Are holidays an excuse for you to gain weight?  So many of us spend a great deal of time following a particular nutrition program, but when a holiday comes around, all that gets thrown to the curb.  Why is that?

I addressed some strategies to help with preventing Christmas weight gain, in the “More” Philosophy.  These tips are useful to curtail some of the weight being put on, but by no means is it the best and only solution.  The real trick to not deviating from your chosen nutritional lifestyle is to remember it is just that – a LIFESTYLE.  At some point or another we've decided to make a change for the better.  Whether it be to improve your workout results, shave 10 minutes of  your 10k runs, do your first marathon, or simply ensure that you're around 20 years from now to play with your grandkids.

The reason you've adopted your chosen diet (not in the media sense of the word) is entirely personal.  It is a decision uniquely your own and if your decision is anchored deep enough within you, when holidays or the like roll around, you'll maintain your chosen lifestyle without batting an eye.  Because at that point it isn't a “diet” any more, it has become your “way” of life.  For me, my decision to follow a paleo diet is simply based on how it makes me feel.  I know that after following this program for the past year that any deviation from it results in me feeling lethargic, heavy and clumsy.  When I eat clean, I feel energetic, sleep better and my general nature is more positive.  Not to mention I find that my workouts are better, too!  Clean fuel in, high-octane output out!

Remember, we're not perfect.  We have our moments of weakness (mine happened to me yesterday with a brief Easter encounter with Cadbury eggs — they're  definitely not Paleo friendly), but in recognizing our deviation and the fact that a slight course correction will have us back on target, then all is well.  Remember, in the words of a great trainer, OPT says:  “Nothing tastes as good as lean!”

Saturday's Crossfit Renegade WOD:  3 rounds for time

  • 100 m Run;
  • 50 x push-ups;
  • 100 m Run;
  • 50 x sit-ups;
  • 100 m Run;
  • 50 x air squats;
  • 100 m Run;
  • 50 x back extensions (on the GHD machine).

My time to complete was 21:46.

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