The Best Way to Train Your Brain for Weight Release

The Best Way to Train Your Brain for Weight Release

You may have exercised as much as you can, and removed all the unhealthy foods from your diet, but are still unable to shed off as many pounds as you’d want. This can be very infuriating as you cannot see the results of all your efforts and hard work.

You have followed your weight loss program religiously, yet can’t see your expected results. And if there are results, they are only temporary ones.

What could be the problem?

The missing link in all that is your brain.

If there is a disconnect between your brain and your body, you have a hard time achieving your expected results.

As long as your brain is not ready for your body to lose weight, it shall remain an obstacle to achieving your desired goals.

The good news is that you can train your brain to work for and with your body, instead of against it, to lose weight. Here are some ways you can train your brain to help you lose weight.

As you train your brain to lose weight, you should remember that:

  1. Our brains are wired to eat whenever we see food. Even if you are not hungry, the chances are high that when you see a plate of food (especially food that you love), you will want to eat it or carry it to eat at a later time.
  2. Our brains respond more positively to foods that are high in fat and calorie content. Such foods attract our attention more than the healthier foods that have lower fat content. This is because our taste buds perceive them to be sweeter, thereby the brain, and the body will react more positively to them.
  3. Our cognitive function directly affects our food choices. When it is not at its peak, we end up making poor food choices and going for fatty and sugary foods instead of healthy options.
  4. Sugar highs and lows affect your brain.
  5. Changing your mindset towards healthy eating and exercise is not easy, and may take time, but it is worth it.

Skills for Right and Left Hemisphere on Blackboard

1 – De-stress your brain

Most people, when faced with some stress, turn to food as a way of relieving the stress. Very few will turn to healthy food such as fruits when stressed; a majority will crave the sweet, salty and high-fat foods that, while not healthy, stimulate the brain to release pleasure chemicals that will reduce the stress, a situation known as stress eating. The first step of taking care of your brain in order to take control of your weight loss is to de-stress your mind.

Here are the ways you can use to de-stress your brain and avoid stress weight.

Quality sleep

A good night’s sleep is useful in reducing stress. If you have very little sleep, the chances are high that you will wake up grumpy and ill-tempered, as the body perceives sleep deprivation as a stressor. You may find yourself reaching for sugary foods to make you feel better. This is detrimental to your weight loss program and will set you back by a day or two. Ensure you get regular quality sleep of about 8 hours, as recommended by doctors.

Working out

Exercises and other physical activities have been shown to reduce stress by producing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. They also improve your ability to sleep, which in turn will reduce stress. You do not have to do extreme exercises, but a few manageable ones will help you reduce stress.

Have fun

most people are stuck in a vicious cycle of working for 8-9 hours then going home, with no fun activity on their schedule. If you ask the typical working adult, their idea of fun is probably sitting in front of the television to watch a movie or a show.

You should make an effort to include fun activities into your daily or weekly schedule. You could opt to have weekly dates with your friends, or visit a new place, or even go to a stadium and watch a sport. This will boost your happiness and reduce the chances of you having stress, which will, in turn, reduce any stress eating.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Whenever you feel stressed, avoid coffee or choose decaf. This is because when stress and caffeine are combined, the cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body are raised even higher than they would be if it were stress only.

According to a study done by the University of Oklahoma, consuming 2.5-3 cups of coffee while under mild stress raises cortisol levels by about 25% and keeps it up for up to 3 hours. Since high cortisol levels contribute to stress eating, you should consider quitting caffeine altogether.

2 – Change your mindset

When you hear the word ‘diet’, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is a negative thought of how they will have to give up their favorite foods and start eating food that may not be as great-tasting as the food they are used to.

The thought of putting effort into workouts to burn calories in order to lose weight may more often than not demoralize someone as they try to start their weight loss journey. This negativity may make it harder for anyone to stick to their weight loss program, thereby making it harder for them to achieve any significant results.

Change your mindset by changing the mind’s view that a diet is something difficult or unpleasant.

Start seeing it as a means to an end; as the plan, you have to follow in order to lose some pounds and achieve your desired weight. Instead of seeing the new foods that you will incorporate into your diet as not so good, look at the foods you have removed from your diet (that may seem very attractive and delicious) as barriers to losing weight. Look at the exercises as a way of keeping fit and healthy; as a means of losing some weight. This way, it will be much simpler for you to stick to your weight loss plan, including the diet and the workouts.

3 – Create a vision board

Sometimes you need to give your brain a little nudge in the right direction by feeding it with various images for motivation. Look for pictures of what you want to achieve by weight loss.

Do you want to fit into a certain dress?

Look for pictures of the dress, or of people in the dress, and stick on your vision board.

Do you want to get a bikini body to fit into that swimsuit you love then hit the beach?

Download pictures of the swimsuit, and have magazine cutouts of the dream body that you want and pin them on your vision board.

Want to go back to the body and weight you had some years ago?

Get a couple of photos from that period and pin them on the vision board. If you want abs, toned arms, and muscles, find pictures of that body that you want to achieve and put them up on the vision board.

