taking classes at the gym opens up new doors to meeting people who also are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Also, maybe you would like to try a new active hobby such as hiking or biking.

Did you know that there are resources available to help you find people in your community who enjoy similar activities?

Training in a community versus on your own - can it be done virtually? HECK YES!

Not only will joining a community group help you meet new people, but it could encourage you to continue on your health journey because there will be a set time and meetup place with people who are looking forward to you participating.


When considering making a change to live a healthier lifestyle, it is important to further examine the added emotional advantages as well.

Improved Frame of Mind

When you eat healthier, you tend to feel better. Certain foods contain properties that promote overall mental health and wellbeing. For example, foods high in fiber and protein can stabilize your blood sugar whereas foods higher in simple sugars can spike your blood sugar. When your blood sugar spikes throughout the day, you are prone to mood swings and irritability. Additionally, foods that have more fat and oil in them are high in empty calories which results in feeling hungry quicker which can result in feeling, “hangry,” or hungry and angry at the same time.

Clearer Thinking

Did you know that certain foods are considered, “brain foods,” meaning that they specifically promote clearer thinking and memory retention?

Furthermore, these foods can impact your chances of developing dementia later in life. Studies show that those who have higher cholesterol levels in their blood are at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, blood levels that are high in cholesterol can damage brain tissue. It is important to be mindful of your cholesterol when choosing foods for your diet—largely because of the effect that high cholesterol could have on your brain as well as the rest of your body.

Higher Self-Esteem

Higher self-esteem doesn’t have to equate to hitting a certain goal weight, but more so having an improved state of mind because of your healthy choices.

Have you ever gone for a run and felt like a new person?

This confidence comes from your body releasing endorphins as you exercise, which makes you feel happier and more confident.

In fact, the changes in your brain after working out can actually be seen in a brain scan. It is important to remember to praise and compliment yourself on your journey because even the slightest change here and there can lead to an overall healthier profile.

The journey to health is not an easy and quick challenge to overcome— it takes dedication, willpower and time. It is important to remember that while the physical benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are obvious and significant, the additional advantages should also be considered when you feel like you may have hit a roadblock or are contemplating whether or not to start making healthier choices. Keep in mind the financial, social and emotional benefits to continuously encourage you to hit your health goals!


How to Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan

How to Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health is a fundamental concept of life and living. Without health, there is nothing.

Despite everything we face as a daily hassle, we should always take out time to take care of ourselves. The term “health” refers to a state of complete physical as well as emotional wellbeing. A human being’s priority should be his health.

Health divides into good and bad aspects such as a healthy person and a weak person. A healthy diet, exercise, immunization for illnesses, and self-constraint behavior can all improve a person's fitness. In 1948 and 1986, WHO defined health by mentioning respective phrases and views.

Health has some subtypes, which are first, physical health: a person’s physical health depends upon his exercise cycle, balanced nutrition, adequate rest, and, most of all, lack of disease. Lastly, Mental health: Mental health of a person refers to the emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing.

Our life is always insecure, so it is not possible to predict the future. But on the other hand, it is possible to take some measures of ad precautions as well.

So in this guide, we'll explore…

How to Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan

There are many health care organizations around the globe to help individuals with their difficulties, and issues.US Health Group Is one of the families of companies as well as Life Insurance Company, and they also offer health independent plans. Its motive is to provide a better level of innovative health coverage for people. There are also many health insurances coverages. What insurance means is to protect oneself from any financial loss. You first have to sign a form or a contract with a policy.

Insurance policies help in minimizing the risk of monetary losses, both small and big, that causes due to one’s property damage. The most common types of insurance policies can be auto, health, homeowners, and life. Most citizens in the United States have car insurance, which is required by law.

The 5 Types of Insurance Plans

There is a total of five types of insurance plans. It depends on the cost structure and benefits.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Catastrophic

When we talk about health insurance, it is a type of insurance coverage provided by the companies globally. It offers you facilities of paying any of your unexpected medical, hospitalization, or medical surgery-related costs under an agreement of an insurance policy. You will receive all the medical-related costs incurred from general injuries, hospitalization or any other kind of treatment that is under your health insurance policy.

