Moose and Chappy - It's Gold Baby, It's gold!
Moose and Chappy - It's Gold Baby, It's gold!

My week in review… well most of it

Wow!  A week of no blogging?  What’s up…. well, apparently everything.  Below is a week in review of WOD’s (and a competition) – I will post separately for the Spartan Race.

Larry Burke Memorial:  BC Weightlifting Association Master Competition  (Saturday May 5th)

You all know me by now that I can’t pass up an opportunity for a little competition (especially when it is my good friend, Chappy, chirping in my ear).  Ian and I competed in the Larry Burke Memorial Masters Olympic Weightlifting competition (a 2nd for me, but 1st for good ol’ Chappy).  We both won 1st for our age and weight classes – helped that I was the only male that weighed in at 94 kg class between the age of 35 and 39 😉

Moose and Chappy - It's Gold Baby, It's gold!

6 lifts and it was all over.  Admittedly it was a ton of fun, but being there with a good friend to throw down made it all the better.  Now planning for the 40th Annual SeaFest competition in late June.  Anyone want to join us?

Fitness Town Sunday Throw Down WOD:  May 6th

The Sunday Funday Firebreathers

Warm-up:  Annie (NFT – Not For Time)

50-40-30-20-10 reps of

  • Double unders
  • Ab-mat situps

Tech: Overhead squats (build to a 1 rep max)

Sasquatch (21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time)

  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 55/75lbs
  • Push-press @ 55/75lbs
New PR of more than 30 seconds… I completed in 5:58.  Super stoked on this one!

WOD: May 7th  “CrossFit Total”

3 attempts at a 1 rep maximum load each of Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift. The score is the total of the heaviest successful lift of each exercise.

  • My back squat was 365 lbs
  • My dead lift was 425 lbs
  • My shoulder press was 155 lbs

CrossFit Total was 945lbs (40 lbs off my PR!)

WOD: May 8th “Team WOD”

Teams of 4 complete the following for time (2 Guys/2 Girls)

  • 75 x Squat Cleans 100/155
  • 150 x Toes-To-Bar
  • 150 x Box Jumps 20″/24″
  • 75 x Thrusters 95/135
  • 75 x Ring Dips
  • 150 x Burpees
  • 300 x Double Unders
  • 300 x Weighted Walking Lunges 25/45 Plate

Teams may start on any exercise but must complete each one before moving to the next in order. Teams may divide the work any way they like. There is a 35 minute time cap on this workout. Teams add one second for every incomplete rep to their time.

We ended up having 269 walking lunges remaining when we arrived at the time-cap mark of 35 minutes; thus our team total was 39:48.

WOD: May 10th

Teams of 3 complete the following for time.

  • 21 DB Push Press or Push Jerk 35/50
  • 21 Deadlift 155/225
  • 21 DB Alternating One-Arm Power Snatch 35/50
  • 15 DB Push Press or Push Jerk
  • 15 Deadlift
  • 15 DB Alternating One-Arm Power Snatch
  • 9 DB Push Press or Push Jerk
  • 9 Deadlift
  • 9 DB Alternating One-Arm Power Snatch

Once athlete “A” completes their set of Push Press, they move to Deadlift while athlete “B” starts their Push Press and “C” follows. The team must maintain this order throughout the workout.

Boom!  We crushed this one in 12 minutes!

WOD: May 11, 2012

Teams of 4 complete the following for total reps and weight. (20 minute time caps)

  • 3 Rounds of max reps Pullups
  • 3 Rounds of 3 Overhead Squats at max weight

In any order, all four athletes on the team must perform three sets of max reps pullups. (Chin must be over the bar back down to full extension).   With the time remaining, all four athletes then get to the heaviest weight possible for a set of three reps of overhead squats. (As many attempts as they want within the 20 minute time cap to get the 3 heaviest sets).   Score is the total of each athlete’s 3 heaviest sets of Overhead squats plus the total number of pull-ups of all four athletes.

We had a pretty decent score on this WOD, I fortunately was able to contribute 85 pull ups and a triple overhead squat at 205lbs. Fun times!

So that was my week… how was your’s?

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