7 Ways to Stay Fit Together as a Family

7 Ways to Stay Fit Together as a Family

When it comes to family activities, many things are done together, whether it is watching a favorite TV show, going out to eat, or some other family activity.

What is sometimes overlooked or not placed as a high priority is family fitness together? Each member of the family is usually left to do whatever they want when it comes to exercising, and so on.

In some cases, this works well, but coming up with a family fitness plan is also a great option. As you will see from this article, it isn't going to be all running, burpees, etc., either. Most of these ways to stay fit are not going to feel like working out because they will be so much fun.

So regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of fitness, use these seven ways to stay fit together as a family to provide inspiration and good fitness habits. Before you know it, you will be enjoying staying active, eating healthier, and living a more full life.

#1. Go to the Park

A local park is an excellent way to have fun while being active. Whether it is running around playing tag, throwing the frisbee, or really, whatever you can think of. The more you can have fun with it and get moving, the more you will be able to work on your fitness. If you do it right, you will be focused on having fun, and it won't feel like fitness at all.

To make it even more fun, invite some friends with kids to come out and join you. Before you know it, you will have a big group and will be able to play any games that you can come up with.

#2. Play Sports

This could be done at the park, backyard, gym, or anywhere you have space, but playing sports is an excellent way to stay fit. Whether it is shooting hoops in the driveway, throwing the football, or kicking the soccer ball around, there are so many options. And, you don't have to be a professional athlete to do it either. Regardless of skill level, get out there and have fun with it.

When you do play a sport, make sure that it has a fitness aspect to it. For example, you probably won't get very much out of standing around playing catch with a football. But, if you are running around, running routes, or playing a game, you will get a lot more out of it.

What works really well is playing sports in the park with a group of people. So maybe think about combining playing sports and going to the park. Before you know it, you will have something fun to do each week and a way to not only get in better shape but also to do life together.

#3. Train for a 5K

Running a 5K might not seem like the most appealing thing to do, but you have to remember that you can run it at your own pace. This is one of the reasons why this is such a great family fitness activity. Whether you want to walk, jog, or try to beat your personal best, you have the options.

The other reason it is such a good activity is that it gives you something to train for. In building up to running your 5K, you will be able to all run or walk as a family and know that you are preparing for something. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the motivation to run, but this will give you one.

The last reason why running a 5K is fun to do as a family is that most of them come with a lot of fanfare and other activities. Most are an event in themselves with shirts, sponsors, and food and drink in some cases afterward. All of this will make the difficulty of running the 5K worth it and keep it fun.

#4. Family Workout

You don't have to be an expert to come up with your own family workout. Get online and do a little research, and you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty of great fitness websites with the information you need, it is up to you, though, to take advantage of it.

health is the greatest wealth - family fitness quote

Just make sure that you are customizing the workout to your family's needs. Set it up so that it is challenging, but also fun. And, make sure that whether it is bodyweight exercises or something else, that way you can adjust the difficulty of each exercise. That way, everyone will be able to work out at their own pace.

Also, when doing your family workouts, make sure to keep things fun and fresh. The more you can mix up the exercises and keep things fun with different challenges, the more it will feel like a game rather than a workout.

#5. Make Up a Game to Play

If playing organized sports aren't your thing, or maybe you just want to mix it up, make up a game. Go out in the backyard or to the park and let your creative game juices flow. It could be some kind of hybrid game or one that was made up on the spot.

Either way, get out there, get active, and have a ton of fun. As with all of these keys, the more fun you are having with it, the less you will focus on the fitness aspect.

#6. Healthy Meals and Snacks

Being more active is a great start to being more fit as a family. What is equally important, though, is what goes on the dinner table and is eaten throughout the day. The more you can fuel your body with the right things to eat, the more energy you will have, and the more results you will see.

Don't panic, though. I am not talking about a complete overhaul of everything in your kitchen. But as you are reading this, I am sure you are already thinking of foods that you could be cutting out. A lot of the time, it is more about knowing healthier alternatives.

For example, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, make a healthy snack or fruit smoothie for yourself. With the right information, you will not only be able to eat healthier, but you will also be able to enjoy it.

