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Help! I work out but I’m still gaining weight and here’s why

working out and gaining weight

Men and women of all ages seem to meet a common issue of gaining weight, despite putting in hours of hard work at the gym each week. If you are working out but still gaining weight, or simply not losing any weight, then you may find the experience to be quite demoralizing. This is perfectly understandable, however, the answer to ...

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Diet Tips 101: Why Not Eating Enough Food Makes You Fat

Why Not Eating Enough Food Makes You Fat

Diet is a 4-letter word. There's a million ways to lose weight, but one of the best ways to gain it is by NOT EATING ENOUGH. Counter-intuitive? Absolutely. In this article, I explore Why Not Eating Enough Food Causes You To Gain Weight -- otherwise know as "Crashing On Your Crash Diet".

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Body Praising versus Body Shaming – do you know the difference?

Body shaming vs body praising

Body shaming. You hear the term a lot these days. What is Body Shaming? Body Shaming, simply put, is where someone is made to feel shame for how their body looks. Typically, this is associated with being overweight or not pretty/handsome enough versus some ideal in society, and is often tied to media-sourced comparison points. But it’s not one-sided, and ...

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Fit Parent or Fat Parent: 4 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy After Having Kids

4 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy After Having Kids

Life is busy and it only gets busier as our families grow. Often our health is put on the back burner as we give excuses for letting ourselves go as adults... But, the choice of Being a fit parent versus a fat parent is always up to us to make. To help you with choosing the latter way of being, here's 4 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy After Having Kids

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Do you have a soft tissue injury? Active Recovery Is The Answer

Do you have a soft tissue injury? Active Recovery Is The Answer

You roll your ankle. Some cells die instantly. Many others are doomed to the same fate. 1 This process of selective elimination is known as primary cellular death and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do to prevent or reverse the carnage.* Next, assuming that you remain fundamentally still (which is clearly out of sync with the ...

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Wake up! There’s no hormones or steroids in Canadian Chicken

No hormones in Canadian chicken #ChickenSquad

Misconceptions, misinformation, misunderstandings — there’s a whole lot of ‘mis’-ses when it comes to our understanding of the poultry industry in Canada. Thankfully the BC Chicken Marketing Board has stepped in to engage people in conversations where they live, shop and socialize. With the help of the latest Chicken Squad campaign, the conversations are fun, entertaining and educational. Recently, I connected with a ...

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Self-Care and Self-Diagnosis: Becoming My Own Doctor


Did you know that the global vitamin supplements industry is expected to reach $53,800,000,000 by the year 2020? This loosely translates into fist-fulls of pills and capsules, bottomless vats of vitamins, minerals, and sports supplements — all to improve our baseline of health. However, do any of us really know why we ingest the pills, caps and powders each day? Do ...

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The #DadBod Phenomenon: “Beer, Pizza, Apathy, oh my!”

#dadbod, dad body, apathy, beer and pizza

Well, the internet is broken again.  This time online communities everywhere hopped on the #DadBod train. And what’s worse is it’s further instilling a notion of mediocrity, complacency, and downright laziness in what will go down in history as our “fattest” generation yet. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, enjoy the following observations because if the internet is right, I’m ...

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My Interview on the Vancouver Real Podcast was a lesson in FUN

Vancouver Real podcast interview dai manuel

Recently I had the honor to connect with the Zaremba brothers, Mike and Andy, on their podcast Vancouver Real. Vancouver Real is a spin-off podcast encouraged and inspired by London Real, a podcast created and hosted by Brian Rose produced out of London, England. I have to give mad props to Mike and Andy. Over the years I’ve had a lot of opportunities ...

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