Dai Manuel Sample Vision Board desktop wallpaper

This is my vision board which sits on my laptop home screen…

You can create the vision board on your phone, or for more efficiency, have it up a wall where you are going to see it every day. You could also post the pictures on the fridge using fridge magnets so that you can see them every day. Seeing images of your goals every day will inspire you to work harder to achieve them.

4 – Have a plan

Losing a chunk of weight may seem intimidating, and it helps if you have a plan of how you are going to do it. Break the goal into smaller portions, as it will seem easier this way. If you want to lose, say, 40 pounds, divide this up into about 5 portions, where you aim to lose 8 pounds first, then other 8 pounds later.

You should do your research beforehand, though, so that you do not have an unrealistic plan where you want to lose the entire 40 pounds in two weeks! Smaller goals are much easier to achieve, and with each milestone that you reach and achieve, you gain more confidence. This will enable you to take on another milestone, and another, until you achieve your target.

Once you have divided up your goal, come up with ways you are going to achieve the mini-goals. Find exercises that you will do at each stage to achieve the mini-goals. Research and come up with a diet plan that will help you lose 8 pounds. You can either do this at the beginning where you come up with a schedule for all stages of your plan, or you could tackle the stages one after the other, creating a plan for the next stage when you are almost done with the current one. The second option is not the best one though, as you might forget to come up with a schedule for the next weight-loss stage.

5 – Be easy and kind to yourself

Adopting a healthier lifestyle may be difficult, and at times you will find yourself backsliding. When this happens, cut yourself some slack; do not berate yourself or give up. You might go for a birthday party and overindulge in the cake or sweet treats available, or work for extended hours at work and end up doing fewer hours at the gym.

If this happens, do not give up. Try to get back on track; to get back to your workout routine. Forgive yourself for the slip-ups, and get back to your healthy lifestyle. You may feel demoralized, and it is okay, but don’t wallow in the demoralization for long. Pick yourself up and resume your workout plans.

6 – Eat foods that boost serotonin levels in the body

Serotonin is a chemical nerve produced in the cells that send signals between the nerve cells. It is considered a natural mood regulator that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting. High levels of serotonin in the body boost happiness levels in the body. When the body is relaxed and happy, serotonin levels are very high. This will amplify the stimulation that you get from eating, thereby resulting in the feeling of being full. This will, in turn, result in you eating less food.

Low serotonin levels may result in binge eating, as the body tries to compensate for it.

One of the factors that lead to low levels of serotonin is stress. You should, therefore, ensure that you de-stress your mind as often as possible.

To increase the serotonin levels in your body, you should eat foods that contain tryptophan. Some of the foods that you should eat include:

  • Eggs (including the yolk)
  • Cheese
  • Pineapples
  • Tofu
  • Salmon
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Turkey

7 – Define your trigger foods

There are some unhealthy foods and snacks that seem difficult to walk from and tempt you to eat them whenever you come across them, even if you are not hungry. Define these foods, and make a deal with yourself that you are not going to eat the said food or snack for, say, a week. If you are able to go without it for a week, then you can go without it for another week, and so on. With time, you will find that you have broken the cycle and no longer crave that food as much as you did previously. Start out with one foot, and add more to the list with time. If you achieve a major milestone, such as going for a month without eating your trigger food, you could treat yourself, not by eating an unhealthy snack, but by, say, buying a new pair of gym shorts.

You should also replace unhealthy foods with healthier options. Find something that you can eat in place of your favorite sweets, salty or high-fat snack. You could use fresh fruit, carrots, hummus, or even sushi. Whenever you crave unhealthy food, reach for fruit and eat it first to fill yourself and sate the craving. This way, you will psychologically train yourself to opt for healthier options when you are hungry. This will also help prepare you for when you start dieting.

8 – Do not be obsessed with the scale

When you start a weight loss program, results are almost always never immediate. It may take some time before you start seeing meaningful changes in your weight. If you, however, keep on checking the scale day after day and not see what you want to see (which is instant weight loss results), it may demoralize you, and you lose your zeal and motivation for trying to lose weight.

You will need the scale to measure your progress, but make your weigh-ins reasonable. You could do it every fortnight or monthly. This way, you will more meaningful changes than if you check daily. Most importantly, do not let the scale control you. At times the changes you want to see will not be there, but do not let that demotivate you. Keep on working hard, and soon enough you will reach your target.

Does this remind you of anything?

9 – Remember your accomplishments

As human beings, it is easy to concentrate on the negatives and forget about the positives. You may have eaten healthily, gone to the gym to do your workouts, and even hydrated throughout the day, but gave in to a fries craving on your way home. As a human being, you may find yourself concentrating on that one misstep instead of the fact that you otherwise ate well and exercised. This may demotivate you and hamper your weight loss efforts.

Have a journal where you write all your accomplishments and wins each day. This will help your mind focus on the achievements instead of the few and almost inevitable missteps. This will lead to more positive results as you will encourage you to work harder for more accomplishments.

10 – Focus on your feelings instead of your physical appearance

Your physical appearance, as you lose weight, may take time to change, but how you feel changes within a short period of time. Focus on how your body feels instead of how you look, in order to make better decisions and from a more intuitive place.

People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty

When you realize that you feel much better and energized when you eat healthy and fresh food as opposed to when you eat unhealthy food, regardless of any physical outcome, it will be easier for you to adhere to a healthy diet.