#7. Have Fun With It

This has already been mentioned several times throughout the different points, but it really is the key to it all. If you feel like it is a chore to do something, you won't want to do it. On the flip side, if it is fun, it is going to be something that is looked forward to, even if it is challenging at points.

This goes for more than just the physical side of things as well. It is critical that you are also having fun with new food choices. The more you can have fun snacks and healthy meals, the easier it will be to forget about some of those other less healthy dishes. It all starts with your mindset, though. So have fun with it!

7 Ways to Stay Fit Together as a Family Conclusion

Living a healthier and more active lifestyle is not a form of punishment or some chore. Yes, it may take some getting used to, but it will open up a whole new world of activity, energy, and fun. Before you know it, you will be pressing forward on the path of living a healthier lifestyle.

Working on being fit together as a family will also open up more bonding opportunities for your family.

Every time you go to the park, play a sport or do a family workout, you build memories and are able to do life together.

This is what it is all about. And, maybe most importantly, you will teach your kids how to build healthy habits that they can use for the rest of their life.

 This article was written by Kyle Ohman, the co-founder of BasketballHQ.com and ListsForAll.com. Along with playing sports and being active, Kyle enjoys writing and being a part of the fitness community. 


How to Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

How to Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

You undoubtedly know all about why and how physical exercise benefits health. It helps in controlling and losing weight, reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and many types of cancer, as well as a lot of other things.

But despite all this awareness, even if you do your best to be as active as possible, at times, you need to be a couch potato rather than do 45 minutes run on a treadmill or lift weights. You also may find it challenging to pull your kids away from their favorite high-tech toys and make them go outside.

It makes perfect sense that sometimes you don't feel the energy to work out, especially when you are a working parent. The main reason for this lies in the simple fact that many of us perceive it as something that we need to do, the same like we need to go to wash dishes and all the other chores. But if you turn things around and begin to think of fitness as something enjoyable that you can do together as a family, the perspective might change.

As you already know, it is very important to take care of your wellbeing and overall health. We always strive to give you the best information related to things that are necessary for you to be in excellent shape.

That said, we prepared an article that will provide you with some suggestions to enjoy family fitness activities with your loved ones.

8 Leisurely Ways to Make Fitness Great Fun for the Whole Family

1) Have a Walk

It is one of the simplest activities you can think of and doesn’t require any equipment nor individual planning. You can agree to go for a walk through the local forest every evening after dinner. To make it more interesting, you can make up a game to play while walking. For example, you can all look for the biggest pinecone or the funniest lucking leaf.

2) Play Outdoor Games

Children nowadays grow up with various tech gizmos constantly in their hands, and if they do some of the activities outside, it's only in PE class. But exercise is vital for the proper physical and mental development of a child.

Kids being active for life

Kids, however, don't understand why they need to be active, so it is on you to find ways to engage them and make them spend more free time outside.

There are plenty of games that both you and your kids will enjoy if you incorporate them into the daily routine. If your kids are little — play hopscotch, jump-rope workout, or hide and sick. With older ones, you can play soccer, badminton, basketball, or games like obstacle course adjusted, of course, to a child's level. Of course, you need attractive equipment to engage your kid to the playing, such as best soccer balls, badminton rackets,

3) Family Cycling

If you, your partner, and kids know how to ride a bike, then this is another excellent activity that you can do all together.

We live in times when a lot of people barely see each other when they get home from school or work. Family biking trips give you a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones, explore your area, and stay in great shape. It is an excellent exercise that prevents obesity, improves heart health, and reduces stress.

What is interesting about cycling is that when you aren't alone, you don't even think about it as a workout.

4) Work in the Garden With Your Kids

If you have a small garden, go out with your kids to take care of the plants. It is another fun activity that certainly doesn't seem like an exercise. Kids usually love to water the plants. When they get older, they can also pull out the weed and work with some tools.

5) Make an Active Holiday Gathering

Everyone loves holidays and celebrations. It's the time when we are off from work; we share great moments with friends and family members. And of course, food is one of the essential things in these situations.

