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8 Ways Exercise Can Help Improve the Quality of Your Life


Are you prone to developing health conditions and illnesses? The weight of a person is one of the main factors in determining if a person is healthy or not. Regardless of weight, you should stay active and exercise regularly because it will keep your body healthy. Here’re some highlights showcasing… 8 Ways Exercise Can Help You with Improving the Quality …

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5 Reasons You Should Drink Bone Broth


Despite media driven hype machine, bone broth is not a fad. I see it as a sustainable addition to your life and this article will explain why you might want to consider doing so. Why We Need to Drink Bone Broth Daily Not only are bone broths deliciously soothing, they pack a nutritional punch like no other beverages. The unique …

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5 HIIT Workouts That Are Perfect for Older Adults


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years primarily due to the amazing results it provides in such a short amount of time. For those of you who don’t know, HIIT is a method of training where you alternate short intervals of all-out exertion (such as sprints) with active rest periods (such as walking) …

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A Coffee that makes me Smarter? Join the #BulletproofCoffee Chat


Wait a moment? A Coffee that makes me smarter? I mean, I can understand how my coffee can wake me up in the morning, and how taking that moment to enjoy the sweet brew calms is an instance of quiet in my chaotic day… but actually SMARTER? Join our team as we share all about Bulletproof Coffee and how their …

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