eat to live, don't live to eat - benjamin franklinDo you EAT to LIVE or LIVE to EAT?

Semantics perhaps, but if you are really honest with yourself; which one best describes your way of being?

For many of us, nutrition is a daily battle that often ends with feelings of frustration rooted in our failure to follow a plan. Our performance both in life and in sport is directly affected by what we eat and how we augment our nutrition with supplementation.

Ask yourself this question: Are you winging it or do you have a “peak performance plan”?

Every person’s requirements in terms of specific quantities of specific macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients are different depending on a multitude of factors, but that doesn't mean that we can’t all agree on a set of basic principles. After all, health doesn't have to be difficult if you follow the…

4 Principles to obtain Optimum Nutrition for Peak Performance

1. Adopt a Champion’s Mindset

Adopting the mentality of a champion doesn't have to mean striving to be better than everyone else, but it does mean being the best that you can be.

Click on image to see full size version of the Anatomy of the Champion Mindset [image care of]

Click on image to see full size version of the Anatomy of the Champion Mindset [image care of]

This certainly doesn't mean having to sacrifice your personal life to make sure all of your meals are perfectly measured to the gram and eaten at a specific time of day; it means adjusting to the daily or even hourly ebb and flow of life, and handling the challenges and obstacles that are thrown your way.

2. Get Flexible

An extension of the champion's mindset is to be willing to bend the rules a little.

Sure, having a set plan is a recipe for success, but fretting over that extra slice of pizza or because you forgot to take your dose of creatine yesterday is only going to do more harm than good.


Remember! Excuses are just bad habits in disguise

Never lose sight of the long-term plan; the bigger picture, and this will help to keep smaller day-to-day issues in perspective. Flexible dieting is a great way of securing your long-term success.

3. Don’t Succumb to Excuses

The road to mediocrity and disappointment is paved with excuses.

Being flexible with your lifestyle; skipping a workout here or cheating on your diet sometimes, does not mean throwing caution to the wind and thinking you can be at your best on a diet of Pop Tarts and soda!

There will be times when you are stressed and tired; perhaps you had an argument with your partner or your boss is being a real , but instead of throwing in the towel and saying “I can’t,” this is the time to…

4. Get Angry!

I think Nike's history would have been very different with this slogan

I think Nike's history would have been very different with this slogan

If you truly want to be the best you that you can be then you’re going to have to get deadly serious about your goals.

Although the old Nike slogan of “Just do it” has become somewhat of a cliche over the years, there is a profound truth lurking in those words. Motivation much of the time comes from within and is rooted with a decision to act. If I could rewrite the slogan it would read “Just DID it”…

After all, there's much more power and positivity in being able to say I DID IT and not just thinking of the act itself.

There will always be haters, doubters, and general naysayers, so let your cynical coworkers and friends enjoy their lunch of refined sugars and pop because you are a champion and you are destined for peak performance!

What's your thoughts? Leave a comment below to chime in on what keeps you focused on your goals.

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If I could only choose 4 supplements to augment my sports nutrition foundation, this is what they'd be:


  1. ActivFuel+ – all about performance through increased energy, improved endurance, maintains stamina and endurance along with maintaining optimal hydration)
  2. BCAA + Creatine – performance benefits include assisted cell repair, prevent muscle catabolism, improved strength and power along with increased lean muscle mass.
  3. ActivRecover+ – performance, energy and vitality are all improved with rebuilding muscles, as well as reduction in DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) allowing for decreased exercise recovery time.
  4. Proteins+ – it's no secret, performance and weight management are key principles to focus on with a proper nutrition program enriched with additional high quality protein options.

If you don’t think supplementation is important, I beg to differ and tell you that IT MATTERS!

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