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Obesity Epidemic Why Our Kids are Overweight

The Obesity Epidemic: Why our Kids are Overweight

The time has come for a change in family habits. Kids are Eating More and Moving Less It’s pretty well-known fact that children today are eating more and moving less. Children spend increasing amounts of time sitting and watching activities on their TV or computer screen instead of actually taking part in physical activities themselves. They gain weight through eating far …

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Obesity Epidemic: More people die of too much food than not enough

As someone who spent a 5 year period of my life in a state of morbid obesity, I take the current state of the world's health very seriously. Many factors are playing into what's being coined as the “obesity epidemic”. Media outlets around the world are reporting startling statistics and figures on declining life expectancy, increased health care costs and other health …

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Anti-obesity Campaign Shifts Blame to Parents

The Minnesota Blue Cross Anti-obesity campaign shifts the blame back to the parents in a series of videos which have been touted as “finger-pointing” and “the blame-game”.  Based on the nature of the videos and scenes depicted, the videos framed as being more on the shaming side of things and not education.

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The Inactivity Pandemic: Get Moving or Die Sooner

Don’t be surprised (or insulted) if the next prescription your doctor hands you is for nothing but an exercise regimen. Globally, 20% of early deaths are preventable with moderate exercise. And for the first time last year, sitting killed 5.3 million people worldwide, more than smoking. Inactivity is now considered as a full-on pandemic by health officials. Many U.S. doctors …

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Cool Infographic: Laughter is the Best Medicine

If you’re like most people in our increasingly fast-paced, overworked society, chances are that your find yourself regularly plagued by stress over a variety of things—from your work to your finances to what you’re going to have for dinner, there’s a lot going on in the modern mind. But becoming overly stressed ultimately can take a serious toll on your …

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The New Ab(normal): Obesity then and now

The great American road trip is an essential part of most summers. And it wouldn't be complete without stopping off for a bite to eat along the way. But, not only are healthy options on the highway often hard to find, the amount of food we're served has gotten a lot bigger.

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Is sitting killing you? You decide

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, there is one thing nearly all modern Americans have in common: we sit all the time. Though our great shift towards computer-based work has done great things for productivity, it has, unfortunately, done terrible things for our health. From increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long-term, to …

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Strathcona Elementary students are getting fitter

Fitness Town, a Vancouver-based fitness company is on a mission to tackle childhood obesity and get kids across Western Canada active and healthy. Partnering with schools and pledging time, resources and equipment to school kids across the region, it is the hope of Fitness Town that all kids will have the equal opportunity to make a positive choice towards a …

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