Crossfit: My love/hate relationship

Vancouver Real podcast interview dai manuel

My Interview on the Vancouver Real Podcast was a lesson in FUN

Recently I had the honor to connect with the Zaremba brothers, Mike and Andy, on their podcast Vancouver Real. Vancouver Real is a spin-off podcast encouraged and inspired by London Real, a podcast created and hosted by Brian Rose produced out of London, England. I have to give mad props to Mike and Andy. Over the years I've had a lot of opportunities …

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50 Ways to Get out of bed for a morning workout

50 Ways To Get Out of Bed for a Morning Workout

Working out in the morning may seem unappealing at first, but once you get yourself into the routine, you won’t want to break the habit! Morning exercise can help boost your metabolism for the rest of the day as well as increase serotonin levels for the mind, which will leave you feeling happier and more focused throughout the day. So …

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3 Reasons to Join the Grind for Kids

Time to get up off your keister and Start hiking for BC Kids

With winter behind us and summer almost here, we're days away from the Grouse Grind re-opening for another season of hiking and fundraising for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. The Grind for Kids, now in its 6th year, has raised a staggering $672,000 to date and this season, without a doubt, will surely surpass the $1,000,000 million dollar mark. (but that …

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6 Ways To Start Running

6 ways to start running without a program, coach or plan!

Running is tough, and if you are reading this – there's a good chance that you think running sucks. I'm not here to convince you that running is awesome, or that you should do it – but if you WANT to get a little better at running, and wouldn't mind lacing up and hitting the pavement from time to time, …

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After the CrossFit Open: The Downs and Ups of Competing

The CrossFit Open is designed to be a challenge. It’s something we train for, focus on, re-arrange our lives for and can come out the other side having overcome some of our previous limits. We can become better versions of ourselves. Post CrossFit Open Blues – can you relate? Just over a year ago, my marriage had bitten the dust …

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Fit Tech Friday Review: The DailyBurn is “Fitness Evolved”

The fitness industry is littered with ad after ad after ad for fitness clubs or online fitness classes – you're probably like me and the email “pitches” inundate your inbox. Most of them are deleted before they're opened as we've determined they aren't worth the money (or the read). But this begs the question, are any of these online programs any …

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Don’t be a Wimp, it’s Time to Lift Like Grandma

As Mark Twain once said, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.“ Good thing wrinkles don't decide what we can or cannot do when it comes to our health. As cliché as it sounds, age is JUST a number. Age doesn't predetermine our level of health, fitness or well-being it's just an indicator of life experiences… a lifestyle founded …

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Live Life Unfiltered: Seeing a world with #NoFilter

“I bought a new pair of dance capris!” “Awesome send me a pic!” Snap snap. I took a few pictures, and began sending them to my friend Carol. The first picture I sent as is. The next one – however – I decided to have a little fun. I added a filter – a bit of color and some tweaking …

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There's life after 40 and it starts with crossfit

There’s Life After 40 and it Starts with CrossFit

I wanted to look good naked and at 41 years old… things were not going in the right direction. At 41 years old, the clock felt like it was ticking and I knew that this wasn't going to get easier by 51. I’m not tall. I didn't move well. I have no particular physical gifts and have never attached the …

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Match com sex crossfit innuendoes

Whoa –, Dating, Sex and CrossFit Innuendoes

Whoa, I just read that you think crossfitters have more sex. I think you may have misread the profiles of CrossFit athletes. We are clearly into monogamous relationships. Let me clarify a few things you may have seen on our profiles. I didn't date these girls I know I said I can do Fran in 2:30 seconds, and that I hated her …

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