Fitness for older adults

What is MarcPro

What is Marc Pro and How Can It Help to Obtain Your Fitness Goals

So you're training for a marathon, or the Iron Man, or the Crossfit Games. Well, whatever you're training for, one of the best ways to get your optimal performance lies in how fast you can recover. We all know that a good rest and quality sleep (or maybe an ice bath) can get us back to square one. But now …

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Do you have adrenal fatigue And what can you do about it

Do you have adrenal fatigue? And what can you do about it?

Do I have adrenal fatigue? And what can I do about it? There are times when people get tired and usually cannot explain the cause. Sometimes it is overwhelming stress situation that leaves your strength and stamina you have always wanted. Some of the signs are usually a struggle that comes with the effort of trying to wake up from …

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How to live healthy through life's transitions as you AgeLikeABoss

How to live healthy through life’s transitions as you #AgeLikeABoss

Every one of us desire to live, long, healthy lives. To be happy knowing that we lived life on our terms, chased our passions, and made the most of every opportunity. At least that's what I want but as I've learned not everything goes to plan, but there's hope that with a little foresight and planning, we can prepare ourselves …

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6 ways to support a healthy brain as you age

6 Ways to Support a Healthy Brain As You Age

As people age, the brain tends to become weaker. Someone is likely to be unaware that the brain needs to be kept healthy, especially as s/he reaches an age of above 50. Is it possible to counteract the possibilities of having a weak brain? It’s up to you to find out. A healthy brain will promote longevity of one’s life. …

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11 exercise to reduce and relieve back pain

11 Exercises You Can Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Are you experiencing lower back pain? Does the pain seem to get worse over time? This article will introduce you to some simple exercises to improve hip mobility as well as strengthen your core. These activities will also go a long way to help relieve your back pain. 11 Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain 1. Dead Bug Place your …

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