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Sleep Hack your way to a Country of Sleep, Rest and Recovery


Wouldn’t it be nice at times to just live in a country of sleep? Knowing full well that we’d always wake up the next morning feeling fully rested, recovered and ready to take on our day. As someone who has spent the last 20 years of my life as a 5 am riser, I wonder if my average 6 hours a ... Read More »

The Not-So Definitive Guide to Happiness in 17 steps

the not so definitive guide to happiness in 17 steps

This will certainly not be “the definitive guide to happiness”. There are far too many people who have written on this subject to condense it all down into a few hundred words. What you will walk away with when you’re done reading this article are enough tools to start your own journey on the clichéd “pursuit of happiness” (no better ... Read More »

My Crock-Pot Motto: Set it and forget it! then Eat it! #ChickenDotCa

crock pot motto set it and forget it #Chickendotca

Time! Time? Who’s got some extra for me? ‘Cause when it comes to dinner, I seem to never have enough of it to prepare something that’s both healthy and yummy… well that was until Crock-tober came around! To be honest, I completely forgot I owned a crock-pot until Chicken Farmers of Canada challenged me to make a recipe using one. ... Read More »

The Number One Life Law To Live By When Starting A Health Food Business

The Number One Life Law To Live By When Starting A Health Food Business

I will be blunt.  I am “starting a health food business” rather prematurely.  In January 2014, I developed The Route 6 Protein Bar, a food with a #FixFood mission.  When I started receiving unprompted, rave reviews about my product from friends and co-workers, requests for individual orders and verbal agreements from health food store and gym owners to carry my ... Read More »

Beet this Kowabunga Kale n’ Yam! What are you Chicken?

In a Hurry? No problem with the site check out the Quick ‘N Easy Recipe Finder

Wow! I feel like I just woke up and slept through September. Where did it go? Do you ever get that feeling? The Fall signifies too much to so many. To me and my family it is time to get back to routine. Along with the shorter days and cooler nights, back to school and back to work is at ... Read More »

Why You Can’t Stop Getting Injured… in CrossFit


Oh wow, I said it. CrossFit and injury. I feel like that statement is up there with asking someone how much money they make, who they are voting for, and what their religious beliefs are. Why is there such a misconception about CrossFit and injuries? Here’s the deal. Watch a college football game, a basketball game, a gymnastics meet. Is ... Read More »

Training Mask Review: Benefits of High Altitude Training


High Altitude Training is not for the faint of heart (literally!). This type of training is typically used by endurance athletes at altitudes of at least 8,000 feet above sea level. Although 8,000 feet and above are most suitable, lower altitudes are also used when appropriate locations are not available[1]. High altitude training was born from the 1968 Olympics in ... Read More »