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Propel Brand Ambassador BadgeDo you ever have those moments where something absolutely amazing just happens? You know, one of those moments where you sit back and think to yourself “whoa, how can it get any better than this?”

2014 just got Awesomer!

Well that just happened to me and is taking 2014 to a new level of awesomeness!

I’m both excited and extremely honored to announce my Brand Ambassadorship with Propel. With over 1,000 applicants spreading from all parts of North America, rallying for only one of five spots, I’m feeling very fortunate to be selected.

A Propel Brand Ambassador: Walk the walk, talk the talk

Just one of the cool branding images from last year's Propel campaign

Just one of the cool branding images from last year's Propel campaign

When asked to submit my application for consideration, Propel’s Brand Ambassador's qualities and characteristics resonated with me. Propel Brand Ambassadors are:

“…real people; informed; interested in sharing the journey; relatable, raw and genuine; sometimes intense but grounded in reality; personable, honest and fun; interested in a well-balanced life, and long-term health; driven by individual, internal goals; and ultimately, are about more than the gym – family, friends, travel – fitness is a means to allow one to enjoy life more fully.”

When I read this I thought OMG, they wrote this with me in mind. LOL! Seriously, did they read my blog (or bug my home)? For a company to be so aligned with my personal passions, beliefs and vision, I was on it like a caveman on a T-rex thigh bone (#nomnom)!

I wanted nothing more than to immediately be a Propel Brand Ambassador and thankfully they felt the same way.

Being a Propel Brand Ambassador is nothing short of awesome!

Being a Brand Ambassador is nothing short of awesomeness incarnate. It comes packed with a ton of great opportunities to experience once in a lifetime trips, events and everything in between.  In March, they’re flying us to L.A. or NYC for a 4 day multi-media shoot, where we’ll be filmed and photographed as we’re put through the paces in celebrity trainer one-on-one workouts… On top of this trip are exclusive entries to various races around the U.S., special event days and shows, and a slew of other incredible media opportunities where the Propel Ambassador team will participate and chronicle all our experiences as they happen.

Great photo care of the "Fit Foodie", Lee Hersh

Great photo care of the “Fit Foodie”, Lee Hersh

And as Lee says, it's great to be a part of the #PropelFit team, check out these uber cool peeps' blogs and profiles:

Can’t get more awesome than that can it? Well, YES, it can… follow along online with Propel and the rest of the Propel Ambassadors on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too.


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