The_Bullet_Proof_Exec_TeamOvereating and eating the wrong foods can cause bloating, digestive problems and that uncomfortable feeling. That uncomfortable feeling that you get is caused by gas and toxins being released into the digestive tract. Getting rid of that with a natural solution is possible!

For centuries, eastern medicine has used charcoal as the go-to method for stomach problems. The reason it works so much better than any other agent is the way it removes toxins. Rather than absorbing them, toxins actually bind to the charcoal and it’s millions of tiny pores. It can absorb up to 100 times it’s own weight in toxins. Highly efficient, as you can imagine!

Recently I connected with the Bullet Proof team at the CrossFit Games in L.A. and they asked me to give the new Upgraded Coconut Charcoal product a try.

And you know me, while trying a new supplement or the like, I always like to do some independent research of my own. And below is some of the benefits I found worked for myself as well as others whom have tried similar products.

Activated Charcoal: How does it work?

activated-charcoal-purest-formsThe surface of charcoal is porous and carries a negative charge. It attracts positively charged toxins and gas and helps remove them from the body quickly.

Foods which are processed cause a big problem with toxins. Eliminating them from your system is a great preventive way of reducing toxins from being there in the first place. However, we all know this is not always possible.

While there are several different forms of charcoal on the market, the more refined the charcoal, the better. Coconut charcoal includes a step in processing which removes the heavy metal toxins from them and produces finer grains. This makes it more efficient at binding to toxins in the body, but also makes it more expensive, with the extra processing required.

Healthy folks could use it, too… even for those who do not eat processed foods, cleansing the digestive tract is very important.

We accumulate toxins from the environment, air, and even healthy and whole foods.

Many of you know already that I'm a huge fan of Dave Asprey's Bullet Proof Coffee recipe and his newest book “The Bullet Proof Diet“, and he's done it again and created one of the best activated charcoal products on the market. Below is a quick video explaining a bit about what makes it so unique.

7 Benefits of Detoxifying the system with Activated Charcoal

  1. Increasing energy levels: People who detox report feeling more energized and alert!
  2. Ridding the body of excess waste: Naturally, a good bowel movement helps to remove the extra waste most people store. A good flush of the colon always helps with removing toxins!
  3. Aids in weight loss: Think of your body working in more efficient ways then ever before. There are no toxins distracting and slowing down body functions. Your body will become more efficient at burning energy and breaking down fat.
  4. Improves immune system: Similar to above, with a clean and clear system, your body is better able to detect and rid the body of bacteria and viruses which slow it down.
  5. Better hair: Toxins can cause hormones and proteins to be thrown off. Expect your hair to grow out cleaner, stronger and healthier than before.
  6. Clarity of the mind and quicker thinking: Think of toxins as plaques on the brain which get in the way. As your body is rid of toxins, people report feeling less foggy; it means neurons are better able to fire. You’ll feel more alert and sharper at thinking!
  7. Promotes Anti-aging: Overall, it is safe to say you’ll experience the benefits of anti-aging. Healthier organs, hair, skin, and brain all contribute to longevity and quality of life.

In my opinion, the benefits of activated coconut charcoal are great!

In a society where processed foods are the norm and farming is so commercialized, there needs to be an equal consideration for healthy cleanses. Not everyone can get their hands on whole organic foods, all the time!


And by the way, here's something else that Activated Charcoal is good for…

Hangover Hack with Activated Coconut Charcoal


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