Health insurance is the greatest idea, which you should be considering for the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you. The different plans of health insurance offered to you include different reimbursements. It all depends on the amount you can pay through the term of insurance.

The partial payments insurances also exist where individuals have to pay some portion of the cost while the health insurance providers are supposed to pay for the remaining percentage.

Key benefits of health insurance

There are many key benefits of health insurance. Firstly, you will get relief from paying high medical costs. You are also able to select your preferred doctor and hospital. It also benefits in arrangements of faster and quicker appointments. If you have any hospital phobia, you can also get home treatment. When we talk about age, health insurance is beneficial in terms of tax for senior citizens. Enrolling for family and individuals can also affect the length of procedure and documentation.

Disease benefits of health insurance

Most of the insurance companies provide Hospitalization cover plans for both critical and uncritical illnesses:

  • Critical illnesses can be:
  • Heart Attacks
  • Open Bypass Surgeries
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Stroke and Paralysis
  • Organ Failures
  • Transplants such as Liver and Kidney
  • Dental care
  • Maternity benefits

How much does it cover?

On a basic scale, it covers hospital expenses per person (pregnancy & some diseases excluded).it also includes room rent and nursing expenses. Thirdly, hospital expenses include surgical expenses and pills such as Anesthesia. The insurance company provides O.T. Charges, Consultation Fee, Nursing Charges, etc. It also extends to medicines, blood bags, oxygen supplies, dialysis, and chemotherapy if required.

Factors affecting your health insurance policy

Age is one of the factors that affect your health insurance policy. The other thing is your current and medical history and biodata. This factor requires some tests and report details as well to make sure what bad habits do you acquire, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. If you are a premium plan holder, your location is most probably to affect you. It depends on the cost of living in that region and the rules of the state.

Role of the individual in buying health insurance

Your personal information and details play a major role in acquiring health is important that you provide accurate details. Any incorrect information can show disrespect to the company’s terms and conditions.

Lacking areas of health insurance

It often depends upon the company’s policies and conditions. Some companies have high-cost rates with fewer benefits, and some companies have low-cost rates but no such good benefits. Most of the time, companies do not provide cover in case of serious illness and treatment.

Here are some treatments that are not covered by the health insurance company:

  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Fertility treatments
  • Off-label prescriptions
  • New treatments and products

Before buying a health insurance plan:

To buy a health insurance plan, you should never forget to highlight and give a thought on these factors, including finding and searching the best plans that suit your goals and aims.

  • Always remember to review and compare it with other insurance company plans.
  • Get the whole information about the procedure and documents required. And do get yourself an insurance plan brochure if needed.
  • When it comes to documentation, provide your correct and current information.
  • Get it done and ask if you have any queries.
  • Get it done and decide for frequent follow-ups.
  • Consult an advocate if you are having any problem while signing this insurance plan.

Get it done

Some things to remember are:

After viewing and considering these notes, the health insurance company will provide you with some offers and schemes. Do not forget to ask them briefly about everything, even their rules, regulations, and policies.


Health insurance is one of the most precious gifts for humanity.

Each one of us always deserves an extra chance, even when it comes to life as well. All of us deserve to be taken care of and to treat ourselves if any disease overtakes us.

To stay fit like before and do regular checkups and treatments, you need health insurance. In today’s world, health insurance or any insurance is not a lavish or luxury need, but a basic need.


How to Eliminate Pain Through Radical Self-Healing

How to Eliminate Pain Through Radical Self-Healing

A great many people have confidence in the advantages of activity. Toward one side, we see that a few people live more, progressively beneficial lives since they practice overwhelmingly.

Tragically, individuals frequently harm themselves or even abbreviate their lives through inappropriate endeavors at wellness. This is a reality we don't generally concede.

Eradicate pain through the self-healing powers of the body

Arousing Your Power of Self-Healing instructs how to perform practices in the most shrewd conceivable way – a way that will never hurt you, yet will just improve you.

A little minority doesn’t accept much in work out, however, work rather on creating incredible substantial mindfulness. They work with extends, stance, breathing, and inconspicuous developments to improve the body's capacity.

Out of the billions of us, just a couple million individuals have gone to this kind of work.

