The One Reason why Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit

When this post went live on January 21st, I had no idea that it would receive as much activity as it has. Many people have weighed in with their opinion (some of which based on the expletive nature has been removed) – but giving props to Brad, the author of this post, he's been responding to everyone. If you want to see some of the comments from Facebook, I've posted it here:

Do you agree this is this THE main reason why Bodybuilders dislike CrossFit so much?

Posted by Dai Manuel: Your Lifestyle Mentor on Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Bodybuilders hate CrossFit – and here's 11 reasons why:

  1. Those butterfly/kipping pull-ups look ridiculous and they are horrible form.
  2. Olympic lifting is fine but it was never meant to be done at high repetitions.
  3. CrossFit is not a sport either. People who do CrossFit are not athletes.
  4. CrossFit coaches are not really coaches. They take a weekend course and then come throw you into some crazy workout. [Note: In the fitness industry the difference between “trainer” and “coach” is important. While a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate requires a weekend seminar and exam, one does not earn the title of CrossFit Coach until CrossFit Level 4, which requires hundreds of hours of on the job experience, several courses, exams, a real time coaching evaluation by our seminar staff, etc.]
  5. Professional and Olympic athletes would never use CrossFit for training.
  6. The girls have big shoulders and big butts. Who wants to look like that?
  7. CrossFit can make you extremely sore and under the right circumstances, it can lead to Rhabdo, a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.
  8. If Rhabdo doesn't get you, there is a really good chance you are going to get injured. Have you heard about the study Ohio State did on CrossFit workouts. It resulted in a 16% injury rate. That's not good. [Note to Reader: The 16% incidence rate came from a study that has some major problems. Both CrossFit Inc and the CrossFit gym the study took place at are suing the NSCA for knowingly publishing fraudulent information there. You can read more about that situation here.]
  9. Besides, if I wanted to do high intensity training, I would just take one of the circuit classes at my gym. It's the same thing.
  10. I would never spend hundreds of dollars per month for a CrossFit membership, that's just crazy.
  11. And Rich Froning uses steroids.

But that’s NOT why bodybuilders really hate CrossFit…

CrossFit is bothering Bodybuilders

There is something bothering bodybuilders. More people are interested in CrossFit now than in bodybuilding.

Google Analytics CrossFit Bodybuilding
(chart taken from Google trends)

You can’t get away from it.

The CrossFit boxes (CrossFit calls their gyms “boxes”) are popping up everywhere and people are talking about it on social media.

Regardless of the current trend, bodybuilders don’t want to drink the kool aid. Here’s why:


Bodybuilders Don’t Hate CrossFit, they hate Intensity

Bodybuilders don’t hate CrossFit, they hate intensity.

Think about most bodybuilding workouts. Typically low repetition workouts, between 1-10 reps, with the occasional super-set or burnout. What is cardio for most bodybuilders? 20 minutes on the treadmill or the bike.

They don’t like it when you are grunting in the gym or slamming weights (typically occurs in a high intensity workout).

You can still look (and smell) good after a bodybuilding workout.

Here is the difference between CrossFit and Bodybuilding

We know you think the butterfly pull-ups are horrible form. I am not going to argue that point. Checkout this video to learn about the mechanics of butterfly pull-ups and the correct (and incorrect) way to perform them.

A butterfly pull-up performed with correct form, is safer than a strict pull up with broken form.

The form argument is another discussion.

With that aside, I think everyone would agree that doing 45 pull-ups and 45 thrusters (aka the “Fran” workout) in 2:30 seconds is going to be much more intense that doing the same amount of reps with strict pull-ups and taking 10 minutes to do so.

Think about running a mile. Which is more intense: Running a 10:00 minute mile or a 6:00 mile? You are going to get two very different experiences and your body will get two very different workouts.

Running probably didn't start out as a competition until someone defined a set distance (26.2). Once people had a definition, a competition was born.

CrossFit set a definition for many movements such as Olympic lifting, endurance sports, and gymnastics movements and just like the running example above, a competition was born.