This is because the body will tend to gravitate towards the food that makes you happy, and if your brain has been conditioned to pick healthy foods as the better option for your body to make you feel good, choosing a healthy diet will not be as hard.

Losing weight may at times be difficult, but training your mind to lose weight goes a long way in helping you overcome any difficulties.


The Best Exercises to do When You Are Over 35

The Best Exercises to do When You Are Over 35

For those of reaching our mid-30s, it’s easy to start feeling a touch of anxiety about your weight loss. One problem that a lot of us have when it comes to losing weight is that we still keep lifestyle habits from our 20s alive in our 30s. Though 30 is by no means old, it is a period in life where our metabolism will start to suffer. As such, the things that you used to do that kept you fit might no longer be enough!

If that starts to become the case, then it might be time to start making a few adjustments based on your lifestyle. For example, did you ever consider the importance of doing some workouts that might change up your regime a bit?

Whether you have or not, it might be time to start doing so. Here, then, are five very useful exercises that we wholly recommend you start putting into practice as you move beyond your present position in life, you can also find a list of 55 more at the bottom of this post. Believe us, the results can be pretty impressive if you stick at it!

Deep Squat

The first place to start is the super-useful deep squat. This has become a go-to form of exercise for many people, as it offers such a useful way to kick off some of that excess weight in a natural, enjoyable manner. One of the main reasons why this usually works so well is the fact that it offers such a challenging physical workout.

With a deep squat, you get to enjoy a much richer burn when you go on down to the floor and back up. You will start to notice a big difference in your muscle mass, the strength of the joints in your legs and a whole host of other physical improvements that were previously missing.

This usually leads to a vast improvement in your physical fitness, meaning that you are much more likely to be able to enjoy the physical improvement that comes from doing the workout. You will also find that some deep squats are good for making sure you can enjoy a bit more ‘burn’ in the buttock area.

Deep squats do a good job of working ankles, knees and hips, which are key joint areas which are bound to become weaker with age: deep squats help to stop that problem.

Dumbbell Deadlift

One the exercise we do recommend that you start trying out, too, is the dumbbell deadlift. This has become a popular choice of a workout as the power needed to carry out a deadlift is quite considerable. It helps to maintain a higher level of bone mass and bone density, meaning that our bones are more resistant to physical damage. This has numerous pay-offs, not least the fact that you are going to feel much more durable as you age.

Start off by separating your feet around hip-width from one another and hold the dumbbell(s) in front of you. Face your palms inward, and then hinge yourself forward from the waist. Avoid arching the back. Lower your dumbbells to the shins, and then towards the feet, until you feel your hamstrings really stretching. Go back to the starting point and do it again.

Deadlifts at 435lbs (rep 2)

If you keep doing this, you will notice a significant change in your physical shape and overall conditioning. In fact, you will often start to feel the results in days. This is an intensive workout, so be sure to give it your all: the results are dependent on your effort.

Single-leg Exercises

Next up for us to make sure that you start incorporating some single-leg exercises into your workout regime. This is hard to do right, but the rewards for doing so are impressive. Start off by standing on a single leg and maintain your balance. Close your eyes and then start trying to stand on your leg with your chest taking less of the weight. Try and then hinge yourself forward, always trying to keep your back as flat as you can.

Image: Popsugar

Do this, and then use your buttock muscles to force yourself back up to a standing position. It’s a very hard thing to do but doing it on each leg is going to really build-up and improve your physical prowess in each leg. We also recommend that you try this out as single-leg exercise tend to help build up better physical endurance and power in each leg. With the fact that you need to take the force on one leg instead of both legs, you will find that there is a huge amount of physical gain to be had from doing this. The results are very impressive and worth persevering through the pain for.

Multi-directional Strength and Mobility Exercises

Another form of exercise that we believe you should be working on is multi-direction strength and mobility exercises. Such exercises are becoming more and more enjoyable as they tend to give you better physical durability. You need something that forces you to be changing directions all the time, meaning that your body has to be ready for rapid changes in direction and in speed. One of the best sports for this, for example, is soccer. The constant back and forth from one goal to the next will make sure that you get a lot of movement as you track the ball and move around from direction to direction.

Many other sports, of course, are also worth pursuing. Football, though, has become a popular choice for many reasons. It’s also good for you to try out things like various forms of dancing, or even taking on sports such as tennis. We also recommend trying to incorporate a few side lunges into your workout program. The variety in direction is a real boon, and this will go some way to making sure that you can feel the physical improvements that you want and need to ensure personal growth and physical improvement long-term.

Your Diet Matters More Than Ever

Remember, though, that exercise is only a fraction of what your body needs. You also need to get a diet – in fact, some suggest that your diet makes up around 80% of your weight loss/gain. If you are looking to get into good shape and to build a durable body beyond the age of 35, the dietary changes need to be as strict as the physical changes.

benefits of keto diet

By all means, combine the above exercise into a routine and start enjoying them. By the same token, though, you should never put yourself in a position whereby you are fueling your workouts with the same junk food your body could burn off in your early teens.

