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5 Ways You Can Prevent Cramping When Running

how to prevent cramping when running

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there before. You know, when we first start our morning jog and then it happens. Like a slap in the face, or more so to the abdomen, you begin to start cramping as if lightning bolts are occupying your stomach mixed with a hint of unexpected frustration. Now, one usually …

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Will Pokemon Go create a new classification of injuries?

Will Pokemon Go Hurt us in the long run

It was only a few years ago that the world was struck down with “Nintendo Wii-itis”. Now with the world-wide phenomenon Pokémon Go app growing in popularity by the day, I think it’s only a matter of time before GP clinics and physiotherapy practices around the world are going to see an influx of Pokémon Go-related soft tissue injuries. Not …

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Achieve Life Goals by Tapping Into Your Flow State – here’s how

Want to Reach Your Goals Hold That Thought

Your legs burn, but feel strong, steady. . .powerful. The mixed sounds of stampeding feet, screams of names, and runners’ breathy “ooo, ahhh”s  fill the airwaves.  Yet all you hear is your anthem song blaring inside your head (Eminem’s “Not Afraid”. . .it’s so ingrained), and the tempo of your even-paced breathes (two strides, breath in, two strides, breath out). …

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Maintaining A Stress Free Life With These Simple Tips

Maintaining A Stress Free Life With These 4 Simple Tips

We all hate being stressed. Nothing good ever comes of it, and it can be the most frustrating thing to deal with. Maintaining a stress free life is easier said than done, and takes concentration as well as hard work. Although stress is a mental condition, it can show up physically in your body in many ways. It can completely …

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Perspiration Inspiration: Life is Tough, but You’re Tougher!

Perspiration Inspiration Life is Tough but You are Tougher

The funny thing about Spina Bifida is that it’s pretty much a lottery system. Not a lottery you’re necessarily clamoring to win (unless you want the primo parking spot that comes with it). Even then, you have to really want that spot because you just never know where on the spine the damage will strike – a millimeter up or …

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