The sport of CrossFit, the athletes and the coaches

olympic ringsYes, I called it a sport.

Sooner or later it will be in the Olympics. Bodybuilding will never be an Olympic event, here’s why:

If you were to look at the TV ratings for Olympic events, the top rated events are the most intense: soccer, swimming, track and field (especially the 100 meter sprint, aka. the fastest man alive), and gymnastics. In the winter Olympics the top rated events are also the most intense: snowboard half-pipe, four-man bob sled, figure skating, alpine skiing, and hockey.

People want to watch intensity.


Because the more intense a sport is, the more difficult it becomes. People like to see how far you are able to push the human body and that comes from intensity.

Take a look at a bodybuilding competition versus a CrossFit competition.

You will see the difference: intensity

Last time I checked, Olympians were considered athletes and so are people who do CrossFit.

Lets look at some of the elements of CrossFit: A mix of Olympic lifting, running, rowing, gymnastics and more. Are any of those in the Olympics?

As for the coaches, this is where you have to be smart and do a little research. All coaches are not created equal. Why do some coaches produce the top athletes and teams while others don’t? Good coaches and bad coaches.

If you wanted to go to the Olympics for gymnastics, you probably would look around your area to see who the best coaches are. If one of your local coaches has taken someone to the Olympics, that would probably be the coach you would want to pair up with (even if it was a commute to get there).

My recommendation to find a good coach: Visit the CrossFit games website and look at which CrossFit boxes are producing the top teams in their region on the leader-boards. If a box is consistently producing top results year after year, they are more likely to have good coaching.

Who wants to look like a CrossFit athlete

Womens CrossFit BodyBodybuilders look great. Men and women who do bodybuilding workouts have great bodies.

With CrossFit you can have a great body and functional fitness.

My wife was a gymnast and one thing that has held her back from CrossFit is that she does not want to look bulky. I reminded her that her gymnastic body was more muscular than her current body and she looked great as a gymnast.

Top CrossFit girls do a LOT of Olympic lifting, so they tend to be bigger than most CrossFit girls. The same is true of the top CrossFit guys.

If you do competition programming, you will get a little more bulky than if you were doing main site programming from

Just choose a goal and start attacking it. Do you want to be a competitor or do you want to just have functional fitness?

This is who will get Rhabdo

Yes, rhabdo is from intense workouts. Did you hear that the University of Iowa football team once got Rhabdo? Football players should not workout anymore, right?

Or was this an isolated incident that all football players and teams can learn from?

Just like the example above, Rhabdo is always a risk when you are performing low to medium weights at high repetition and also at high intensity. Learn from it and move on. The entire college football community moved on and so should we.

People at the highest risk for Rhabdo are typically people who have taken a break and are still in great shape and then jump right back into some crazy workout their first day back. Be smart about training.

If you have taken some time off, ease back into the first week of training.

A football player wouldn't quit the game due to the risks of rhabdo. Don’t avoid achieving élite fitness because you are concerned about the risks. If you are concerned, learn the warning signs and move on.

The cost of CrossFit is worth it

Yes, your gym membership costs a few dollars a month and a CrossFit gym membership costs a few hundred. But guess what, its worth it.

Here’s why.

If you ever got the chance to workout with a team of any kind, you know the competitiveness of the group always pushes you harder.

This extra 5-10% push will help you achieve results faster, give you motivation on a daily basis, and will make your experience much more fun.

Don’t forget about the experience. Why do you go to the movies and pay so much money for a movie ticket and popcorn?

For the experience.

The experience of CrossFit is much more fun and desirable in a CrossFit gym with people around, with the proper equipment, and with trainers to guide you.

Steroids – the debate continues

I am sure there are people in CrossFit who use steroids.

It's a competition.

The higher the stakes, the more people will tend to cheat. It happens in all levels of athletics and I think we would be naïve to say it doesn't happen in CrossFit.

But, CrossFit upholds very strict standards. They have a drug policy and they definitely enforce it. So just like any other athletic event, its your body and it’s the risk you take.

Rich Froning has never been caught using steroids. So to this point, he is all natural.

