6 Technology Gadgets My Family Leverage to Improve Our Health and Fitness

6 Technology Gadgets My Family Leverage to Improve Our Health and Fitness

Advancements in technology over the last several years have brought about many fun and exciting devices that can be used to improve the overall health and fitness levels of young and old alike. If improving family fitness is on your mind, technology can make the process a little more enjoyable, especially when trying to get children and teens to be more active.

In this post, I will be discussing some of Telus' innovative products geared toward health and fitness, and how they can help all members of your household stay healthy, fit and accountable – no matter what their specific goals are!

6 Technology Gadgets My Family Leverage to Improve Our Health and Fitness

Smart Functional Water Bottle

Fitness technology has literally exploded on the market over the last few years, and this Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle makes keeping up with your water intake fun and exciting. Featuring advanced internal technology linked to an easy to download app, this smart water bottle will automatically track your water intake each day, making sure you stay on target for optimal hydration.

Additionally, the Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle will connect to your activity tracker, such as Fitbit, to upload your information automatically, keeping all your data in one place.

Tangram Connected Smart Jump Rope

Jump ropes have long been a favorite family fitness aerobic activity, but you've never seen a jump rope quite like this. Bright, high quality LED lights automatically track and display your jump count and these lights flash while you're jumping, making your data appear to float in the air above you.

Additionally, the ball bearings in each handle provide stability and balance, creating a smooth motion with each jump. You can also pair this jump rope with your favorite health and fitness tracking apps so that your data can effortlessly be uploaded and stored in one location. My family loves our Tangram Jump Rope!

Withings Pulse Ox Activity Tracker

This Withings Pulse OX fitness tracker helps monitor important aspects of your workouts, while allowing you to track your oxygen levels, calories, distance, sleep pattern and heart rate. This data can be accessed via an app downloaded to your smart device, making it easy to monitor your progress and assess your goals along the way.

My name is Manuel. Dai Manuel…. I know, I ain't no watch model, but I had to show this one off. You already know I'm a big believer in tracking things. After all, how else do you get better if you don't know your habits, where you've come from or where you are going? I'm pumped to start using my new @withings #SteelHR to track sleep, resting and continuous HR, steps and a few other metrics. Best of all, I finally have an activity tracker that doesn't look like one! Game on! . . . . . #healthierhappier #withings #fitness #activitytracker #healthierhappieryou #teamtelus #motivation #wlfmanifesto #fitnesstips #bestfitnesstracker #wlfm #healthy #telus #fitfam #withingshealthapp #thenewstandard #lifestyleblogger #activitytrackerwatch #healthylifestyle #beautifultough #lifestyle #technology #partner #wellbeing #fitfluential #fitfluentialambassador #fitlife #fitnessjourney

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Withings Activite Pop

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this fitness tracker has awesome fitness technologies built right in. Award winning features allow you to monitor details of your workouts while running, walking, or swimming, as well as to analyze important details of your sleep pattern so you can get the most out of each workout. (Me, my wife, Christie and 2 daughters have been loving our Activite Pops…. and it's created a bit of competition between us seeing who can get the most steps and activity in a day!)

Best of all, it does this without needing to be charged because it operates on a cell battery that lasts up to 8 months with no recharging necessary.

Jaybird X-2 Sport Wireless Headphones

Compatible with nearly all smart devices, the Jaybird X-2 Sport wireless headphones provide superior sound quality, noise isolation, and intuitive raised control buttons that make it easy to switch between various modes and settings while running. Easily and effortless switch between stereo and phone call mode when receiving an incoming call, all without having to stop what you're doing. Bluetooth compatibility makes it easy to pair the device with your smartphone so you can run wirelessly with ease.

Withings Smart Body Fat Scale

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale not only tracks your weight, but also monitors your fat to muscle ratio, bone mass, and water percentage. The patented internal technology offers precise measurements that are accurate to within .2 pounds, so you can be sure your statistics are correct as you monitor your continued fitness progress.

And then there's also lots of fun, engaging Fitness Apps

There are several apps that can be used in conjunction with the above mentioned fitness tools and accessories. One of the most common is called My Fitness Pal. This app is great for all members of the family, and allows you to track your calories, log a detailed food journal, monitor your macros, set daily goals, accurate track calories in and out, and even engage in fun, friendly competitions with other users.

We know that fitness should be a family affair, but it can be challenging at times to get everyone motivated to join in the fun. Telus Health provides superior health technologies and innovative products to help you keep your families health a top priority.

With these smart tools at your disposal, you will have the competitive edge you need to reach you and your families fitness goals, all the while keeping the journey fun and exciting.


Dai Manuel - The Moose Is LooseThis post is sponsored by TELUS. The opinions and views are wholly my own…

And to be absolutely clear, this is my disclaimer: “Just so you know, I have been compensated to share my ideas on this topic. Sometimes it is in the form of products, or services or even money… But here’s the thing; I won’t  share anything with you that I don’t fully support. It doesn't matter what it is, or how much they are willing to give me if I don’t believe in it, It won’t be on my site. Seriously. You’ll just have to trust me on this.” ~ Coach Moose

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