How to Promote Natural and Healthy Weight Loss

The first thing that shatters even the highest levels of motivation is monotony and clearly, you must fight your way through it. In comparison to what most crash diets and high-intensity workout promoters tell you about weight loss, the truth remains that it is a rough terrain to take. According to 2014 research, most people who search for tips on …

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The Best Foods to Keep Your Hormones in Balance

Hormones affect your appetite, mood, and overall health. Under the stress of modern lifestyles, our hormones are the first to suffer. But there's no cause for despair just yet. Small lifestyle changes, such as getting enough sleep and regular exercise, can work wonders. A change in your diet can also help. Read on to know about some healthy foods that …

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Negative Effects of Processed Foods Go Beyond Weight Gain

Not Sure What Is So Bad About Processed Foods? You Are Not Alone

Now there is official scientific proof that eating ultra-processed foods causes weight gain, and what’s more, this can happen in a very short time period. Heavily processed foods have been linked not only to obesity but to intestinal inflammation and increased anxiety and depression as well. They’re associated with reduced cognitive function, sleeplessness, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer and premature …

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What is the Carnivore Diet and What Do I Need to Know to Do It

If you're like most health-conscious individuals these days, you've undoubtedly heard of the latest diet trend especially aimed at those who love meat. It's also the perfect diet for you if you hate structured diets where you have to eat a certain thing in a specific amount at the appropriate time of day and in the proper combinations. Who needs …

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Kratom Health Benefits: Understanding What Kratom Can Do for You

Kratom is a substance that has had some controversy surrounding it, as many “official” sources or organizations have stated that the medical benefits are questionable while legions of those who have used it successfully for multiple ailments have praised it as literally the only thing that works. Then again the official stance of the U.S. federal government is that marijuana/cannabis …

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The Best Anti Aging Supplements You Can Take

Time doesn’t stand still for any of us. Though some people do age more gracefully than others, eventually the passing of time shows itself on everyone. It shows up on our faces and skin and we definitely feel the passing of time inside our bodies. Growing old is one thing. Looking and feeling it is another. We can opt-out of …

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Health Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea and Why You Should Drink It Daily

How Lemon Ginger Tea will Make Your Life Better

Drinking a hot cup of tea has many health benefits, aside from just making you feel great! A cup of tea (or two or three, LOL) a day not only makes you feel soothed and relaxed, but it can also energize you and kick-start your day. Are you ready to start your tea-adventure? Then start with ginger and lemon tea …

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Healthy Weight Loss: How Much Weight Is Safe to Lose in a Month?

When our mindset is right and we are determined to lose weight, be it for health reasons or to look good, it is often then that we can get impatient. We want to see results immediately and get frustrated with the wait and the process. You’ve probably heard people say rather go slow and steady to keep the weight off …

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Protein Supplements For Improving Your Athletic Endurance

Exercising purely for health and exercising to improve your athletic endurance and reach your fitness goals seem to be two different things. If you want to stay healthy, you can’t push yourself too much. If you push yourself too much, you won’t be healthy. Though this is a common opinion among many who are just getting into the world of …

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Five Surefire Ways to Start Eating and Living Healthily

Healthy food is known to be bland, boring, and ridiculously expensive! You look around the supermarket and see that organically grown veggies are almost off the scale. Even lean meat can cost a fortune. It’s especially hard if you’re starting out and barely have enough to go through the day. Plus you have to think of your rent and other …

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