Crossfit: My love/hate relationship

WOD: Diane

Well today's workout of the day was a beauty! Diane is no princess. The workout sounds simple enough, but its a grinder through and through from start to finish.

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The “Crossfit Total”: Workout of the Day

Today was the big man friendly workout. The workout is scored by adding your total weight lifted for 1 rep maxes for dead lift, standing shoulder press and back squats. The only rules are that you must complete your 1 rep maxes for all the exercises within 40 minutes; and, you're only allowed 3 failures per exercise then you have to call it quits.

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Hill Runs (not a love of my life)

Needless to say but today's crossfit workout was less than fun. But the best thing about it was when I finished it. There is an odd sense of accomplishment gained when you persevere through a grueling workout.

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Concept 2 Blog Post - how to use it

Row, row, row a boat (or a Concept 2 rower)

Rowing is one of the (if not) best compound exercises you can do to improve and maintain your cardiovascular fitness. I've been incorporating rowing into my Crossfit workouts and it has been doing wonders for my endurance.

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WOD: Heavy Deadlifts and 1000m row

Its amazing, but dead lifts have helped with my SI joint injury tremendously. Up to 4 months ago, if I was to do any heavy lifting or squats my SI joint (lower lumbar) would flare up for up to 8 or 9 days. This injury is one I've lived with for nearly 16 years and I thought I was destined to never go heavy again. Wrong! Cross-fit has helped me work through and beyond this injury by way of strengthening the muscles around the joint.

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Sprints are great for training

On Thursday, the workout of the day consisted of 200 meter sprints. And because its a crossfit WOD, we couldn't just do 1, 2 or 3 sets, but rather 7 rounds! Sweet. And of course to make it interesting, after each 200m sprint we are only allowed 1 minute for recovery. The workout was scored based on time elapsed for the sprinting portion of the workout.

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J.T. is my nemesis

"J.T." is definitely one of the toughest Crossfit W.O.Ds (Workouts Of the Day) that I've been personally challenged to complete. On paper it looks okay, but when you get into the actual workout it becomes apparent that it is a total body blast! After all the 21, 15 and 9 rep progression scheme used in many Crossfit fundamental workouts is something that I'm used to now. But when you're doing hand-stand push ups, followed by ring dips, and then immediately into push ups... well, you get the drift.

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