For the past week I've worked my hardest to stay in the “Hydration Zone” – not sure what I’m talking about? Don’t worry I’ll get to that in a moment.

Last week Propel challenged me to the #PropelFit Hydration Challenge.

To recap, here’s the challenge…

The #PropelFit Add Flavor / Hydration Challenge

For 7 days, my goal was to:

  1. Follow a personalized fluid replacement plan to prevent the consequences of excessive (>2% body weight loss) dehydration such as early fatigue, cardiovascular stress, increased risk of heat illness, and decreased performance.
  2. Monitor urine color throughout the day: “light like lemonade” (pale, light yellow) is an indication of proper hydration
  3. Aim to begin all workouts in a hydrated state: Practice a fluid replacement plan during your workouts based on my sweat rate
  4. Aim to replace both fluid and sodium lost through sweat
  5. Ensure rehydration after a workout: consume 20-24 ounces of fluid + sodium per pound lost

The first couple of days were great. I noticed a significant improvement in my workouts as well noticed that I didn’t have my usual mid-afternoon dip in energy. At those times I would normally make a shake or something, thinking that I needed food, but after completing this challenge I've come to learn that I was just dehydrated.

Propel_Hydration_ChallengeI started by implementing a daily habit whereby each morning I would drink 1 bottle of Propel first thing upon waking, followed up with my Bullet Proof coffee of course. This little extra step in my day made all the difference. I noticed improved energy, wasn't as hungry throughout the day, and when it came time to train, my energy levels were higher. (and by the way, as much water as I was drinking daily, I didn't wet the bed – LOL!)

When it came to effects on training, I noticed my hydration levels most affected my longer sustained workout sessions. I hike 2 or 3 times per week as part of a fundraiser called the Grind for Kids whereby I climb the Grouse Mountain which is 2.9 km straight up and collect donations and pledges from would be supporters. This workout takes me between 46 and 54 minutes depending whether I’m wearing my weighted vest or not. Earlier on in the season I would always take a bottle of liquid to hydrate throughout the climb, but recently since adopting the challenge I've been able to forego carrying the extra bottle and just get at it… and I feel perfectly awesome doing it!

What’s holding you back, you up for the 7 Day Hydration Challenge?

I encourage everyone, no matter your level of fitness, to try the 7 Day #PropelFit Hydration Challenge. It will teach you a new appreciation for your body and the effects of being well hydrated rather than dehydrated.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes.

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