Start taking more care of your diet, and your exercises will result in far more impressive quality overall. Many of us make the mistake of not paying enough attention when it comes to our diet. With the help of this, you can quickly and easily correct this issue and leave yourself far more willing to put up with the physical stresses that you feel.

So, with that in mind, where will you look next?

Be sure to try out each exercise, but also start changing dietary decisions. Simple stuff like eating more greens and cutting down on takeout food and similar will result in far more impressive results than you might expect.

Author Bio: Jessica max is the community manager at hydration calculator. She is a fitness writer writing for Gym Equipment GB. She uses her training to help other women struggling to get fit in mid-life. When not working, Jessica enjoys cycling and swimming.

7 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning to Lose Weight

7 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning to Lose Weight

When it comes to living a happy and healthy life, it’s increasingly easy to spend a lot of time making the wrong choices.

For example, most of us prefer to do exercises in the evening, treating it as the last ‘job’ of the day. While that might sound like inspired advice, it’s actually anything but. If you want to make the most of every day to actually start seeing results, then you need to start working out on a more regular basis.

How you choose to do your morning workout will be down to personal choice, but the benefits of carrying it out are easy to see. Here are some awesome benefits of working out in the morning—including how it makes the rest of your day a touch more productive.

7 Key Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

1. Your metabolism will receive a natural boost

For one, a morning workout gets the body going. This means that by the time you have your breakfast and start heading into work, your body is already starting to burn off some of those calories. An active body is one that needs a powerful metabolism, and you will find that metabolism can be quickly enhanced by simply doing morning workouts.

At first, it might seem like a hard thing to do. But before long, you will get used to the benefits it brings. You’ll notice you are getting rid of more calories because your body is burning more calories earlier on in the day.

This means that breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all benefit from faster metabolism, reducing overall weight gain.

2. Your days will be more productive and active

You will find the challenges of the day becoming a lot less apparent. Because you are more physically active now, you will also feel the mental benefits as you become more alert. If an unexpected problem arises out of nowhere, you'll be in the right frame of mind to tackle and defeat it.

The benefits of doing that will be something you'll quickly start to feel and come to appreciate even more. If you are serious about starting your day on a more productive note, then you should find ways to get active as soon as you possibly can.

3. You should find it easier to burn off more fat

If your main concern is to get rid of fat, then you should find time to exercise before having something to eat in the morning. If you do this, then your body will use the fat from what you ate the night before as fuel.

This has many benefits, including the fact that it helps boost the fat burning capacity of your body. Exercising on an empty stomach can be tough at first, but if you keep at it then you should start seeing changes eventually. It will take some work and it will probably need a lot of power mid-way through the exercise regime when your stomach begins to rumble, but if you want to lose weight and burn more fat, then this is a good way to achieve those results.

4. You’ll develop a sense of self-discipline

Exercising in the morning disciplines you mentally. You will be much more likely to get through the other tasks that you would normally say no to. Before long, you will find that this added discipline into your system will have you persevering with tasks that might have had you throw your hands up in the past.

Working out in the morning may be tough at first, but then you'll realize it’s actually not so bad. You'll see that your trepidation about morning workouts is unfounded, and you'll simply begin enjoying it a little bit more.

For this reason, you should make sure that you develop a sense of self-discipline. This will help you start seeing more positive results and be more open-minded to doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

5. You will be much more likely to build muscle

You’ll also find that you are much more likely to get through the challenge of building muscles if you workout in the morning.

Why? Due to higher testosterone levels, you will start seeing an efficient development of the muscles of your body than when you have been busy during the day.

Working out at night when your body is already tired and stressed is not going to produce your desired results, trust me. Instead, you will find muscle building to be a more strenuous task, and you will lose motivation to keep going.

If you are serious about making a lasting improvement to muscle development, then you would do very well indeed to start carrying out your workouts in the morning when your body is in the right mood.

Gym Equipment has created a list of 55 exercises you can try the next time you hit the gym in the morning.

55 exercises gym workout infographic

6. You’ll be more likely to sleep better at night

Naturally, using up all of that energy early on in the day means that you can hit the pillow early.

If you are someone who finds it hard to try and get into the frame of mind to work out at night, this gives you an excuse to simply not go – why do something when you cannot give 100%?

It’s an easy lie to tell yourself, though, and you're probably going to put off working out. Again. Do your workout at night, and you’ll not only struggle to give it your all, but you’ll still be revved up when it's time for bed.

7. Working out early can help reduce stress

Once you start seeing and enjoying the benefits of working out in the morning, getting it out of the way first thing during the day is sure to set you up to be more productive.

If you are dealing with a big day ahead and worried that you might struggle to cope up with the demands and the pressure, there's a solution for that. Because your body's cortisol level has decreased, you can easily get through more stressful scenarios and handle any situation with ease.

So, if you're currently finding it hard to live life on your own terms, you’ll get a hell lot out of getting involved with a regular exercise regime in the morning.

Author Bio: James Adams

James Adams is a community manager at He is passionate about website operations and learning the latest web trends. When he is not working, James enjoys working out at the gym and cycling.


