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Leveraging Technology to get you healthy, fit and fabulous

It’s 5 months into 2014, do you know where YOUR resolutions are? If it’s like the majority of North American’s, it’s been filed away like this year’s tax return already… Let me ask you a question – do you have any favorite apps or devices you use to help you track and manage your health and well-being? I'll let you know a …

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My 5 Most Asked Questions as a Personal Trainer

I don't have time. I don't know what to do or how to do it and I don't have any motivation to exercise. Let's face it. These are the 3 most quoted excuses (bad habits in disguise) we tell ourselves when we ponder our state of inactivity. We in essence grant ourselves permission to stay unfit, unhealthy and demotivated. My 5 Most Asked …

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Sunday Funday WOD: The #PropelFit “Dirty 30” Chipper

In January, I announced my excitement to be included as 1 of 5 Propel Brand Ambassadors. Propel, for those of you who don’t know, is the Workout Water for people who are passionate about fitness to ensure they can hydrate pre/post and during every workout (it comes in 3 forms: Propel Water, Propel Powder and Propel Liquid Water Enhancer). Propel …

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You like Chicken? Get in on the Great Canadian #ChickenChallenge

Okay Chicken fans, who said this memorable quote, “A chicken, a chicken! My kingdom for a chicken!” Yes, you got me, it wasn't King Richard III, but if he knew how to use the Chicken Recipe Finder, he'd definitely have forgotten all about his horse and got down to some good eating. Shakespeare references aside, over the last few months …

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Save the date: The Chicken Squad is coming and it’s going to be epic!

Save the date: The #ChickenSquad is coming and it’s going to be epic!

“Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when the #ChickenSquad comes for you?” If you grew up watching reality TV over the past 20 years, you've probably got the “COPS” theme song running through your head now. That was my reaction when I first learned about the BC Chicken Squad. And to be honest, I also found …

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Top 10 Training Tips to make you one Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course challenges designed to test your all-around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With the most innovative obstacles and over one million participants globally to date, Tough Mudder is the premier obstacle course series in the world. As per the Tough Mudder website: “Tough Mudder is more than an event; …

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The best 59 minute investment you can make in your life, NOW!

Over the years I've posted several times on inspiring books I've read, motivational videos I've watched, and great people I've met. One thing remains constant in my toolbox of awesomeness is TED. I'm addicted. I love watching TED talks every day. No If's, And's or But's, it's happening while I sit at my computer, drive in my car, walk along …

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The ‘Hurry up and wait’ lifestyle: A Propel Ambassador Update

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Propel. I was compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.​ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a celebrity? How about a model? A few weeks ago I had just that opportunity. Albeit it lasted only for a weekend, but it …

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Creating #RealDadMoments at the Dad 2.0 Summit

“A Dad Summit?” asked my friend, Paul, “what the heck is that about?” My response, “Paul, it's a whole lot of awesomeness rolled up in a weekend of dads connecting with dads!” 3 Things I learned at the Dad 2.0 Summit Two years ago, working with Dove® Men+Care®, I attended the inaugural Dad 2.0 Summit in Austin, Texas (read the …

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