The Moose is Loose Annual Reader Survey of Awesomeness

The Moose is Loose Annual Reader Survey of Awesomeness

Wow. What a year.

I want to send out a massive ‘THANK YOU‘ to all of you that have supported me and my blogging since 2008. 2014 was a PR year all around…

… and heading into 2015, I'm looking forward to continuing to add high-value content along with sound health, wellness and lifestyle advice for all returning (and future) visitors who happen upon the Moose is Loose website.

Where did they come from

2014 was quite the year for The Moose is Loose, attracting just over 550,000 unique visitors from 221 countries in all.

Dai Manuel's Annual Reader Survey of Awesomeness is now open!

To help make sure I'm providing the best possible value to all my readers, I'm launching my 2015 Reader Survey of Awesomeness.

The answers you provide will help me better serve you with quality content, resources, videos, blog posts, information based products and cool services…

Thanks again for the continued support. I'm looking forward to helping you make 2015 your most epic year yet!

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3 tips to get you into entrepreneurial shape [Interview]

3 tips to get you into entrepreneurial shape [Interview]

quotes-03Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place at times. Your decisions as it relates to your day-to-day operations of your business can greatly impact the proverbial “bottom-line”.

Recently in an interview with Entrepreneurs TV, I shared 3 tips that have done me well while traveling the entrepreneurial path.

3 Tips to get you into Entrepreneurial shape

  1. Be open
  2. Work hard
  3. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Interview with Entrepreneurs TV (1 of 7)


How did the Moose is Loose blog begin? [Video Interview]

How did the Moose is Loose blog begin? [Video Interview]

Feedburner---Moose-logoSince 2008 I've been actively blogging on the Moose is Loose.  My topics vary but gravitate to health, fitness, motivation and daily inspirations, tips and tricks for maintaining a “fun”ctionally fit life.  But do you know the why and how I started my blog?  

Recently I was asked to speak on a blogger panel for #YVRBloggers at Hootsuite.  The topics I'm discussing are health and fitness blogging.  As a lead-up to the event, the following Google Hangout interview was conducted by Ricky Shetty, the panel moderator, of

Enjoy learning a bit about the history of the Moose is Loose.

My interview on CKNW AM980 Bill Good Show with Mike Smyth

My interview on CKNW AM980 Bill Good Show with Mike Smyth

CKNW News 980am Bill Good Show

January 1st.

The start of 2013 and with it marks the beginning of many a person's New Year's Resolutions.  This year is no different from any other as more and more people are resolving to make 2013 their healthiest year yet.

Question:  What are you doing to make sure that 2013 is your healthiest, most active year yet?

This morning I was interviewed by Mike Smyth (filling in for Bill Good) on CKNW's News AM980, Bill Good Show.

The topic discussed on air: “GET MOVING THIS YEAR!”

It’s time to get off the couch and get moving in 2013. Getting fit is the ultimate New Year’s resolution and our next guest, Dai Manuel, will tell you how to make it stick with a little sweat! 

Have a listen to the full interview:



How do you share brand “YOU” with the world?

How do you share brand “YOU” with the world?

What's your personal brand message?

Would you invest in “YOU” stock?  Why?  How do you share your brand with the world?

These were just a few of the questions I've rolled around in my head for the past year.  Recently I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk's audio book, “Crush it!”, for the 2nd time.  This guy is very skilful at many things, but what's most incredible is how he has built a personal brand out of something that he is completely passionate about.  He shares his passions all around the world and now teaches others how to do it.  Just check out a few of his social media channels and you will get a quick vibe for what he's all about and how his daily engagement with his audience further develops his personal brand.  (On Twitter he is at @garyvee and Crush It fan page on Facebook to name a few)

One tool I have started using are personally branded business cards branding the “Moose”.  The coolest thing about these cards is that in a pack of 200 I could literally have 200 different images on the front.  The cards in themselves tell very clearly what I'm passionate about and shares a snippet of my story.  Since using these cards I've seen a dramatic increase in blog traffic and subscribers as well as “accountability coach” clients.  If you are looking for an inexpensive, unique branding solution, there are options for you out there and maybe this could be one of the tools to help you.

What tools are you using to build brand “YOU”?

I'd love to hear about them.

Just got my new order of “Moose is Loose”cards care of


Please vote for Fitness Town

VANCOUVER – The Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver ballot has been live at since June 9. Readers from the Lower Mainland—and around the world—have until July 6 to have their say about the best of the city in a comprehensive range of categories. From Best Example of City Planning to Best Place for Cheap Drinks, we want to hear from everyone about their most cherished Vancouver people, secrets, and landmarks.

For the past 7 years, Fitness Town has been recognized by Georgia Straight readers as the Best Fitness Equipment Store – we are shooting for an incredible 8th and with your continued support, we now it will happen!

To vote and show your support for Fitness Town is easy. Log on to the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver 2011 page and under the tab Sports and Rec, vote Fitness Town as the “Best Fitness Equipment store“. Voila!

Vote now and spread the word. Readers who answer 30 or more questions will be entered in a draw for a $2,500 Flight Centre gift certificate that can be put toward their dream vacation. The Best of Vancouver issue will be available on September 22 in news boxes and various outlets across the Lower Mainland and online at

From everyone at Fitness Town, we'd like to thank you for your continued support and helping us be recognized as the “Best Fitness Equipment Store” in 2011!

Always Keep Moving!

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