Makes you think:  Are Carbs killing us?  What do you think?
Makes you think: Are Carbs killing us? What do you think?

Makes you think: “Carbs are killing you” infographic

Carbs are Killing You! Why Fat doesn’t make you fat.  This is a good infographic explaining why. Read it and share with others who don’t understand which carbs are the worst offenders.

Big thanks to Geoff Behrend for sharing this with me and the Fitness Town Crossfit team!

Visit this site for full size picture.

Click on below image to see full size.

Makes you think: Are Carbs killing us? What do you think?
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  • Hi Dai,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing our infographic!

    We also released our first experimental app, The Eatery ( and thought you might find it useful.

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    It was named on of the Top 10 apps on the App Store in 2011.

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    Cassandra and the Massive Health team

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