how to eat your fave foods and lose weight

How to Eat Your Favorite Foods and Still Release Weight

Getting in shape is perhaps one of the toughest tasks to accomplish. We live in a world where we see a countless number of options in terms of food. There are enough options available to confuse us as to what we should have on our plate and what we can skip.

The process of getting leaner begins with avoiding all those food items that possess high sugar and fat contents, or you can say, food items we love to eat. This is what we are told by dietitians, family members, friends and all others.

But, do you know that restricting food items that you enjoy a lot just to get in shape can actually have a backlash? Well, you are going to get overindulge in them sooner or later, and all your efforts of getting fit will then go in vain.

A better approach would be to have all those foods around while you work on getting in the shape of your life. You can keep your favorite food items in your diet and still get slimmer and more attractive. Want to know how that is possible, well just keep reading.

Is It Possible To Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Lose Weight?

1. Bacon

Bacon is a staple breakfast food for many. If you too are in love with bacon, then you should use it as a garnish rather than the main course. Just, add a bit of bacon to healthy dishes instead of piling on pieces of bacon. I mean it’s that salty-smoky flavor of bacon that you want to enjoy, right? You are going to get that even if you add it in a small quantity.

You must have had bacon in soups or with baked potatoes. It blends in well with these dishes, but you can use your creative mind and try it with other dishes as well such as broccoli bacon salad or sauteed Brussels sprouts with onions and bacon.

Bacon and fitness have no connection at all, but if you can adjust the quantity of bacon in your diet, then you can enjoy this mouth-watering food and attain fitness at the same time.

2. Fried Foods

Fried foods are the biggest enemies of a body’s health and well-being. Just imagine eating something that is coated and breaded, and then, fried in oil. That’s going to be crunchy, delicious and BAD FOR HEALTH. But, you can use a trick to adjust fried foods to your diet and still stay fit. You will have to use your OVEN for this.

You need to make sure that the bread and oil coating is light. Using your oven will ensure that the food is cooked with a thin layer of oil, yet with a similar kind of crispiness and taste that you would have received while using a red copper pan or a deep fryer. Whether you like fried zucchini, onion rings or any other fried food, you can have your favorite fried food even when you are on a mission to lose weight.

3. Nuts

Nuts, as we all know, contains a huge amount of fat and calories, so consuming nuts would not be a great idea when a person is on a fitness spree. But wait, when we can have bacon and fried food while carrying out a fitness routine, then why not nuts?

You can definitely have nuts because they contain healthy fats and not to forget, protein, which is required by your body more than anything else. Nuts will help you stave off hunger.

Just try walnuts for 3-4 months. Soak ½ cup of walnuts in water for an entire night and then, have them in the morning. Continue this for 3-4 months and the size of your waist will decrease.

Walnuts consumed in tandem with workout and cardio will give you more significant results. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is the number of walnuts you are consuming.

You just can snack straight from the jar, as then, you will definitely eat more than the desired quantity. Determine the right quantity so that you can enjoy the benefits of nuts rather than adding those extra pounds.

4. Pasta

It is needless to mention how much we all love pasta. Regardless of which flavor is being served, we’ll just jump into the bowl because of its pasta. But, pasta has a bad reputation when it comes to losing weight.

The core issue with pasta is that people can’t resist from having more and more of it. Pasta, if eaten in a small quantity, is not bad for health, but eating bowl after the bowl is going to get your waistline bigger.

Pasta is made from refined flour, which is not good for health. It digests very slow and in the process makes fat in the belly area.

Refined flour is also not good for the heart, so consuming large quantities of pasta is going to make you obese and prone to all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Prefer ‘whole-grain’ pasta instead because it is rich in fiber and a number of other nutrients.

You can also add lean protein and vegetables to your pasta in wake of getting more health benefits. There are many low-calorie pasta dishes available on the web, so check out those and try out the ones you like.

5. Chocolate

The craze for chocolate can’t be explained in words. We all love chocolates and if given an opportunity, we would like to eat only chocolates. But, chocolates can also put your health in great danger if consumed in excess.

Therefore, it is important to keep a lid on its quantity. Chocolate, as we all know, is smooth, sweet and creamy. If you can somehow find a way to have it in small amounts, then you can lose weight. If you like dark chocolate, then just stick to it because dark chocolate contains heart-healthy antioxidants.

But again, you need to have around 5 pieces of dark chocolate instead of gulping down the entire bar. You should avoid brownies, fudges, cakes and muffins made from chocolate as these contain more fat and sugar in comparison to a chocolate bar.

Unless you are a man/woman with an exceptional discipline, you can’t be precise with your diet. There will be occasions when you have carried away with the smell and looks of all the food items that we have discussed above.

That’s absolutely normal, but what you have to keep in your mind is that you should be strict with the quantity of these food items. You can’t throw in the towel seeing your favorite food on the table, but you need to make room for small treats.

The key to a fit body is to know your limits whether you are working out or eating…

You shouldn’t workout beyond your limits as that could land you in trouble. When it comes to having all the foods mentioned above, just don’t go overboard. Having those in small amounts won’t hurt you or your fitness regime.

I hope the tips I discussed with you in this blog post will help you achieve your goal of trimming down fat off your belly without compromising on your favorite foods. The methods I have discussed above are better because there is no deprivation required for these.

Author Bio: Monica Henin

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