Come and drink our kool-aid

My challenge to bodybuilders: Its time to man up.

I know you put in work at the gym and you are highly motivated. But its time to get off that comfort zone couch and see what you can do with this machine you call your body.

Take a little sip of the kool-aid before you pour yourself a glass.

Start doing some thrusters and pull-ups each week and then attempt to do Fran (21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups) in your gym and see where you stack up.

You will hate it and love it at the same time.

It's a thin line between love and hate.

Brad_Chase_HeadshotAuthor Bio: A little bit about Brad Chase

“I am a catholic, a husband, a dad, and a CrossFit athlete. Thanks for reading my article. I have been doing CrossFit since 2007 and I have a Level 1 certificate which makes me clearly qualified to talk about CrossFit. I have competed at regionals on a team in the Northwest and in Canada West. I also created a warm-up and mobility generator called WarmobilitY.”

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  1. To each their own. It shouldnt matter which form of fitness someone is involved in as long as theyre off their asses moving! As far as the hatred goes, each side has their bad raps, but that shouldnt determine the total image of that sport. The hate for one another probably stems from some sort of ignorance and/or bias and the unwillingness to be open minded. I come from a bodybuilding background; my dad was a powerlifter/bodybuilder and I a physique competitor, but my girlfriend does crossfit.

    The only thing that I do disagree about your article is that “bodybuilders hate intensity.” I find that statement far from the truth. I challenge anyone to do a workout with me in the gym, better yet, a workout with Phil Heath and tell me it’s not intense. As far as the cardio goes, same thing. Bodybuilder cardio is based on the body needs. One week one could do 20-30 minutes of cardio for 2-3 days, the next 4 days, not to mention the weekend bootcamps that I would do. Conditioning plays a huge part on stage and conditioning doesnt just mean how quick someone loses their breath. Bodybuilders and Crossfitters have different goals in mind, so the two shouldnt be compared anyways. In the end, both sides should just stop “hating” on each other and embrace the culture of general fitness!

    • Tory, I loved your comments and perspective. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Totally agree with you ¡ 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with you Troy. I am an NPC bikini competitor and it’s kind of insulting to me to deem cardio workouts as 20 minutes on the treadmill or bike. HIIT cardio for NPC competitions is just as challenging as a crossfit workout, and some of us do it for an hour.

    • I have been happy for every CrossFitter I’ve ever met. When they start pushing me into doing it is when I get pissed off. It’s a freaking cult if you ask me. They tell us to keep an open mind, but they do not back down when I say it’s not for me. Are we in middle school people? Why the peer pressure? Why the hypocrisy?

    • It just might fit their way of thinking.
      They are sensitive to what others do and think of them.That’s why they love to workout in groups. Alone.. they are just that, alone. Maybe they haven’t got the motivation to workout being alone?
      I find it a weird phenomenon, those hyped up ways of working out they do.
      They don’t look tough, as they might think, rather ridiculous.

    • Doesn’t matter what the subject is, people always tend to think the thing the decided to do is the best and try to push other into that directions. Their intention isn’t bad, just a bit to much enthousiasm and to little consideration for other choices/facts. Especially teenagers do this.

    • This guy gets it

  2. As a female who moved from doing crossfit for four years and just recently competed in a bodybuilding competition (Nov. 22) I have a lot to say about this. I had to stop doing crossfit in May 2014 when I found out I have two herniated discs in my low back from doing crossfit…before the injury I was in great shape! stronger and faster than ever…but asthetically not so good. blocky I would say…no curves just square shaped. and pudgey. and I was very into paleo..meat good carbs bad!
    I have good things to say about crossfit and bad things. When I first started in 2010 I had a great box. I moved and the box I went to was like the Wal-Mart of CF…too many members not enough coaches all about that $$ making. I got a little over zealous in a workout and seriously injured my back in July 2013 and finally found the reason almost a year later…
    Once I stopped CF in May and started training for my competition my back pain stopped and I started looking AWESOME. Like never before. and I ate SO MANY CARBS (non-paleo ones) I got ripped AF.
    As for high intensity I did numerous beach sprints and sprints on the stair master and HIITs that made me HELLA fast. I’m in the military as mile and a half run time went from 11:13 (doing CF) to 10:35 (training for my body building competition).