Well, it is equally important not to neglect our health in these times. There are usually a lot of people at a family gathering and as many team sports that you can enjoy together. Before you know it, you have a real sports match going on.

6) Plan an Active Vacation

It is perfectly reasonable that you need to rest when you are on vacation. But it doesn't have to mean that you will spend ten days just sitting on a beach or in the cabin in the woods. Plan to go on a skiing trip or a camping/hiking tour with your partner and kids. You will all enjoy spending time in nature and learning new skills.

7) Dance While Doing Chores

Who said that doing house chores needs to be boring?

Put on some music while you are vacuuming and cleaning and start singing in dancing. Get your kids involved as well. Not only it will get them moving, but also help them develop a more positive attitude towards all these dull tasks.

8) Get a Dog

Bringing a dog home gives a new dimension to family life. It is a great joy but also a great responsibility. But if you and your loved ones feel that you are ready to provide a happy home for a furry family member, you will see that this is the best decision you made. As for your fitness level – well, you have to take the dog out for a walk three times per day, so it is safe to say that it will be significantly improved.

And of course, feel free to join the free-28 day Whole Life Fitness Manifesto to get free workouts, health and wellness information, and guidance.


As you can see, there are plenty of family fitness activities. We hope that we inspired you to get more active and go out with your partner and kids.

Remember, nothing is complicated if you find the right way.

Do you have some suggestions for exciting activities? What do you like to do together with your kids?

Author's Bio:

Elizabeth Barlettah is a personal trainer with a nutrition degree. She shares her own gym and healthy tips even how to become flexible via her blog.


Golf for Beginners: Don’t Forget to Do This

Golf for Beginners: Don’t Forget to Do This

People choose to play sports for many reasons. For golf, you’ll most likely be into it if you’re not interested in contact sports. Unlike basketball, in which you have to rip the ball from another player, or soccer, in which you have to side-tackle someone at some point to get to the goal. You have to react and move very quickly to take control of the ball and increase your chances of winning.

But golf is none of those things. So much of the game depends on one person: you.

It’s about taking control of your mind and your muscle.

Patience tags along with that control. Truth be told, the elegance of golf is dictated by patience. With the ball being so tiny and the playing field a whole lot bigger than that in any other sport out there, you have to have a great amount of the virtue.

If you’re just starting out in golf, how you react and how you learn from difficult situations matter above everything else. Once you’re on the greens, a lot of external factors come into play: the weather conditions, grass surface, and natural obstacles in the field itself, (e.g., trees, bunkers, and puddles).

If you’re at that phase where you’re ready to commit to a lifetime of golf, there are a couple of things you should know.

Basic Golf Etiquette

There’s no denying the fact that golf can be intimidating at the beginning. If you’ve been invited to play at a private club or if it’s your first time to do so, you need to know about the basics.

Portrait Of Four Friends Enjoying A Game Golf

It’s always better to be early than to be late. In any kind of social setting, being early always leaves the right impression and shows respect. And make no mistake—golf clubs are social platforms in their own right.

If you arrive at the club before your host does, you can check in with the receptionist or available attendant and let them know that you’re a guest. Once you say the name of the club member you’re waiting for and playing with, the attendant will let you know where to go and make you feel right at home.

Usually, your host will tell you everything you need to know about the club.

But while waiting, you can get started by letting one of the club attendants guide you to the locker room. You need not worry because most private clubs always have a place where guests can change into their playing gear. That means you won’t have to change your shoes in the parking lot.

Spikeless golf shoes are your sure bet, but tennis shoes and other types of running footwear should be fine too. Long pants and collared shirts should definitely be your go-to clothing.

Female golf player

If you look at the mirror and see that you’re dressed the same way you did when you first met your in-laws, then you’re good to go. Also, it’s best to pack a casual blazer just in case your host invites you to dinner after playing.

When it comes to tips and fees, your host will graciously work that out for you and will most probably let you know a day before you’re playing schedule. Nevertheless, it’s always good practice to offer to pay for guest fees and caddies and maybe a reasonable tip for your attendants. Since it’s your first time, it’s always better to leave a good impression and get to know some of the people you’ll probably be seeing on your next visit.