Spinal health and well-being are the dual goals of chiropractic treatment carried out by primary care professionals trained in the art and science of chiropractic treatment. The most pertinent point to note is that chiropractic treatment addresses the root cause of pain to ensure pain eradication as well as overall well-being and wellness of patients. This is a marked departure from other treatments for pain management that focus on driving away from the pain only and that too, without any assurance of long-term benefit.

We have ten muscles for each one that we use. The following part is on the spine – it discusses unwinding of the entire body and development that initiates your lethargic muscles in an even, adjusted way.

We have abandoned a considerable lot of the developments accessible to the human body, and the muscles we use to experience the ill effects of extraordinary compression, strain and solidified connective tissue that limits versatility. With adjusted utilization of a greater amount of our muscles, we diminish our strain and forestall numerous spinal wounds that require longer treatment. We can forestall generally delayed, uncertain agony, yet we can likewise help with torment you as of now may have.

Pain can turn so severe that it can have debilitating effects on people’s lives by confining them to beds and wheelchairs. Chiropractors can treat all conditions of pain with the assurance that it will not recur, and people can lead healthy lives by forgetting the difficult days that they had gone through.

The body heals on its own

Chiropractors look upon themselves as agents of change or facilitators who have deep knowledge and understanding about the body structure or the musculoskeletal system as well as the self-healing powers of the body and know the techniques of invoking it.

By using only physical means like the movement of the hands to apply controlled pressure on the affected area, chiropractors awake the muscle and tissues from slumber to make it work for eradicating the pain. By undertaking spinal adjustments, they help the body regain its composure that restores regular movements and activities.

Feel comfortable by writing in an appreciation diary

Before you hit the hay, recognize three things you're thankful for and keep in touch with them in an appreciation diary. Conjuring up sentiments of gratefulness directly before you nod off will expand the odds of you getting a decent night's rest.

Start journaling daily

Slow maturing with contemplation

Contemplation gives liberal support against the pressure of the hurtful impact it can have on the body. Various examinations have indicated contemplation eases back the pace of cell maturing.

Contemplation can assist you with remaining looking young, and it could assist you with warding off age-related malady. Scientists speculate encouraging youngsters to ruminate could give long-lasting advantages.

In any case, regardless of what age you are, it's never past the point where it is possible to increase some medical advantages from contemplation.

Rules for Dynamic Healing

With a foundation in needle therapy and Oriental prescription, I knew too well how common ceaseless agony is right now I thought about what the ramifications of this marvel could intend to such a large number of other people who were languishing.

As I kept on gaining ground with my condition, I composed my methodology into a framework that I could instruct to customers and moved my expert concentration to hypnotherapy.

While teaching my customers, I clarify that a normal reflection practice is important to prepare the mind to enter alpha and theta cerebrum wave states. While in these states, correspondence between the cognizant brain and the physical body is drastically improved.

Construct Muscle by Imagining Yourself Working Out

Indeed, specialists have discovered that psychological symbolism can assist you with picking up muscle without lifting a finger.

One investigation specifically found that individuals who envisioned themselves working out had the option to increase 24% more muscle quality.

Individuals who really lifted loads saw better outcomes, however, the exploration shows mental preparation can give some genuine changes to bulk.

Our psychological state has especially sensational impacts with regards to the side effects we experience: things like agony, queasiness, weakness, and sadness. Playing a computer-generated experience game facilitates torment in consume patients by as much as 50 percent more than drugs alone, while inquire about on fake treatments—counterfeit medications—reveals to us that mental factors, for example, desire and social association ease side effects by means of natural changes fundamentally the same as those brought about by drugs. Fake treatment painkillers trigger the arrival of common agony calming synthetic compounds called endorphins.

Stress management

Third, stress triggers a part of the safe framework called irritation: the body's first line of resistance against disease or damage. This is helpful in a crisis yet whenever activated long haul by interminable pressure, it upsets solid insusceptible reactions and consumes the body's tissues, making us progressively defenseless to contaminations, hypersensitivities, and auto-resistant malady. What's more, that doesn't simply mean skin inflammation flare-ups or a couple of additional colds. Through its consequences for the resistant framework, stress has additionally been appeared to quicken the movement of hazardous conditions, for example, various sclerosis and HIV.

