Be your passions! Live your dreams! Be influential and impress positive changes in the world!

Three incredibly powerful statements on their own and when aligned together in a single sentence, can inspire change within any arena you play. I play in the health and fitness arena – and I play BIG!

I'm an engaged member in many forums on and offline. Lately I've overheard and participated in conversations focusing on the “things we do” and “why we do them“. In listening to other people's thoughts, opinions and motivations, it really gets me thinking about my personal “why” for “what I do“.

And note, I'm grateful for the incredible people in my life that help, inspire and encourage me in all my endeavors. Without the support, encouragement and positive vibes from my wife, Christie, my amazing children, and endless amount of friends on and offline, I wouldn't be where I am today doing the things I love most to do. So with that, THANK YOU! 

Make a commitment to improve your health... 31 days of workouts, emailed daily. Hoorah!

Make a commitment to improve your health… 31 days of workouts, emailed daily. Hoorah!

Each and every person in this group exudes a passion for helping others lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Through personal experience in the 16 years I've been in the health/fitness industry, I've found that “showing” and not “telling” people how to lead a healthy lifestyle is key. Over the last 5 years participating in the CrossFit world I've found one thing for sure, people come in droves wanting to improve their health and fitness, but it is the COMMUNITY there within that keeps them engaged, having fun and getting results.

Eat Less. Move More. Repeat often. That's the answer. Period

I realize that CrossFit is just one form of fitness and I urge many in my audience to just keep moving… whatever excites them, brings a smile to their faces and ultimately becomes an habitual daily ritual that encourages improved health – DO IT! AND DO IT OFTEN!

I've tried to make fitness fun for many, and ultimately create a community of people on-line that can come together and celebrate their victories, console their losses, and at the end of the day feel that they are “connecting” with others on a similar path.

To get a sense of that, check out the FREE “31 Day Challenge” I just launched. Visit the page, sign up, then join the Facebook group… you'll see what I'm talking about.

This is how it all starts. We have to lead the charge through our actions and become an accountability coach to one another.

Well, that's my 2 cents.  Happy New Year to all of you!

Yours in Health,

Dai “Moose” Manuel

… PS: stay tuned for more from WOD 24/7 in the coming weeks

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