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6 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road


Ah, the road trip, a classic pastime that since the invention of the Model T has served as a coming-of-age endeavor for so many. Even before the advent of modern transportation, nomads and frontiersmen went overland on horseback, often for months at a time. When taking in the sights of new cities or the glorious work of Mother Nature, though, ... Read More »

How NOT to Lose Self Doubt as an Athlete by Jen Rulon


October 13, 2014 – Less than 3 weeks from Ironman Florida.  I am heading into my taper week, keeping the intensity stable but bring the volume down.  I have a bit more time on my hands; finally get stuff done around the house. October 15, 2014 – I am sick as a dog. Head out for my easy 50 min ... Read More »

Using Technology to Benefit Your Health – Not Harm It

using technology to benefit your health not harm it

Living a life of health and fitness can be difficult in this new technological era. While many of us eat well, exercise, and stay active in our leisure time, the fact remains that if you’re like 80 percent of the population, you’re still spending over 50 hours a week engaging in a behavior that puts your body and your brain ... Read More »

Sleep Hack your way to a Country of Sleep, Rest and Recovery


Wouldn’t it be nice at times to just live in a country of sleep? Knowing full well that we’d always wake up the next morning feeling fully rested, recovered and ready to take on our day. As someone who has spent the last 20 years of my life as a 5 am riser, I wonder if my average 6 hours a ... Read More »

The Not-So Definitive Guide to Happiness in 17 steps

the not so definitive guide to happiness in 17 steps

This will certainly not be “the definitive guide to happiness”. There are far too many people who have written on this subject to condense it all down into a few hundred words. What you will walk away with when you’re done reading this article are enough tools to start your own journey on the clichéd “pursuit of happiness” (no better ... Read More »

My Crock-Pot Motto: Set it and forget it! then Eat it! #ChickenDotCa

crock pot motto set it and forget it #Chickendotca

Time! Time? Who’s got some extra for me? ‘Cause when it comes to dinner, I seem to never have enough of it to prepare something that’s both healthy and yummy… well that was until Crock-tober came around! To be honest, I completely forgot I owned a crock-pot until Chicken Farmers of Canada challenged me to make a recipe using one. ... Read More »

The Number One Life Law To Live By When Starting A Health Food Business

The Number One Life Law To Live By When Starting A Health Food Business

I will be blunt.  I am “starting a health food business” rather prematurely.  In January 2014, I developed The Route 6 Protein Bar, a food with a #FixFood mission.  When I started receiving unprompted, rave reviews about my product from friends and co-workers, requests for individual orders and verbal agreements from health food store and gym owners to carry my ... Read More »