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The #DadBod Phenomenon: “Beer, Pizza, Apathy, oh my!”

#dadbod, dad body, apathy, beer and pizza

Well, the internet is broken again.  This time online communities everywhere hopped on the #DadBod train. And what’s worse is it’s further instilling a notion of mediocrity, complacency, and downright laziness in what will go down in history as our “fattest” generation yet. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, enjoy the following observations because if the internet is right, I’m ...

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My Interview on the Vancouver Real Podcast was a lesson in FUN

Vancouver Real podcast interview dai manuel

Recently I had the honor to connect with the Zaremba brothers, Mike and Andy, on their podcast Vancouver Real. Vancouver Real is a spin-off podcast encouraged and inspired by London Real, a podcast created and hosted by Brian Rose produced out of London, England. I have to give mad props to Mike and Andy. Over the years I’ve had a lot of opportunities ...

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Perspiration Inspiration: Canadian Pole Vaulter Clears The Bar For Equality

leanna carriere perspiration inspiration

“It’s a very unique feeling – flying through the air.” That’s how Leanna Carriere describes her favorite athletic event, Pole vault. It is all about pioneering, having been introduced as an Olympic event for women in 2000. Leanna excels, jumping the same heights as younger men. She follows her dreams to motivate and inspire others.  She wants to show you can ...

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Keep Knee Tendonitis Away with these Two Tips

2 tips to keep knee tendonitis away

Many people in our population suffer from knee tendon pain. Pain in the knee tendons is most often known as PFPS or patellar-femoral pain syndrome. It used to be referred to as tendonitis, but tendons don’t actually have an inflammation response, so it’s actually that the area around the tendon gets inflamed and impinges on the tendon, causing pain. PFPS ...

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A few reasons why you should start juicing today

Start Juicing Today

Juicing is getting so much attention these days. There are all kinds of juice cleanses, fresh pressed juice services, juice bars and Instagram feeds dedicated to juice. Green, red, purple, orange, yellow – doesn’t matter, there are tons of vegetable and juice options these days that are freshly made right at home thanks to the availability of products like Breville ...

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Better to Have Health and Not Need It, than Need It and Not Have It


In listening to a lecture by an oncologist, one of the points he stressed again and again is how people who are cancer-free, need to not only be thankful, but do everything they can to be healthy. Being healthy, he said, was not about being thin, but about eating right, getting physical exercise and getting enough rest. He went on ...

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Don’t Stress, You can Never Out Exercise a Poor Diet


How many times have you decided to make a change in your life to get in shape? You start by going to the gym for a few weeks, maybe a few months if you’re lucky and eventually realize (or so you think) that you’re not making any progress so decide to pull the plug on your quest to getting the ...

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Perspiration Inspiration: Adaptive Skier, Rob Gosse, Makes A Splash

Rob Gosse Perspiration Inspiration

When Rob Gosse’s motorcycle collided with a semi, he wasn’t thinking about sports. He was thinking about his kids. As a self-employed automotive technician, his attention moved from the pursuit of conventional success to parenthood. His fitness journey became part of that goal. When a L1 spinal cord injury that left in him in a wheel chair, he had two ...

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Vitamin D:  The Superhero of Vitamins (and why we need more of it)

VitaminD is a super hero vitamin

When you think superhero, chances are a caped crusader like Superman or Batman pops into your head. They are men of strength and fortitude, and they helpful and good, but often overlooked unless needed.  If a vitamin could be a superhero, it would have to be Vitamin D. While Vitamin C and E are more popular, and they both have ...

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