Get a Grip and Swing

The fastest way to learn how to swing is to take lessons from a professional. If you’d rather get a feel of what the sport is like first, you’ll probably take the most common route of all: cash in a favor from a friend. It’s a bonus if your friend happens to be a professional.

You need to start with a solid grip. For right-handed players, the lead hand will be the left hand while the trailing hand will be the right hand. If you are left-handed, you will be using the right hand as your lead and your left for trailing.

Golfer performs a golf shot from the fairway. Sunny summer day.

To pull off one of the most common grips in golf, the Vardon grip, you need to hold the club with your left hand and grasp the club as if you were shaking someone else’s hand. Wrap your right hand around the club.

Place your right little finger tightly in the space between your left index finger and your middle finger. Move the club back and forth, and make sure it doesn’t slip down when you’re swinging.

When you’re swinging for the first time, it’s best to focus less on the technical aspect of the swing for now. Try to copy as accurately as you can what your friend or anyone else who’s with you at that particular time on the greens do. You need to be patient on your first few tries because it’s not exactly going to be a pleasant experience. You can expect it to be a challenging one all the way through.

Make sure you have a good stance and alignment. You can do this by doing a quick measurement. Place your club on the ground, pointing at the target. Get a second club, place it parallel to the first.

Align your feet along the line, and square your hips parallel to the target line. Bend forward from the hips, knees ready with your feet apart. Straighten your back, and reach for the ball.

Start with a short game, like a chip or putter shot, anything close to the green. Your hands should be on the grip with your thumbs pointing straight down the club. Get your feet positioned parallel to the target line. Always remember that parallel is your default stance in golf.

When holding on to the shaft, your arms and club should visually form the letter Y at rest. When you make the backswing, it should look like the letter L. Same goes for the forward swing.

Try swinging back and forth a couple of times, finding the Y and L positions that you’re comfortable with. Practice by doing a couple of swings without the ball until your hands, arms, and shoulders have adjusted to the weight of the club and your swing feels smooth or at least not too awkward.

With a straight arm and the shaft positioned in a 90-degree angle, if you are right-handed, you want to start your initial golf swing takeaway from the ball into your backswing by putting your weight on your right leg with your stomach facing front. When you get to the forward swing, transfer your weight to your left leg for the finish.

golf shot from sand bunker golfer hitting ball from hazard

Practice swinging back and forth and moving your weight left to right a few more times before doing it with the ball. Weight shifting is important to get you the power you need for your swing, especially when you start playing long courses.

Practice playing with each club that you have so you’ll start building muscle memory for them in terms of weight, how they feel on your arms, shoulders, and legs when you take a swing. Start with clubs that are easier to hit, like the 9-iron driver. Skip the 5-iron for later when you’ve got a good feel of the easier ones.

Make sure you finish with a balanced swing. It will get easier and feel more natural the more you practice swings. For good measure, you can put on an elastic sports tape before getting on the course to reduce feeling any kind of soreness when you get home.

Playing the Game

When you’ve locked down your grip, stance, and swing, then you’re just about ready to take your first hit. If you’ve already done that, then you’re ready to learn about scoring and playing the game.

Start on a short par, a three-course hole for your first few games. It’s not as restricting as the other pars are, and you get to enjoy the view of the course and the company you’re playing with since the longest hole is roughly 150 yards away. Sort out with your fellow players who gets to hit the ball first. But if it’s your first time, best to offer that chance to the other players.

Male golfer putting a golf ball in to hole

When scoring, keep in mind that you have to count one stroke for every time you hit the ball. Each player will have his or her own tee box to play from (red, blue, or white). If your ball lands on a bunker or in a hazard spot, you can drop another ball near it and receive a one-stroke penalty.

Remember that there may be a couple of players behind you. Try to play at a good pace. Choose the right club, walk toward the ball, and maintain a proper stance.

With your eyes on the target, take the time to focus only on the ball and visualize your shot. Take one or two practice swings first without making contact with the back. When you’re confident enough, steady your position, breathe in, take a swing, and let it rip.

