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August’s #ChickenChat is all about Breastfeeding Awareness


August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month – the perfect opportunity for moms to learn about the importance of breast milk for their growing baby and nutrition to keep them healthy and energized! Check out this month’s article by nutritionist, Kelly Ateyo, “Best Nutrition for Baby and Mom“. August’s #ChickenChat is all about “Breastfeeding Awareness”   A few things we’ll be ... Read More »

Video portrays obesity as a disease of poor choices

Video portrays obesity as a disease of poor choices

Daily choices are seemingly automatic for most of us. Is obesity a disease of “poor choices”? We choose to get out of bed. We choose to go to work. We choose to eat a burger, fries and large soda at lunch. We choose to NOT exercise. We choose to sit on the couch and play back-to-back-to-back games of Candy Crush ... Read More »

Don’t Mindlessly Stretch, but Mobilize with intent

Dont mindlessly stretch mobilize with intent

I didn’t truly learn what mobility was until earlier this year. We might know that stretching and foam rolling can be a part of mobility, or that the WOD has a prescribed warm up including mobility, but like with lifting weights mobility exercises must be done with specific intent. While flexibility is the extension and expansion of the range of ... Read More »

Obesity Epidemic: More people die of too much food than not enough


As someone who spent a 5 year period of my life in a state of morbid obesity, I take the current state of the world’s health very seriously. Many factors are playing into what’s being coined as the “obesity epidemic”. Media outlets around the world are reporting startling statistics and figures on declining life expectancy, increased health care costs and other health ... Read More »

Keeping Hangryness in Check with Quick-to-Cook Chicken Recipes


When I was first approached by the Chicken Farmers of Canada to become the Canadian Health Ambassador, I had to ask myself one thing: do I love chicken that much? 1.3 seconds later, and without hesitation, I answered the seemingly rhetorical question with a resounding, “YES! I love chicken!” The past 8 months have been full of memorable opportunities to share and educate Canadians from ... Read More »

Optimum Nutrition for Peak Performance and Why #ItMatters


Do you EAT to LIVE or LIVE to EAT? Semantics perhaps, but if you are really honest with yourself; which one best describes your way of being? For many of us, nutrition is a daily battle that often ends with feelings of frustration rooted in our failure to follow a plan. Our performance both in life and in sport is ... Read More »