Don’t be a Wimp, it’s Time to Lift Like Grandma

Don’t be a Wimp, it’s Time to Lift Like Grandma

yoko-ono-quoteAs Mark Twain once said,

Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.

Good thing wrinkles don't decide what we can or cannot do when it comes to our health. As cliché as it sounds, age is JUST a number. Age doesn't predetermine our level of health, fitness or well-being it's just an indicator of life experiences… a lifestyle founded on the belief that personal health is of paramount importance, will ultimately lead us down a lifelong path of awesomeness.

So what makes up a well-rounded exercise program? Well, let's explore that…

3 Primary Components of a well-rounded exercise program:

  1. Strength or resistance training;
  2. Cardiovascular conditioning or aerobics; and,
  3. Some emphasis on mobility and flexibility.

It is all too easy for us to focus on just one of these areas, such as spending endless hours slaving away on the treadmill or elliptical. After all, that’s far less challenging than putting a heavy bar on our back for squats.

Whether you’re an 18-year-old that’s just starting to exercise or you’re entering into your late 50s and want a simple exercise program to stay fit and healthy, weightlifting of some kind should make up a portion of your fitness routine.

Don't believe me that age is just a number? Check out Johanna Quaas and Ernestine Shepherd's stories… 

Question No. 1: Why Should I Lift Weights?

strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle - napoleon hill quoteStrength training offers many health benefits far beyond simply helping you build pretty muscles.

Increased muscle mass helps increase our basal metabolic rate (BMR). This in turn means your body burns more calories on a daily basis, even if you don’t perform any other exercise.

Simply put, having more muscle on your body will generally make it easier for you to lose fat!

Resistance training is also associated with an increase in bone density. This, in combination with added muscle mass, is incredibly important for older adults who may start to experience degenerative diseases.

What’s more, strength training is linked to improvements in everything from mood and cognitive function to blood cholesterol levels.

With all these benefits, it should now be clear why just about every gym, fitness club and personal trainer in the world places strength training at the very core of most of their programs.

Check out the following post on the Good, Bad and the Ugly of working out.

Question No. 2: How to Get Started with a Lifting Program

How you begin your weightlifting routine is dependent on a range of factors such as your age, health, and current fitness levels. If you unsure what the right routine is to start, then speak to a fitness professional at your local gym and get some advice.

This is what the older generation - Generation Awesomeness - looks like toay!

This is what the older generation – Generation Awesomeness – looks like toay!

No matter what, it is important to ease into any new form of exercise gradually, allowing your body to get more from less and only adding more frequency and intensity as you need it.

Try splitting your weight training into three workouts, focusing on your:

  • Pushing muscles (chest, triceps, and shoulders);
  • Pulling muscles (back and biceps); and,
  • Lower body (legs [and glutes for women]).

This will allow one group of muscles to recover while you're training the others. It will also help shorten your workouts so you can carve out time to merge some aerobic activity and improve your cardiovascular health.

Be sure to also include some form of stretching after each workout, focusing primarily on the muscles you have just trained to help growth and repair.

Need a simple easy to follow strength training program? Click below…

Click here to see instructional videos for each of the exercises contained within this workout plan.

It’s the final quarter and it is time to finish strong

It’s the final quarter and it is time to finish strong

Can you believe it? The year is going by so quickly.

Many of us start out with the best of intentions and set some personal goals for ourselves to achieve. And best of all, we give ourselves a whole year to hit them.

The problem is that life happens. Distractions arise. Opportunities present themselves and our focus shifts to other things.

However, there's good news.

The time is now. You can make that final push count and finish the year strong like you initially intended.

No more excuses. No more distractions. No more stalling. It's the final quarter and it's time to finish strong! 

4th Quarter Living with Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher – a must watch video! Seriously, watch it NOW

4th Quarter Living – the spoken word with Eric Thomas aka the Hip-hop Preacher

A quote about success… internalize this and repeat to yourself daily:

Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day's success.