A Few More Things to Remember

The lessons you learn from the moment you started playing the sport are the same lessons you’ll be facing as you become a better player. The great thing about golf is that it doesn’t change. It remains constant from the first day until the last day you play it.

At some point, you’ll have to say goodbye to the other sports you used to play once you’ve reached your thirties. The physical aspect and training required in other sports are simply not as sustainable as you grow older. You just can’t play basketball or soccer forever.

But not golf.

Golf is timeless in that sense.

There’s some comfort in knowing that it never has to end.

out on the golf course


7 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning to Lose Weight

7 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning to Lose Weight

When it comes to living a happy and healthy life, it’s increasingly easy to spend a lot of time making the wrong choices.

For example, most of us prefer to do exercises in the evening, treating it as the last ‘job’ of the day. While that might sound like inspired advice, it’s actually anything but. If you want to make the most of every day to actually start seeing results, then you need to start working out on a more regular basis.

How you choose to do your morning workout will be down to personal choice, but the benefits of carrying it out are easy to see. Here are some awesome benefits of working out in the morning—including how it makes the rest of your day a touch more productive.

7 Key Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

1. Your metabolism will receive a natural boost

For one, a morning workout gets the body going. This means that by the time you have your breakfast and start heading into work, your body is already starting to burn off some of those calories. An active body is one that needs a powerful metabolism, and you will find that metabolism can be quickly enhanced by simply doing morning workouts.

At first, it might seem like a hard thing to do. But before long, you will get used to the benefits it brings. You’ll notice you are getting rid of more calories because your body is burning more calories earlier on in the day.

This means that breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all benefit from faster metabolism, reducing overall weight gain.

2. Your days will be more productive and active

You will find the challenges of the day becoming a lot less apparent. Because you are more physically active now, you will also feel the mental benefits as you become more alert. If an unexpected problem arises out of nowhere, you'll be in the right frame of mind to tackle and defeat it.

The benefits of doing that will be something you'll quickly start to feel and come to appreciate even more. If you are serious about starting your day on a more productive note, then you should find ways to get active as soon as you possibly can.

3. You should find it easier to burn off more fat

If your main concern is to get rid of fat, then you should find time to exercise before having something to eat in the morning. If you do this, then your body will use the fat from what you ate the night before as fuel.

This has many benefits, including the fact that it helps boost the fat burning capacity of your body. Exercising on an empty stomach can be tough at first, but if you keep at it then you should start seeing changes eventually. It will take some work and it will probably need a lot of power mid-way through the exercise regime when your stomach begins to rumble, but if you want to lose weight and burn more fat, then this is a good way to achieve those results.

4. You’ll develop a sense of self-discipline

Exercising in the morning disciplines you mentally. You will be much more likely to get through the other tasks that you would normally say no to. Before long, you will find that this added discipline into your system will have you persevering with tasks that might have had you throw your hands up in the past.

Working out in the morning may be tough at first, but then you'll realize it’s actually not so bad. You'll see that your trepidation about morning workouts is unfounded, and you'll simply begin enjoying it a little bit more.

For this reason, you should make sure that you develop a sense of self-discipline. This will help you start seeing more positive results and be more open-minded to doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

5. You will be much more likely to build muscle

You’ll also find that you are much more likely to get through the challenge of building muscles if you workout in the morning.

Why? Due to higher testosterone levels, you will start seeing an efficient development of the muscles of your body than when you have been busy during the day.

Working out at night when your body is already tired and stressed is not going to produce your desired results, trust me. Instead, you will find muscle building to be a more strenuous task, and you will lose motivation to keep going.

If you are serious about making a lasting improvement to muscle development, then you would do very well indeed to start carrying out your workouts in the morning when your body is in the right mood.

Gym Equipment has created a list of 55 exercises you can try the next time you hit the gym in the morning.

55 exercises gym workout infographic

6. You’ll be more likely to sleep better at night

Naturally, using up all of that energy early on in the day means that you can hit the pillow early.

If you are someone who finds it hard to try and get into the frame of mind to work out at night, this gives you an excuse to simply not go – why do something when you cannot give 100%?