How to Make Fun and Fitness Go Together

How to Make Fun and Fitness Go Together

If you lack the motivation to work out or engage in sports and fitness activities, lifting heavy weights like Ronnie Coleman or running miles like Mo Farah won’t come naturally to you. On a daily basis, many people struggle or find the motivation to exercise, and that's the reason why some go to the gym, and others give up.

If you too are ready to make your fitness goals feel more than a routine, below you’ll find fun and entertaining tips, which will get you closer to your fitness goals.

Have you ever thought what the reason behind unaccomplished fitness goals is? So what makes us set huge fitness goals, and ultimately fail to achieve them?

When it comes to exercising, repetitiveness is the number one factor that makes people stop in their tracks.

Be it doing the same things at the gym or jogging around the same streets or merely having the same playlist, they can turn into a total buzzkill for someone who tries their best to get in shape. When confronted with such situations, listening to your body and mind are crucial to making your fitness routines successful.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to make healthier choices for you and your loved ones, we have some really valuable suggestions for you!

Compete With Yourself

Checking Heart Rate

Competing with yourself is a great way to stay motivated, and tracking your progress at the gym and pushing yourself harder makes it more fun. Keep your goals small and realistic, and then start putting them off your list as you gradually do them.

One great way to track your progress is by getting a fitness tracker. Also, important benchmarks of your body stats like heart rate, calories, and burned fat can be written down, so you can, for instance, further set an average calorie burn count for a week and try to achieve it. If you succeed to reach your goals, you can push yourself a little harder and set a higher number for the second week.

Setting training goals is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated and connected with your workout routine. When you eventually see your performance can and will improve over time, this will further motivate you to exercise.

Have a Workout Partner

Having a workout partner adds fun, variety and some healthy competition to your workouts. Imagine the results, if you can hit the treadmill together and see who runs more. You could compete over a smoothie or a protein bar or any another prize of your choice.

Besides, your partner can also hold you accountable for those extra reps you never managed to do. Mixing it up with light exercises like passing the medicine ball to each other can keep the motivation and bring more fun to your shared workouts.

Try Changing the Music

Listening to music

Great music can really spice up any workout session. Music will make you feel motivated, and it will also add fun to your training. Studies have shown that your mind and body work better together when you listen to some good pumping music. Depending on the music you play, your body will follow the beats, and this will improve your overall performance. The only real trick is not to forget changing your playlist from time to time. If you don't, instead of getting motivated and excited, you'll only get bored and frustrated.

To add more fun to your workouts, you can create your own, unique playlists. There are many mobile Apps which offer excellent workout music. Be it instrumental music from Steve Jablonsky or Ivan Torrent or old-school hip-hop songs, the music you decide to play will make a difference.

Join Some Fitness Classes

Because working out with different people and doing a variety of exercises doesn't let you get bored, joining a fitness class or session will make your workouts more enjoying. You can join fitness classes like weightlifting, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, HIIT, cardio, and boxing where people workout in groups.

Although many people don't go to the gym because of their busy schedule, joining boutique fitness classes or a modern gym can prove the best decision for improving their physical condition. If you, for example, work late at night then you can join morning classes or afternoon classes. If you instead are a regular 9-5 person, then working out in the evening can be the best decision for you.

No matter the time you pick as the one that suits your schedule best, the most important thing is to stick to it in the long run.

Try New Things

Try New Things

Studies have shown that your body gets accustomed to any workout routine if you keep doing the same exercises. It is advised to keep changing your fitness routine. To combat this effect, it is advised to keep changing your fitness routine not only to be more effective but also to add more fun when achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an intense workout then boxing is a great option. Boxing is a great workout for your upper body, abs and calorie burning, with a 45-minutes light session burning up to 350 calories.

In addition to boxing, a quick splash in the pool can also get your body into great shape. During summer time, swimming is also one of the best cardio exercises one can do because it engages the core, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Yoga, another great total-body workout, is an excellent practice to relax your body and mind. In addition to being a workout for everyone, yoga not only increases strength, and flexibility, but it also helps a person take charge of his life and become healthier.

If you, by any chance, are addicted to adventure, then cross-country cycling, rock climbing, hitchhiking, and kayaking could be excellent choices for you! These activities improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility of muscles. If you don't have a partner, you can join a group of cyclists, climbers or hikers and on weekends, and participate in activities that interest you.

Play Some Games

Playing  games from your childhood is always more fun than working out in a gym. Playing games puts fun into your life. If you want to feel really excited when working out, many fitness classes offer activities like hula hooping, rope skipping, trampoline, aerobics, and dance workouts.

If any of these workouts are too intense for you, you can play softball with your kids or Frisbee with your dog. Another great workout at home, which can also relax you, is Badminton. Although this game is fun to play,  Badminton also helps you burn those excess calories and shed all that excess weight you carry around your waist.

Get Some New Gear

If you choose to wear new clothes when working out, this will spice up your fitness routine. Besides, buying some tech stuff to track your progress will boost your motivation. Any time you achieve small goals, treat yourself to some new stuff each time. Just get yourself new shoes, sweatshirt, some wristbands and see the difference.

Get Rid of Aches & Pains


If your body is already in pain, don't subject your body to unnecessary stress. Avoid getting into any form of physical activity if you suffer from knee pain, joint pain, or any other kind of pain. With the wrong type of workout, you may further aggravate your condition and lose your motivation to exercise.