– Israelmore Ayivor

Harvest Your Health Ultimate E-bundle SALE for 90 hours only

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How to get your first Muscle Up, like a boss [Guest Post]

How to get your first Muscle Up, like a boss [Guest Post]



There are many functional movements in the fitness world, but not many are as flashy and fun as the muscle up.  For a lot of people doing a pull up or a ring dip is hard enough, so having to put it all together with coordination on the rings makes the muscle up the “holy grail” of functional movements. It is rare to see someone get a muscle up on their first try, or even their second or third. This is a movement that requires diligent practice, determination and lots of patience!


The first thing I would recommend is getting comfortable on the rings. Play around! You will find that the rings like to swing. When you start to learn the kip, practice swinging your body while keeping the rings in the same place. Try to make the kip on the rings as similar as possible as the kip on the bar (hollow body to superman).

  1. Play around
  2. Keep rings steady and practice kipping


Image care of

Image care of

Once you have mastered the kip, and gained some awareness on the rings, it is time to get comfortable with the false grip. I will preface this by saying that the false grip is not the most comfortable way to hold onto the rings, but it is a crucial part of the transition in the muscle up. When you grab the rings, push your wrists through until the crease of your wrist makes contact with the rings. Hang from the rings, and/or the pull up bar in this position and see how long you can maintain your grip. I would recommend using a good amount of chalk and/or tape to help with your grip and avoid tearing your wrists. [highlight]A great drill that I use with my athletes is reverse Tabata false grip holds: 10 sec hold, 20 sec rest x 8[/highlight]. Once you are comfortable holding he false grip, practice kipping and pulling your hips to the rings while maintaining your grip.

  1. Grip rings normally
  2. Push wrists through rings until crease of wrist makes contact with rings
  3. Practice hanging from rings or pull up bar in this position
  4. Use chalk or tape to avoid tearing


The next progression to start training is the transition. First, lower the rings to a height that you can sit on the ground and have a slight bend in your arms. Start out by using a fairly heavy band so you can get the feeling of the transition. Hook a band on the rings like you would for a ring dip. Set your false grip (you will have to hold onto one side of the band) and have a seat on the band. Your palms should be turned in/facing each other and keep them as close as possible. Practice pulling the rings to your hips and doing the fastest, and most aggressive sit up you have ever done! I like to tell people to whip your ponytail forward (guys pretend like you have a pony tail) and look for your toes. Your elbows will flip up and you should land in the bottom of a ring dip. Decrease the strength of the band as you strength and control with the movement increases. Keep practicing until you can complete the transition without a band and without using your feet. If you can do this, you can do a muscle up!

  1. Sit on ground or band
  2. Set false grip
  3. Palms turned in and hands are as close as possible
  4. Pull to hips
  6. Land in bottom of dip


chelsea ross gymastic workshop

The last piece of the muscle up is the dip. The most efficient way to get yourself to the top of the rings is to kip out of the dip. The kip out of the dip may be the trickiest kip of all. It feels like you should push up when you kick your feet down, but that’s not the case. When you get to the bottom of the dip, hang your legs straight down. When you pull your knees up to your chest it will give you just enough lift to press out of the dip easily. Make sure you keep your elbows straight back and externally rotate the arms at the top (elbow pits forward and back of the rings touch your sides).

  1. Kip the dip
  2. At bottom of dip, hang legs straight down
  3. Pull knees up and push
  4. Externally rotate arms

This movement may seem frustrating in the beginning stages. With consistent practice and focus on form, you are bound to put the pieces together.

Remember, by focusing on quality over quantity, you will get further in the long run!


chelsea rossChelsea Ross is the founder of Technically Applied Gymnastics #TAG. Following nutrition and general metabolic conditioning, gymnastics is the next most important aspect of functional training. The TAG program is geared at improving your gymnastics skills as well as your overall performance as an athlete.

For more videos, articles, upcoming workshops and other questions, be sure to connect with Chelsea at TAGymnastics online, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (be sure to use hashtag #tagymnastics)

… and of course, email at [email protected]


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