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Monday Motivator: What does ‘healthy’ look like?


Like many others, I have spent my entire adult life battling with eating disorders and although being in the wellness field has helped me to come a long way, I’m still a work in progress. As a product of these struggles and overcoming many of them, I am a proponent of eating disorder awareness and a passionate advocate of self-love, ... Read More »

Working Out Naked Has Its Benefits – can you name 3?


Working out naked, huh? The Ancient Greeks and Romans did it, so why shouldn’t we? Several months ago a story of naked men doing CrossFit began to circulate the internet. It began in Aarhus, Denmark, when the owner of the Danish gym ‘Spartan Mentality’ Steffen Haldrup Andersen, decided to pull an April Fools joke with an ad featuring some ripped, ... Read More »

An Overlooked Aspect of Fitness: Functional Strength


Most of us use functional movements in our strength programming. Most of us know that squatting is important, deadlifts are a good thing, and pull ups are pretty cool. Still, when we go to the gym, the majority of what people are doing are isolation movements and exercises. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply move around better ... Read More »

July’s #ChickenChat is all about living well with Diabetes


Diabetes – when you have it, your life may become very focused on what you’re eating, how much activity you’re getting, and what your blood sugar is at certain times of the day. Sometimes it may feel as if you’re being controlled by your condition… however, by focusing on a few key lifestyle tips you can live well with diabetes ... Read More »