To avoid this from happening, consult a doctor before taking up any fitness routine. Also, nurture your body with the best foods you can get, because without proper nutrition, you will get tired quickly.

A healthy diet will help you achieve a more slender figure, and it will also spare you from feeling those nasty stomach aches and muscles cramps which can appear during your workouts.

So if you’re really struggling with your fitness regime, then it ’s time to try something new. The key to success is to stay motivated and keep trying new things every now and then. If you don't commit to a dynamic routine, your results will be minimal, and your body won't change its shape very quickly.

Set small goals and track your progress, and most important, remember always to enjoy small achievements and reward yourself.

Author Bio:  Krutika Bhoot

Krutika likes to describe herself as an avid reader who loves to write on a range of topics such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and fitness. She works as a research analyst at If you want to know more about her work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

In the Gym: The 7 Best Exercises for Unbelievable Six-Packs

In the Gym: The 7 Best Exercises for Unbelievable Six-Packs

Be it in the gym or at home, if you tried every trick in the book to build a six-pack, but still haven't achieved it yet, you are in the right place!

With everyone in the fitness industry talking about incredible ab transformations, it's only natural you want to be part of it too. Even though the hype created around home workout routines might have convinced you that's the way to go, working out only at home is not enough.

Also, another thing you have to keep in mind is that a proper diet is always essential for getting six-packs abs. So, if you are ready to know what are the best exercises, which will help you get the six pack abs you’ve always wanted, you can start by doing these seven key  ab exercises at the gym.

1. Hanging Leg Circles

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While most workouts focus on one particular muscle, this exercise works on all of your muscles at once.

Apart from letting you get six pack abs fast, Hanging Leg Circles will help you to strengthen your muscles including your arms, back, and legs. Also, while doing this exercise, you can burn a considerable amount of fat in your body, so integrating it into your daily routine will come with amazing advantages.

How to do it:

Start by holding on the pull-up bar with your palms parallel to each other. While keeping your legs straight in the air draw a big circle in one direction. Next, repeat the circle, in the reversed direction. Avoid rocking back and forth and brace your abs tight while performing the exercise. Avoid rocking back and forth and brace your abs tight while performing the exercise.

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2. Ab Wheel Rollout

The ab wheel workout is an excellent exercise which targets not only your abs, but also your hips, shoulders, triceps, and latissimus dorsi.

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How to do it:

After you kneel on the floor, hold the handles of the ab roller with your hands. Slowly push your hips forward and roll out the ab wheel as far as you can, all the while keeping your back flat and the arms extended in front of your body. Push your hips to the extent so that you can not roll in anymore and then slowly bring your hips back to the starting position.

3. Pull-up Bar workout

Even though some people think that pull-ups are actually legitimate exercise for arms, this workout routine targets many abdominal exercises. For anybody who wants to have a ripped six-pack ab, pull-ups are undoubtedly crucial.

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How to do it:

Grip tightly on the pull-up bar with a shoulder-width grip, palms towards you.  Cross and bend your legs behind you, and pull yourself up until your collarbone reaches the pull-up bar. To finish the movement, lower yourself without touching the floor while making sure at the same time that your elbows are straight.

4. Horizontal Seated Leg Press

Horizontal Seated Leg Press will not only help you to maintain a harmonious physique, but it will also help you to develop and target all the major muscles of your body.

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How to do it:

Start by resting your back and head comfortably on the padded support of the equipment. Next, place your legs wide apart forming a 90 degrees  angle at the knees on the platform. Hold on the assist handles, then brace your abdominal muscles and push the platform with the help of your heels.

Before returning to the starting position, stop for a moment and inhale. While inhaling, gradually bend the knees while keeping your head against the seat pad. Note that the knees and back should be held flat throughout the exercise.

5. Roman Chairs Crunch

If you want to get that slim waist and also burn extra fat, roman chair crunches are an excellent way to reach your goals. This type of exercise focuses on the lower back, an area of the body that many people tend to overlook while exercising. Besides, you'll get killer abs!

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How to do it:

Pull a roman chair in an upright position while putting your pads as low as possible. Afterward, get on the chair and hook your legs under the pads.

Lower yourself to a certain limit and then get back to the starting position. Keep in mind that you need to squeeze your abs on the way up.

6. Standing Biceps Cable Bar

For beginners, this exercise is one of the best and quickest ways to get a sick pack. Besides, biceps cable curl is the only exercise which includes upper arm biceps muscles that are  beneficial to both men and women.

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How to do it:

Stand up straight while holding a cable curl bar. Keep your elbows close to the torso while you grab the cable bar at shoulder width. Don't move your upper arm while your steadily lower the curls cable as you breathe out. Note that only the forearms should move. Continue the exercise until your biceps are nearer to the bar. Afterward, bring your arms to the starting position and repeat the movement.

7. Seated Chest-Press

Chest press muscle exercise is excellent for toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles, and it also helps to burn any extra calories.

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How to do it:

First, when starting this exercise, you need to grasp the handles and push the bars away from your chest area while you breathe out. Pay attention to your elbows,  and perform the movement without locking them out. Focus on inhaling as you come back to the starting position. Besides, by doing the seated chest-press, your upper ab muscles will get more definition while your body fat percentage will get lower.