An examination into whether mediations that decrease pressure can invert these progressions is just barely starting, however, there's some primer proof that pressure the executive's treatment.

No fear of recurrence

The most challenging aspect of pain management is that although many treatments can help the pain to subside most fail to prevent a recurrence. The pain-free period does not last very long, and it requires repeated treatment over time which does not always assure the right results. Chiropractic treatment is different because it eradicates pain in the long-term with no chances of recurrence if patients adopt the lifestyle changes and pick up good habits recommended by the chiropractor. This is possible because the treatment addresses the root cause of the problem and corrects all spinal and musculoskeletal deformities, which end the pain. It is easy to sustain the results by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercises and having a balanced diet.

No adverse side effects

The side-effects of any treatment mostly happen from medications, but because chiropractors do not use medicines, there are no chances of any side-effects from the treatment.

Chiropractors do not use any physical aids or equipment either to administer the treatment. They use their hands only and thus leaves no room for anything adverse happening from it. It is a very safe treatment that does a lot of good by addressing the well-being of patients in addition to curing pain. The holistic approach was taken by chiropractors to ensure the overall well-being of patients is unique.

5 things that I know to be true based on 19 years as an athlete and chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment has many similarities with physical therapy and often uses acupuncture, heat therapy and exercises as part of the treatment plan to ensure better results that last long. Ongoing through the treatment and making lifestyle changes, patients can enjoy many years of a pain-free life.

Author Bio:

This Guest post is written by Simon Morris, he is a freelance writer. He has written a unique and very interesting article on various categories such as Travel, Lifestyle, and Health and currently associated as a blogger with


How Two Powerful Words Can Change Your Life

How Two Powerful Words Can Change Your Life

What are the two most powerful words in the world?

Love You?

Trust You?

How about Thank You?

Of all the words we say and wish we didn't say, the spoken phrase “Thank You” is one that can drastically change your relationships and life.

These two great words that mean life-changing make you appreciate what you have rather than what you don't have.

Moreover, a few words of gratitude can be the most powerful words for personal growth because they make you stop and focus on the simplistic beauty of our world and the miracle of life itself.

giving thanks - gratitude - thank you

Words Have Power

You know that words cannot change reality, but you got to understand that words can change how people grasp reality. It's very important if you want to transform your relationships and life.

Here are some examples that will show you how influential such a straightforward phrase as “Thank You” can be.

  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your parents and it can help your dad and mum realize how much you care about them.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your kids and it can lead them to smile and hug you.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your spouse and it can take your relationship to the next level.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your friend and it can lead to a greater bond of trust.
  • Simply saying “Thank You” to your employee and it can cause positive affirmations for work success.

As you see, all these examples above prove that the power of words is limitless and you can use it to express your feeling of gratitude and, in such a way, change people's attitude to you.

Besides, these two simple words can help you change the world around you for the better.

It's a chance not to be missed!

Gratitude - thank you

How The Words You Choose Shape Your Life

It doesn't really matter who you are in this life, the importance of thankfulness cannot be underestimated. There are specific reasons why thankfulness can shape your life, and if you don't be afraid of saying “Thank You” and be always ready to hear them in response, there are amazing things that will begin to happen with you over time.

Make You Be A Happier Person

One great way that gratitude can change your life is by making you feel happier. Scientifically it's proved that grateful people who often say “Thank You” are much happier in their lives because they're more optimistic and always see things in the best light. When you're thankful for things you have in your life, it's perfectly natural that your life seems fulfilled and full of happiness. You realize and value things you have and don't take notice of things you don't have in your life. (And, it releases ‘happy' chemicals in your brain!)

Meet your happy brain chemicals

Shift Your Focus

Well, life is all about focus. No matter what you focus on, you always move forward. If you live in a state of lack and negativity, you concentrate just on that. Unfortunately, this negativity is starting to become a habit and result in psychological breakdowns. However, just imagine how cool it is to see things in a positive light, even in case of problems. Gratitude can help you look for the silver lining in any situation and value the beauty of all things.