It’s an easy lie to tell yourself, though, and you're probably going to put off working out. Again. Do your workout at night, and you’ll not only struggle to give it your all, but you’ll still be revved up when it's time for bed.

7. Working out early can help reduce stress

Once you start seeing and enjoying the benefits of working out in the morning, getting it out of the way first thing during the day is sure to set you up to be more productive.

If you are dealing with a big day ahead and worried that you might struggle to cope up with the demands and the pressure, there's a solution for that. Because your body's cortisol level has decreased, you can easily get through more stressful scenarios and handle any situation with ease.

So, if you're currently finding it hard to live life on your own terms, you’ll get a hell lot out of getting involved with a regular exercise regime in the morning.

Author Bio: James Adams

James Adams is a community manager at Proteinbee.co.uk. He is passionate about website operations and learning the latest web trends. When he is not working, James enjoys working out at the gym and cycling.


Eat Your Way to Wellness: How to Change to a Healthy Diet

Eat Your Way to Wellness: How to Change to a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay thin by depriving yourself of your favorite dishes. Instead, it’s about improving your health by avoiding meals that could adversely affect your energy and mood.

Sometimes when a doctor gives you diet advice, you are left overwhelmed by the type of foods you have to avoid to keep yourself healthy. However, these experts want you to keep away from certain nutrients because they damage your body and make you unfit.

Unfortunately, due to the fast-paced life in many developed countries, nowadays most people rely on cheap-fast food chains to get the nourishment they need. Apart from this, the ‘tasty’ products are also aggressively advertised as good to eat, without stressing the fact that eating a fast food diet comes with numerous health risks.

With powerful fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC, most political plans for a crackdown on the junk food business have failed. Also, even though several research studies show that junk food increases childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart-related diseases, these fast-food conglomerates are quickly spreading their roots to other developing nations in the world.

By selling well-marketed products to naive customers, these companies create real health issues among local or global communities and promote their brand even to small children. Sadly, junk food can become very addictive for kids, and regular consumption will lead the children to have complications like obesity, chronic illness, and low self-esteem.

According to scientists, children who eat a lot of junk food don’t perform well in their studies and other co-curricular activities. Causing irreversible damage to the lives of our younger generations the fast food epidemic needs urgent attention.

Since 1970, the number of fast food restaurants in business doubled, which equates to about 300,000 establishments in the United States. Coincidentally, 33.8 percent of the U.S. population is affected by obesity and 19 percent of children and adolescents are also affected. — ObesityAction.org

Children set the foundation for lifelong habits in their youth and making junk food accessible within their schools is indeed a hazardous business. Besides, people should consider the costs of eating processed foods as the lack of consumption of fruits and veggies is very damaging for physical and mental health in the long run.

Don't set yourself up for defeat and refuse to build for yourself a low quality of life that will affect not only you but your family too.

What are the Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet?

Physicians worldwide relate healthy eating habits with the necessity of a balanced diet. What we eat should contain the right of fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, and vitamins to sustain our body's energy and nutrient needs.

Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet

  • Fiber: You should eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and beans which are rich in dietary fiber. Research studies have shown that these foods actually lower the risk of getting a stroke, heart diseases, and diabetes. Furthermore, it makes your skin naturally look flawless, and helps with weight loss.
  • Proteins: Foods rich in proteins support the process of reconstructing the damage done to the body and its cells. Proteins also help support cognitive functions while also improving and stabilizing mood swings. However, researchers have proved that too much protein is dangerous for your health. Multiple studies have already shown that continuous consumption of red meat can cause cancer and kidney related diseases in the long run. Luckily for us,  we can acquire other high-quality proteins from plant products such as beans, groundnuts, and cashew nuts. And yes, this means that you don’t have to necessarily source your proteins from animal products which may be harmful.
  • Fat: While not all fats are good for you, it's essential that you supplement your diet with good fats that protect your brain, heart, and other body parts. Certain fats such as omega-3s are crucial for physical and emotional health.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbs are the primary energy source for your body, and your diet should ideally be composed of unrefined carbs such as whole grains. Cut back the consumption of refined carbs like bread, sugars, starches, and pastries. Refined carbs can result in rapid spikes in blood sugar level leading to fluctuations in mood and energy. Besides, excess carbohydrates get converted into fats making it, therefore, essential that you only take the right amounts.
  • Calcium: Not getting enough calcium can cause osteoporosis, depression, and lack of sleep, and therefore calcium consumption is vital in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Switching to a healthy diet can be challenging for some who wants to get it right from the beginning. To make it easier for you, you can think of specific food-related diseases every time you want to eat something unhealthy.