If you can put into practice all these exercises above, you'll soon find yourself in excellent shape and finally get the six-packs abs you always wanted!

So, don't wait until tomorrow, and step into the gym today!

After all, it all comes down to building an inner discipline that will make you exercise on a regular basis, which will mold in return the body of your dreams.

Once you stop waiting for magical transformation and get ready to put in all the required work, the stunning six-packs you always wanted will soon start showing.

Author Bio: Lyuthar Jacobs

Lyuthar is a Health and Lifestyle addict who blogs at He is that kind of geek who loves to write about Lifestyle hacks, Money Saving, and Finance. In the above post, he is sharing tips on what are the best exercises for building an incredible sick pack.

Why Sex is the Best Full Body Workout

Why Sex is the Best Full Body Workout

Are you tired of cycling, weight lifting, aerobics, and running because they don’t work for you? Well, here is some excellent news for you: sex is the ultimate body workout!

Most workouts are tedious, tiresome, and expensive at times if you compare them with sex. Is pleasure guaranteed if you lift weights and run every day? Do you have the discipline to work out regularly? If that’s your case, you can turn sex into your favorite training routine. By far the most pleasurable workout, sex is really incomparable to other workouts.

Most people make love because they want to have fun, and little do they know that they’re actually exercising. More so often, you often hear people complain of tiredness after sex.

The reason why most people don’t consider making love as a full body workout is that they forget how much effort really goes into this enjoyable activity. If all the exercises would so fun like this one, imagine how physically fit everyone could be!

According to many studies, because sex engages all body muscles, some really consider it the ultimate training for both body and mind. As awkward that may sound, this alone should give you a reason to spend more time between the sheets!

Interesting Things You Should Know About Sex

Interest Things About Sex

According to a study conducted by the University of Montreal, women burn approximately 69 calories during an average sex session. Besides, if you thought sex is only a workout for women, you are wrong because most men consume about 100 calories during intercourse.

The body has 657 muscles, and you need to exercise all these muscles in order to stay healthy.

For instance, golf exercises 137 muscles, break-dance 133, texting 38, and crying uses 17 muscles. Also, most workout routines usually don’t involve too many muscles, but sex, if done correctly, can exercise all of them. Is it any wonder then that sex is so awesome?

Besides, even though some people refer to the penis as the man’s love muscle, to many people’s surprise, the penis doesn’t contain any muscles.

With each minute you spend engaged in sexual intercourse, you will burn approximately 3.6 calories, which is a higher number of calories you consume while walking. Finally, the best thing about sex is that you’ll rarely feel that you are exercising because of the pleasure involved in it.

Benefits of Sex

Most people look for a suitable workout routine to benefit from improved sleep, to stay physically fit, reduce stress, improve productivity, and reduce the chances of sickness. Sex, done regularly, allows you to enjoy all these benefits. Below, you'll find out what are the best advantages to having great sex.

Benefits of Sex

Improved heart health

Just like other physical activities, good sex is great for your heart. People who have sex more frequently have fewer chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. By increasing the flow of blood leading to improved heart activity, sex burns a lot of calories and helps to keep your weight in check.

Better sleep

If you experience sleep problems, having sex could be very beneficial to you. If you think an intense gym session can do the trick, wait until after you have sex. Sex will make you instantly feel like sleeping. As soon as you have a fantastic session with your partner, you’ll sleep like a baby.

How come good sex makes you sleep so rapidly?

Well, when having an orgasm, a prolactin hormone connected to sleep gets released into the bloodstream. For women the levels of estrogen in the body also goes up, which also leads to better sleep.

Stress reduction

You have probably heard people advocate for exercise as a way to reduce stress. In addition to being more pleasurable than working out, according to a recent study conducted on 46 people, sex can alleviate stress before public speaking.

If done correctly,  this specific “bedroom training” can do miracles because of the movement of hips during sex release tension and stress. Making love lowers not only the level of cortisol the body, but it also boosts the level of oxytocin. If just a hug can calm you down, imagine what effect sex can have! You can only try for yourself and share the results with us!

Boosts your immune system

People who frequently have sex have better protection against viruses and germs. Sex increases the number of antibodies in the body thus strengthening your immune system. To avoid falling sick often, have more sex, and you'll definitely become healthier.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Men who ejaculate over 21 times a month compared to those who do so about four times are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. Cancer is a dreadful disease, so it’s important to try and prevent it by any means possible. If you want to reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer, it's recommended to spend more time between the sheets.

Skin that glows and looks younger

If given an option, we would all want to stay young forever. Besides getting wiser as we age, most of us are not happy when our skin begins to show signs of old age. Some people exercise a lot to stay young-looking, but sex can also help a great deal.

If you are dying for that smooth skin, you can easily achieve it through making love. Last but not least, sex promotes not only glowing skin, which is a result of reduced stress and improved blood flow, but also comes with long-term health benefits.

Best Exercises to Be Bedroom Fit

Now that you have learned about the benefits of sex, it’s time to find out which exercises can help you improve your sexual experience. We all want to be great in bed, but how many of us actually know what it takes? If you want your sexual performance to improve, you don't really need to take Viagra!