Improve Your Ability To Learn

Let's just say life takes some surprising turns. But if you learn to be grateful for any situation, you might have a chance to enlarge your knowledge about life. Don't confine yourself! Always keep in mind that behind every problem lies an opportunity. All you need to do is be able to see this opportunity and seize it.

Lighten Your Mood

A positive mindset and simple daily gratitude will make your life complete and successful. Gratefulness can boost your brain stem to produce serotonin and dopamine – chemical messengers that are responsible for emotional well-being and reducing negativity. So remember the main universal law! You'll attract in your life the things you think about and concentrate on. Think positively and be thankful. In this case, your life will full of positive and high spirits.

Increase Your Brain Power

Being grateful means to live your life with an open heart, and most importantly, with an open mind. When you live with a deep sense of appreciation, you stop dwelling on any illusions and expectations of certain things. And that can help you a lot and, first of all, influence the brain function. You should know that thankfulness leads to activation and synchronization of multiple brain regions, and enhance parts of the brain's reward pathways and the hypothalamus. By being thankful, it's easy to boost your brain capacity, learn faster, and remember more.

Enhance The Quality Of Your Life

Gratitude is a behavior that can directly influence the quality of your life. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express thanks for. Thankfulness can transform your life by literally enhancing the quality of it. Gratitude lays a sound foundation for your stability in life, makes it more comfortable as well as fruitful.

Moreover, don't forget that gratitude is closely linked to the satisfaction of life. People who express appreciation for things are far more sated in their lives. So you should try to appreciate the importance of things in your life, regardless of their size, shape, and price, and find the beauty in everything.

Decrease Your Deepest Fears

One more effective way that thankfulness can transform your life is by lowering your fears. It's quite difficult to be scared and thankful at the same time. Let's think what fear actually is?

Well, fear is a particular state that occurs when you're left to fixate on issues that you feel are out of your control. You're living in a state of fear when you start to imagine the worst-possible pictures related to these issues, and this feeling makes you crazy. However, there's a way out. By being thankful, you can overcome all your fears and find harmony within yourself.

Just start saying “Thank You” to the people around you, just start saying “Thank You” for everything you have, including your problems, and soon you'll see that fears have little space to live in your life.

Inspire You To Achieve Your Goals

If you set goals the right way, you have a chance to reach them. Having an attitude of gratitude can help you change your life and bring you closer to your goals.

Thankfulness lays the foundation for internal success. When you're happy, satisfied, active, when you balance your mind, body, and spirit, you can achieve your goals much faster, and nothing will distract you from reaching them.

Create a solid platform of thankfulness and live life to the fullest.

Two words of gratitude…

Eight letters of thankfulness…

Decide how powerful and important they are for your life?

Decide how beneficial they can be for you and the people around you?

Okay, that's something to think about…

Author Bio:

Vicki Mozo is an editor of Her main writing topic is love and she is very passionate about this point. She tries to possess the right amount of professionalism and versatility to be your psychological assistant. Her motto is “Communication is one of the key skills for every person”. Now she is happy to share his life experience and knowledge with the people around.


15 Simple and Effective Hobbies for Boosting Your Health

15 Simple and Effective Hobbies for Boosting Your Health

Every person needs a hobby. These activities will develop our passions and tastes in life. You’ll find that they can be pretty diverse too, like writing, cooking, sewing, improvisation, and gardening, to name a few.

Sadly, not every hobby can be considered as beneficial to your health, and some might even do more harm than good. So it’s always smart to choose the right hobby. Getting into a new activity might help with skill development, as well as physical and mental fitness.

15 Amazing Hobbies that will Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

Have a look at our list of 15 health-boosting hobbies that you might want to consider learning.

1. Writing

It doesn't necessarily have to be a story. It can be anything. From movie scripts, diary entries, to songs, there's a whole slew of topics and pieces to choose from. Writing is a skill that remains useful in almost every part of one's life. And taking the time to hone this skill sufficiently can help a lot in the future. Effectively translating thoughts and ideas into clear sentences can be very therapeutic and productive. Even people outside of the writing business will benefit from a practical viewpoint. It can help improve one’s resumes, formal letters, emails, and many other pieces that most of us have to write at some point.

