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Why we need a pay it forward culture through #theGivingEffect

The TELUS Giving Effect

“In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.” When Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this …

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11 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Exercise More Often

11 Ways to motivate your kids to Exercise More Often

Motivating kids to do something that’s actually good for them can be a handful; try telling them to eat the green healthy vegetables they so meticulously pick out and put aside. Yea, you know where that one’s headed! Well, it is possible, you’re just going to have to be a tad bit clever with that and you can still manage …

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Burnt out? Here’s 5 Easy, Everyday Ways to Hit the Refresh Button on your Brain

5 easy ways to reset and destress your brain

Are you feeling stressed out? Burnt out? Pulled in a million (bazillion) different directions?   Between juggling work, relationships, families, finances, fitness, and (those seemingly far-away) personal goals….it can feel like your mind is being whipped in a blender. . .and left pooling into a pile of grey mush. Helloooo, near-future mental breakdown? We can all get caught up in …

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Plyometric Training and Why You Need It

Plyometric Training and Why You Need It

If you may not know already, there are tons of incredible benefits of plyometric training out there just waiting to be taken advantage of. It can help you to increase your strength, power, agility, and athletic performance. Also, when it comes to training for a specific athletic goal in mind, this type of training is one of the best out …

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A Type A Personality’s Path to Discovering Meditation and Mindfulness

A Type A Personality's Path to Discovering Meditation and Mindfulness

My first experience with meditation was a mandated trip for a college religion course… Forty ego-driven, smart phone crazed college students sat in a room being instructed to follow our breathing. My thoughts were dominated by how uncomfortable I was (I had the flexibility of an oak tree) among other things like, “if the k makes a kuh sound and …

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