Best Exercises to Be Bedroom Fit

By exercising regularly, you can turn into a real beast in bed. Below you’ll  find suggestions on how to speed up this process.

Weight lifting

Have you always wondered how you could become a bedroom athlete or Olympian? It’s easy, train like a professional! Because lifting weights leads to increased production of testosterone boosts male libido, most doctors will also advocate for strength training as a means to improve sex drive.

Recent studies have confirmed that there is a link between increased levels of testosterone in the body when people are engaged in strenuous exercises. For performing in the bedroom like an Olympian, you need a strong upper body.

To reach your goal, it is advisable that you do crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups. You mainly use the muscles in the upper part of the body during intercourse, so building muscles through these exercises will definitely make you a better lover!


Named after a physician known as Arnold Kegel, Kegel exercises are another excellent exercise for men who want to achieve the best performance in bed. As an exercise, Kegel increases endurance and leads to the toning of the pubococcygeus muscles which help you to control the flow of urine. Besides, doing Kegel exercises also strengthens your pelvic muscles which significantly improves your sex life.

Additionally, Kegels can also be used to delay ejaculation. To perform these exercises, begin by interrupting your urine flow. If you start doing this every time you go the restroom, you'll soon be able to squeeze your PC muscles any place and any time.

How To: Hold the muscles for about 10 seconds before you relax, and do as many repetitions as possible. As a result, you will  have better control of ejaculation if you know when and how to contract these specific muscles.


Nowadays, yoga has become quite a trendy workout almost anywhere you go, and most people do it for health purposes. Besides, you can also spice up your sex life by learning new sex positions.

How To: You can practice the peacock pose, shoulder stand, and the bow pose. Also, yoga will increase your flexibility, and your muscles and bones will grow stronger. With such mind-blowing effects on both your health and sex life, yoga promises never to disappoint you!

Fast walking

Brisk walking is a great exercise that helps you maintain healthy blood flow and favors the elimination of fatty tissues by activating the blood circulation. Besides, some studies found that aerobic activities burn more than 200 calories daily which in return lower the ED risks.  Among other vigorous activities, brisk walking and running make your body release endorphins, which in return will boost your sexual performance and relax you.

When you do fast walking, blood vessels such as arteries and veins will become a lot clearer,  and this will make your erections longer and stronger. As stated in this Harvard research, aerobic exercises also lead to lower rates of erectile dysfunction, so why integrate brisk walking into your daily life?


As having sex, swimming is an activity of strength and endurance and introducing it to your weekly workouts will improve your sex life.

If you really want to improve our ability to perform in bed at a quicker pace, swim at least three times a week for about 30 minutes a session. Besides, fat loss will also promote the development of six-pack abs,  which in return will make you look more attractive. As a direct result of swimming, an increasing number of people will become more attracted to you, and this will definitely boost your sexual performance.

Best Sex Positions as an Exercise

Best Sex Positions

Missionary position

Most people consider the missionary position to be boring or a position you get into when you feel lazy or tired. Despite all those beliefs, Missionary can be a great workout!

For obtaining the best results, you have to engage enthusiastically in performing this activity, as your core muscles will start burning excessively. Being a workout which requires core strength, the back and forth thrusts will get certainly improve your overall physical health.

When in this position, you’ll feel a lot of pressure on your abs like you would feel when doing sit-ups exercises. Also, if you focus on lifting the pelvis, this can quickly become a great butt workout. Unlike running and weightlifting, the Missionary won't make you feel like giving up, and it will also bring you a lot of satisfaction at the end of each session.

Doggy style

Doggy style is a favorite sexual position for many people.

Besides being an excellent workout for the upper body, both men and women benefit from adding this to their sexual intercourse.

Firstly, a woman's core gets engaged when the penetration happens from behind. Secondly, because she stays on her fours, the man uses his glutes and quadriceps to perform in this position properly.

Also, women can touch the wall rather than the bed to increase muscle tension. No matter what you decide to do, you can always get creative while reaching your sexual health goals.


Everything about this position sounds like it was built to awaken your wild side, but Cowgirl can also be an excellent workout for legs, core and back muscles. Depending on a woman's flexibility, this sex position engages her lower abs and butt, and also makes a woman's pelvic muscles flex. You can easily get creative if she lies on the floor or bed with her legs bent back.


Because most people encounter some difficulty in trying to engage in the Lotus, this position is not quite common.

First, to be able to perform satisfactorily and support the physical demands, which this sexual position involves, a higher level of fitness is required. Similar to the missionary position, the Lotus is a passive sex position which in fact exercises the same muscles as those during the cowgirl style.

In practice, it is advisable that you try this position as often as possible because it will not only engage your glutes during thrusting, but it will also be beneficial for your core. The lotus sex position is one that involves many unused muscles, so make sure you find a comfortable position, and just take advantage of that close physical contact.

So, that's how you turn sex into a full body workout! If you're not convinced that sex involves all muscles, just try it tonight!

Also, most often sexual intercourse goes unnoticed as a workout session and also boosts the level of intimacy between partners. Why not forget about weightlifting and running, when keeping yourself healthy through can be so much fun?

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