If you set your goals right, you can definitely achieve a healthy lifestyle within a short period of time.

The Cost of Eating Healthy

Healthy eating requires that you keep your diet simple,  so you don’t have to ruin it by adding unnecessary additives to your food. Instead of counting the calories of each item when shopping, look for fresh produce. If you follow the steps below, preparing healthier food and adopting a new lifestyle should be as easy as possible:

The Cost of Eating Healthy

Always prepare your own meals

Cooking at home can help you be in charge of what you need to eat, and it can also help you monitor the progress that you’ve made by eating healthier. As a result, you will avoid the consumption of chemical additives, unhealthy fats, and added sugars that are present in a lot of junk foods.

Replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives

For example, you can replace solid fats by using fats derived from corn. Research studies have shown that due to the phenols found in pure olive oil, it is safer to use this oil than corn oil because it doesn't clot your blood.

Each time you finish eating, focus on how you feel

By doing this, you will foster new healthy eating habits. Also, even when you are not eating, remind yourself now and then how good it feels to make the right food choices.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Because water helps our bodies to drive out toxins and waste products that have accumulated into the system, staying hydrated are very crucial to our bodies. Experts suggest that one should drink at least 2 liters of water per day to avoid dizziness, headaches, and nausea caused by dehydration.

Most important, we should avoid eating cheap fast foods which have detrimental effects on our health and lead us to getting ‘fat’ and out of shape.

Developing a healthy eating habit is not an easy task, but if you put in the effort, you will have a lot to smile about at the end of the journey.

Besides, your body will be forever grateful for changing your lifestyle.


How to Make Fun and Fitness Go Together

How to Make Fun and Fitness Go Together

If you lack the motivation to work out or engage in sports and fitness activities, lifting heavy weights like Ronnie Coleman or running miles like Mo Farah won’t come naturally to you. On a daily basis, many people struggle or find the motivation to exercise, and that's the reason why some go to the gym, and others give up.

If you too are ready to make your fitness goals feel more than a routine, below you’ll find fun and entertaining tips, which will get you closer to your fitness goals.

Have you ever thought what the reason behind unaccomplished fitness goals is? So what makes us set huge fitness goals, and ultimately fail to achieve them?

When it comes to exercising, repetitiveness is the number one factor that makes people stop in their tracks.

Be it doing the same things at the gym or jogging around the same streets or merely having the same playlist, they can turn into a total buzzkill for someone who tries their best to get in shape. When confronted with such situations, listening to your body and mind are crucial to making your fitness routines successful.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to make healthier choices for you and your loved ones, we have some really valuable suggestions for you!

Compete With Yourself

Checking Heart Rate

Competing with yourself is a great way to stay motivated, and tracking your progress at the gym and pushing yourself harder makes it more fun. Keep your goals small and realistic, and then start putting them off your list as you gradually do them.

One great way to track your progress is by getting a fitness tracker. Also, important benchmarks of your body stats like heart rate, calories, and burned fat can be written down, so you can, for instance, further set an average calorie burn count for a week and try to achieve it. If you succeed to reach your goals, you can push yourself a little harder and set a higher number for the second week.

Setting training goals is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated and connected with your workout routine. When you eventually see your performance can and will improve over time, this will further motivate you to exercise.

Have a Workout Partner

Having a workout partner adds fun, variety and some healthy competition to your workouts. Imagine the results, if you can hit the treadmill together and see who runs more. You could compete over a smoothie or a protein bar or any another prize of your choice.

