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The State Of Fitness Trackers in the Market Today


Advancements in the fitness tracker market is arguably one of the greatest breakthroughs of the 21st century since the introduction of smartphones. They have – in less than 5 years – grown to become a tool that is used and loved by all forms of people. Whether you are an Ironman athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone looking to make …

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Why You Need to Savasana Like a Boss in Yoga and Life

Why You Need to Savasana like a Boss in Yoga

Savasana, also known as corpse or relaxation pose, is considered the most important pose in yoga. This soothing pose completely relaxes the body and helps release tension and tightness from all areas. The posture is called corpse pose for two reasons. First, because of the body’s position; in savasana you are lying on your back with arms comfortably resting beside …

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New Season, New Mindset: 7 Empowering People to Learn from


Ahh, the changing of the seasons. Bittersweet, isn’t it? The long dog days of summer are slowly winding down into darker September evenings. Every student from preschool to college age is seen touting around backpacks. Pumpkin spice lattes are overtaking every coffee shop. Boots and coats sprawl across every ad you see. Aside even from these cultural cliches, nature even somehow feels …

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