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How to speed up your metabolism and burn fat with HIIT training

The minutes drag on as you put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill. The show you are watching on the gym television loses all appeal, and you find yourself staring at the treadmill’s screen and counting the minutes till the end of the workout, all to burn off that stubborn fat. But what if there was …

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There's life after 40 and it starts with crossfit

There’s Life After 40 and it Starts with CrossFit

I wanted to look good naked and at 41 years old… things were not going in the right direction. At 41 years old, the clock felt like it was ticking and I knew that this wasn't going to get easier by 51. I’m not tall. I didn't move well. I have no particular physical gifts and have never attached the …

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5 Best Dumbbell Workouts - Full Body Workout Routine

The 5 Best Dumbbell Workouts (that take 10 minutes or less)

It’s hard enough to find the motivation to workout on most days. Too tired. Too busy. Too lazy. Any way you slice it, it’s a lot of work and it’s just not happening. But every so often when the moon and the stars align, you dig deep and muster up the fortitude to actually break a sweat. Now, the problem …

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4 tips to make the most of your crossfit workouts

4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your CrossFit Workouts

Whether you’re someone who’s just getting started with your CrossFit training or you’re a seasoned veteran who’s simply looking to push the barrier and take your results to the next level, there are some specific things that you must make sure you’re doing if you are going to have great success. 4 Tips to Make the Most of Your CrossFit …

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An Overlooked Aspect of Fitness: Functional Strength

Most of us use functional movements in our strength programming. Most of us know that squatting is important, deadlifts are a good thing, and pull ups are pretty cool. Still, when we go to the gym, the majority of what people are doing are isolation movements and exercises. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply move around better …

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Chris Stoutenburg: A wheel life story

In the beginning there was Chris… In 1977 at 10lbs 3oz and longer than most, I came into this world as fresh and new as can be. I had my whole life in front of me and would soon be starting the process of learning how to move, function independently, and to fend for myself. As a new-born baby I was …

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Raising the Barre: The #PropelFit Challenge Continues

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – however, when Franklin D. Roosevelt uttered these historical words, I don’t think he was envisioning a Barre Fitness class full of woman… Nope. That one was all on me… and so it was… As a Propel Ambassador, I was challenged to “get outside of my comfort zone and face …

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