Besides, your partner can also hold you accountable for those extra reps you never managed to do. Mixing it up with light exercises like passing the medicine ball to each other can keep the motivation and bring more fun to your shared workouts.

Try Changing the Music

Listening to music

Great music can really spice up any workout session. Music will make you feel motivated, and it will also add fun to your training. Studies have shown that your mind and body work better together when you listen to some good pumping music. Depending on the music you play, your body will follow the beats, and this will improve your overall performance. The only real trick is not to forget changing your playlist from time to time. If you don't, instead of getting motivated and excited, you'll only get bored and frustrated.

To add more fun to your workouts, you can create your own, unique playlists. There are many mobile Apps which offer excellent workout music. Be it instrumental music from Steve Jablonsky or Ivan Torrent or old-school hip-hop songs, the music you decide to play will make a difference.

Join Some Fitness Classes

Because working out with different people and doing a variety of exercises doesn't let you get bored, joining a fitness class or session will make your workouts more enjoying. You can join fitness classes like weightlifting, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, HIIT, cardio, and boxing where people workout in groups.

Although many people don't go to the gym because of their busy schedule, joining boutique fitness classes or a modern gym can prove the best decision for improving their physical condition. If you, for example, work late at night then you can join morning classes or afternoon classes. If you instead are a regular 9-5 person, then working out in the evening can be the best decision for you.

No matter the time you pick as the one that suits your schedule best, the most important thing is to stick to it in the long run.

Try New Things

Try New Things

Studies have shown that your body gets accustomed to any workout routine if you keep doing the same exercises. It is advised to keep changing your fitness routine. To combat this effect, it is advised to keep changing your fitness routine not only to be more effective but also to add more fun when achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an intense workout then boxing is a great option. Boxing is a great workout for your upper body, abs and calorie burning, with a 45-minutes light session burning up to 350 calories.

In addition to boxing, a quick splash in the pool can also get your body into great shape. During summer time, swimming is also one of the best cardio exercises one can do because it engages the core, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Yoga, another great total-body workout, is an excellent practice to relax your body and mind. In addition to being a workout for everyone, yoga not only increases strength, and flexibility, but it also helps a person take charge of his life and become healthier.

If you, by any chance, are addicted to adventure, then cross-country cycling, rock climbing, hitchhiking, and kayaking could be excellent choices for you! These activities improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility of muscles. If you don't have a partner, you can join a group of cyclists, climbers or hikers and on weekends, and participate in activities that interest you.

Play Some Games

Playing  games from your childhood is always more fun than working out in a gym. Playing games puts fun into your life. If you want to feel really excited when working out, many fitness classes offer activities like hula hooping, rope skipping, trampoline, aerobics, and dance workouts.

If any of these workouts are too intense for you, you can play softball with your kids or Frisbee with your dog. Another great workout at home, which can also relax you, is Badminton. Although this game is fun to play,  Badminton also helps you burn those excess calories and shed all that excess weight you carry around your waist.

Get Some New Gear

If you choose to wear new clothes when working out, this will spice up your fitness routine. Besides, buying some tech stuff to track your progress will boost your motivation. Any time you achieve small goals, treat yourself to some new stuff each time. Just get yourself new shoes, sweatshirt, some wristbands and see the difference.

Get Rid of Aches & Pains


If your body is already in pain, don't subject your body to unnecessary stress. Avoid getting into any form of physical activity if you suffer from knee pain, joint pain, or any other kind of pain. With the wrong type of workout, you may further aggravate your condition and lose your motivation to exercise.

To avoid this from happening, consult a doctor before taking up any fitness routine. Also, nurture your body with the best foods you can get, because without proper nutrition, you will get tired quickly.

A healthy diet will help you achieve a more slender figure, and it will also spare you from feeling those nasty stomach aches and muscles cramps which can appear during your workouts.

So if you’re really struggling with your fitness regime, then it ’s time to try something new. The key to success is to stay motivated and keep trying new things every now and then. If you don't commit to a dynamic routine, your results will be minimal, and your body won't change its shape very quickly.

Set small goals and track your progress, and most important, remember always to enjoy small achievements and reward yourself.

Author Bio:  Krutika Bhoot

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