2. Reading

Grab a book and start reading! The boost in mental health is more than enough reason to start this hobby. Many studies reveal that reading raises mental stimulation, improves memory, boosts concentration, and reduces stress. And it doesn’t strictly have to be solely for the purpose of entertainment, because there are plenty of books that can help one learn new skills.

3. Lock-picking

This might seem like an odd hobby to some, but lock-picking can actually help one’s focus, patience, and logical reasoning. This activity gets a bad rap as some people use it for robberies and other illegal activities. But it also has a practical purpose outside of its stereotypical use. For one, accidentally leaving a key and proceeding to lock the door can be a stressful event. But if you’ve invested and learned how to use the right lock-picking tools, getting back in won’t be too hard, essentially saving you from the potential hassle and expense of having to break a door, smash a window, or call a keysmith.

4. Video games

Video gaming keeps getting a negative reputation for inciting violence, but many studies say otherwise. After all, how is it any different from watching shows and movies that have violence in them? Or following a sport based on violence like kickboxing? What’s more, video games will also enhance hand-eye coordination while helping relieve some stress. For multiplayer games, it can help improve one’s team building and interaction with others.

5. Chess

Many steer clear away from chess because of the seemingly steep learning curve, but it's easy to get into. This board game is a great way to improve the cognitive functions of the brain because it exercises both our brain hemispheres. How? First, a player must use their left hemisphere for object recognition. Afterward, the right is utilized for pattern recognition. It’s also been known to help improve memory while improving one’s strategic thinking.

6. Cooking

Cooking comes with many benefits. For one, every person needs to eat, and food is one of the many joys everyone can relate to. By honing one’s culinary skills, it gives the chance to improve physical and mental health by using a balance of good ingredients while teaching better planning skills and focus.

Letting the mind wander while there’s hot food cooking or when one’s dicing and slicing with a sharp knife can end in disaster. And timing the cooking process improperly can end up in a less than appetizing meal. So cooking also teaches better planning skills and encourages one to focus on the task at hand.

7. Painting

This can be an excellent way to help relieve stress, and it makes for a great self-reflecting activity to clear the mind. By putting one’s mind into a creative hobby, it easier to get in touch with one’s emotions and thoughts by expressing them on a blank canvas. Finishing a painting can give a sense of accomplishment, and with enough practice, this might even become a profitable venture.

8. Dancing

This lively activity comes with a whole slew of benefits despite being accessible and easy for most individuals. No expensive equipment is necessary to start dancing. Just two feet, a few good tunes, and maybe a friend to make things a bit more enjoyable. Dancing can also be an intense or gentle exercise, so it can suit a broader range of people with different needs and preferences.

9. Pet Care

Getting a pet can be a big responsibility, but the payoff is well worth the time and effort. Pets can be companions that will help reduce overall stress and improve one’s mood. Owning pets will also encourage one to be more physically active, especially for energetic pets like dogs.

10. Learning new languages

Learning new languages has a powerful effect on the brain. It’s even been known to help combat the onset of crippling mental diseases like Alzheimer’s. It can also improve decision-making skills and memory. One practical purpose of mastering a new language is that it looks good on resumes, and it will come in handy while traveling. It also exposes oneself to new people and new ideas.

11. Traveling

Planning trips to head into the open road can be a very satisfying experience for anyone with a love of exploration and adventure. Traveling will expose one to new cultures and prospective, promoting open-mindedness and self-discovery. It also helps improve one’s planning skills and overall physical fitness.

Image source: Huffington Post

12. Gardening

Gardening is a very practical hobby that encourages good qualities like patience and critical thinking. It’s also been known to reduce stress effectively. One can even take it to the next level and plant some food-growing plants.

Having the convenience of available fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs with a simple stroll through the garden can make cooking easier while promoting healthy eating.

13. Photography

Nowadays, everyone can be a “photographer.” What, with the steadily rising picture quality of our smartphones. But there’s actually a little more into photography than one might expect. It’s an art form that can reduce levels of stress and honing the creative eye. It can also help one expand into computer editing, potentially another great hobby that goes well with taking pictures.

