The Whole Food Project

I felt a great sense of honor when I was asked to be interviewed as the “fitness expert” for The Whole Food Project.


The Whole Food Project, an online community dedicated to “going clean by living a healthier life free of chemicals and toxins”, is an organization devoted to the preservation of natural and clean alternatives to chemicals.  They take a fun, easy approach to educating oneself about all the alternatives to our “fast food” lifestyles.  The best part?  You will become healthier and happier guaranteed with only a few small changes in how you look at your world.  Changing habits for the better is what they specialize in!


Have a peak at the below video and if interested in checking out the full length version along with access to 1,000's of articles, videos and online tools, join the The Whole Food Project community.



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  1. Wow that is so amazing Dai <3 ox

  2. You deserved that video! You have worked hard and it shows! Thank YOU for the opportunity Dai!

  3. We had a great time coming out to CrossFit Fitness Town in Burnaby to have an interview with you Dai!

    It was so motivating to watch people that take their personal goals and health so seriously and it shows!

    We hope your interview will inspire others to take that first step and keep moving forward!

    We look forward to having you again.

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