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Coach Double-A can even fix a Moose’s dysfunction with FMS

FMS Screening can isolate dysfunction

In part 1, “What is FMS? Why you need a Functional Movement Screen“, I discussed the importance of movement screening and why that information is important to you as you train towards your fitness goals. To recap, remember: “if we have movement dysfunction as indicated in the FMS movement screen, it increases our risk to injury as we train and it ...

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The Super-Charged Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Super Charged Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice #YourOasis

When you think of a pre- or post-workout drink, you usually think along the lines of protein powders, carbs and antioxidants. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But there is an extra something that can enhance and benefit your body when you make your protein shakes or even drink it straight up. Were you aware of the phenomenal health benefits of ...

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Quiet Running: Running in Silence and the Power of Unplugging

Quiet Running: Running in Silence and the Power of Unplugging

Joshua Tree National Park, California. Spring of 2014.  I pull the car off to the side of the road, following not road signs but instinct.  The overwhelming noise of driving, of the wind and the wheels and the constant presence of 60-mile-an-hour danger is beginning to froth and bubble.  It’s too easy to ignore that, to drive on harder, to ...

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How to Deal with a Common CrossFit Injury: The Wrist

CrossFit Injury The Wrist

Look around a CrossFit gym, or “box,” and you’ll see athletes of all fitness level performing push-ups, pull-ups, ring dips, heavy lifts, and an assortment of other impressive exercises. What may not be completely obvious to an onlooker is the incredible amount of strain being put on the wrists in just about every CrossFit exercise. While other sports may also ...

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The Number 1 Rule for Older Adults Starting a Fitness Program

Older Adults Fitness Program

As our bodies age, we have a whole host of issues to contend with. Achy joints, reduced bone density, muscle wastage, you name it. But this doesn’t mean you should give up and let nature continue to take its course. There are plenty of things that older adults can do to stay active, while continuing to take care of their ...

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4 Tips to Building a Scalable Health and Fitness Business

Tips to Building a Health and Fitness Business

There comes a time in every professional’s career when they have turned their business of just a few clients, into something much bigger. If you’re currently there, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, then trust me – if you’re good at what you do, you will get there very soon. In business terms, this is called ...

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5 Ways That Sitting Is Bad for our Children’s Health

5 Ways That Sitting Is Bad for our Children's Health

Google “kids won’t sit still” and you’ll see a plethora of concerned parents and teachers wondering why little Johnny and Jodie have trouble staying patiently glued to their chairs all day. Now try searching “childhood obesity.” Lots of stuff there too. In the U.S., more than a third of children are overweight, and 1 in 6 are full-blown obese[1]. Only 1 ...

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6 ways to start running without a program, coach or plan!

6 Ways To Start Running

Running is tough, and if you are reading this – there’s a good chance that you think running sucks. I’m not here to convince you that running is awesome, or that you should do it – but if you WANT to get a little better at running, and wouldn’t mind lacing up and hitting the pavement from time to time, ...

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Food As Medicine: Time to Eat Your Stress Away


Recently Dai wrote a blog post about adrenal fatigue that explained the perspectives of conventional and alternative medicine towards the diagnosis. That post inspired me to go deeper and let you know simple and effective dietary changes you can make to support your body when you’re stressed. Chronic Stress and What It Means to You Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Chronic ...

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Combining Bodybuilding and Tai Chi: What it Means to Your Health


When we were children we quickly learned to deal with stress and conflict by stiffening up our bodies. As we aged, we continued to react, even tensing up and making ourselves look bigger. We also learned that, by having physical muscle strength, we could handle any conflict. This usually worked well when we were children, because the stronger person usually ...

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