14. Yoga

Yoga is a hobby that can potentially improve both mental and physical wellness. For one, it can help the body by using up most muscles and stretching them. It can also help with the mind by encouraging focus and blocking out external distractions. Yoga has also been known as a big stress reliever, and it creates an excellent environment for self-reflection.

15. Playing A New Instrument

Almost every person on earth likes music and having the ability to create it is a joy that many can appreciate. It helps foster a positive attitude that focuses on patience and perseverance. After all, it takes a lot of time and dedication to master an instrument truly. One can also get the benefits of improving reading skills, verbal memory, spatial-temporal skills, and memory. And it makes for great talent to show off to friends or help enhance a resume.

Take The Extra Step And Learn A New Hobby Today

We hope that our list has given you some ideas to start with. Now is the best time to choose and pursue a productive hobby that promotes a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re leaning more on the arts, the sciences, or purely for entertainment, the possibilities and choices are endless.

Author Bio:

Tara is a spunky girl in her thirties trying to make it through her daily nine-to-five job as a nurse, but usually trying to make it through the paranoia of an unexpected apocalypse happening in the corner. Other than that she enjoys writing along with the company of her adopted dogs, Moon and Sky and a writer for Lock Pick World.


How to Start Taking Action and Stop Overthinking

How to Start Taking Action and Stop Overthinking

The quality of your decisions affects the quality of your life. Making better decisions is one of the most effective ways to enhance your life.

However, making a good decision requires actually making a decision. Too many people avoid making decisions, or they spend far too much time and energy making a decision.

8 Useful Tips for Making Better Decisions with Less Effort

A great decision doesn’t require a lot of time or energy the vast majority of the time:

1. Know your purpose.

Your purpose makes the best option more obvious. For example, if your purpose is to be an ultramarathoner, it’s easier to decide what to eat and how to spend your time away from your regular job.

  • Where should you live? If you want to be a dairy farmer, the city won’t work. If you want to write a book, in what environment do you write most effectively?

2. Be logical.

Most people make decisions based on emotion. Logic is only used to justify the decisions they made emotionally. Most people are prone to making poor decisions. You don’t want to be like most people in this regard.

  • The best decision is often clear if you apply logic to the situation. Consider how you would advise a friend to proceed. That’s probably your best option.

3. Plan your day the night before.

It’s easier to make smart decisions in advance. For example, it’s easy to say, “I’m going to meet my mother for lunch tomorrow.” However, you might be less enthusiastic when the sun comes up. Avoid changing your mind. You already made the decision, so stick with it.

  • We make great plans in the evening for the following day. We plan out our days. We make plans to eat a good lunch, hit the gym, and finish that report. The next day, we start overthinking everything and blow it.
  • You don’t need to make perfect decisions. You need to make decent decisions and stick with them. Do your thinking at night. Execute your decisions the following day.

4. Know your values.

The best option is often obvious if you know your values.

Take the time to examine your values and then list them in order of priority.

When you’re faced with a tough choice, take a look at your list of values and apply your values to your decision. You’ll probably find that an answer is easier to find.

5. Give yourself a deadline.

A good decision can often be made very quickly. Avoid taking longer than you need to make a choice.

A deadline can be an effective way of making a decision quickly. Give yourself a few minutes to a few days, to make up your mind. Pull the trigger and move on.

6. Know that if you’re indecisive, any option is probably acceptable.

When you’re torn between a couple of choices, there’s probably not a “best” option. Just pick one and move on. Flip a coin if necessary.

7. Consider the reason for your hesitation.

Why are you hesitating? What’s holding you back? What are your concerns? What are you afraid might happen?

  • Is there a way to mitigate this fear so it doesn’t impact your decision process?

8. Forget about trying to be perfect.

Perfection leads to procrastination and indecision. Worry about being good. Worry about being smart. That’s as close to perfection as you need to be.

  • Indecisiveness puts your life on standby. You can dramatically enhance the quality of your life by making better and quicker decisions. Making a decision isn’t a race, but what are you going to accomplish by waiting if you already have the information you need to decide?

Be clear on your purpose and values.

Avoid the need to be perfect in your decisions.

Make a wise choice and get busy living your life.


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