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I love Met-cons

It's no secret, I really do love a good Met-con (metabolic conditioning) workout.  Yesterday at Studeo 55 satisfied my need to sweat perfectly.  The workout was right for me… 

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I love Coaching CrossFit classes

Since February 2012 I've been actively training/coaching people at the Fitness Town Sunday “Funday” Throwdowns.  One thing that I've realized from the past year is that I absolutely LOVE coaching!  Seeing the changes in people's health, wellness and fitness is incredible.  I can't get enough of it and this morning I coached my first class at Studeo55 CrossFit.

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Saturday was brought to you by the letter “F” (times three)

Saturdays are meant to be filled with the letter “F” – Family, Fitness and Fun!  And today was nothing less than a day brimming with my three favorite “F” words. “F”itness Olympic Lifting Class with Coach Mike Cartwright at CrossFit BC Today we worked on Power Snatches to a squat, then full Olympic Snatches, finishing up with heavy knee-hanging squat cleans …

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Overhead squats are my friends

Brutal workout today at Crossfit Renegade.  The 5km run on Wednesday, followed by Widowmakers Thursday, left me feeling pretty stiff in the legs today.  Even though I was feeling rather heavy and lethargic I pushed through the workout.  Now I'm going to bed… I hope my calves stop hurting by morning.  😉 Warm-up: Run 800 meters Technique: Overhead Squats 9 …

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Coach knows best (especially on Mondays)

Mondays are one of those days that can go either way. It's the start of a new week and one hand feels like a fresh start, but more often than not feels more like a day of playing catch up. This weekend didn't make matters any better. Heck it was a stellar guy's weekend: Subzero Intergalactic throw down on Saturday, followed by UFC Saturday night (wow Silva!), then Super Bowl (nice job Packers!) on Sunday. Is it any wonder why no men got any work done between 5 pm on Saturday night until 9 am on Monday morning?

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Monday Evening Workouts are my favorite

There's something to be said about Mondays - they are typically dark and dreary in Vancouver this time of year. Tonight was no exception to this stereotype, it was rainy, wet all over and dark outside when I rolled up to the gym for the 4:30 class. However, I love training on Mondays. After a busy day at work, meeting with people, answering a ton of conference calls intermingled with about 200 emails needing my attention... all I want to do is move some weights around and get my heart rate going...

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Darren Clarke and Dai Manuel's workout from December 18 2010

Today was a Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day. When I woke up this morning, I knew that today was going to be a great day. Three of my favorite things in one day, so how could it be anything less than stellar? The day was filled with Family, Crossfit and Vancouver Canucks!

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