    I’m not hating on CF bc I think it benefitted me in many aspects: muscle mass, form, lifting, etc but it did not help my competitive nature against others or the poor coaching I received. My current trainer has a masters in exercise science and nutrition…a normal CF coach has a weekend of level one training…who is more reliable? Like I said there are good and bad things…I just prefer being injury free and looking awesome.

    • Thanks for sharing Martha. I couldn’t agree more. A good trainer is better than a bad crossfit coach. And a good crossfit coach is better than a bad trainer.

      Unfortunately, many people have the experience you have due to coaching that could be improved.

      Its all about finding the right box. They are definitely not all created equal.

      Great job on the accomplishments by the way and I hope you stay injury free and continue to look awesome.

    • I agree that both can be good. It all depends on what your goals are and what interests you. The thing that I find humorous that is constantly brought up is the whole weekend certification for a Crossfit coach making them unqualified. That statement only disqualifies any defense for using a personal trainer at a gym also because they can take a test and get certified in a day. I have a degree in exercise science and fitness management and was a certified personal trainer for years. I do Crossfit now and love it, but understand it may not be for everyone. Their are many bad personal trainers at the gym that only took a test and got certified, just like their are Crossfit coaches that are not good at it, and some that only own the box to make money. People need to assess their goals and research the box/gym, and coach/trainer where they want to go.

    • Martha, you just said YOU got overzealous. How is that CF’s fault? Make a bad cut in soccer and you’ll tear an acl, people do soccer for fitness all the time. I’m tired of defending CF, if yo don’t like it, don’t do it and stop “caring” about the people who do!

    • Because it’s the mentality that all ‘boxes’ push for… I have yet seen a person doing crossfit doing lifts with proper form or weight proper for their abilities. These ‘coaches’ are going to get people seriously hurt. And the idea of beating a time on lifts as complex as Olympic lifts is just irresponsible.

    • Well here i am then. I just returned from a CF bootcamp. In a “one rep max Dead Lift” workout – I (95kg male 35 y old) have been asked to get a hollow stick first, then an empty bar. After that checked up for form up to 70 kgs two reps and scaled back to 50kgs 5 rep. And THAT was it…
      Felt a bit dissapointed until the second coach came to me and said “Don,t you worry – this technique and proper form will be with you forever. You are doing very good!”

      It all depends on finding a good mentor. In both activities.

    • Well said, Nikolai. Coaching makes all the difference.

    • 10:35 is fast?

    • thats 6.9 a mile. That’s good!

    • 6.9 per mile is terrible for such a short amount of running. I say this as a track runner btw. For such a short distance she should be hitting 6 minutes per mile at least if it’s competitive.

    • For me it is opposite. I suffered from 3 herniated lower back discs, a torn ACL, all before performing crossfit.
      Working with Personal Trainers, classes in Gyms incl. Free weights did not prevent frequent back pain despite stabilization excercises (4-5 x a week).
      After starting with crossfit getting stronger (eg from a 230 deadlift to 330 lbs or 200 lbs backsquat to 285 and from 135 to 190 bench press) but especially increasing my mobility really improved my back issues.
      On the other hand it’s great fun to learn new movements like handstand(-walk) with the age of 41.
      Independent of your sport of choice most athletes know when they skip form for numbers. I saw plenty of bodybuilders and crossfitters do so. Be smart and resist. It is your choice and not the choice of your coach, be responsible.
      In summary the diversity of crossfit made me within 1.5 yrs a better well rounded and PAIN free athlete than I ever was (former competitor in Tennis, field and track).

    • You say that your current trainer has a masters in exercise science and nutrition…and a normal CF coach has a weekend of level one training… I know quite a few CF Coaches with degrees in exercise science.

  3. I been in both sides and i got to tell that both are very intense in a different way .. I am a girl that has been lifting at the Gym for many years and i decided to do an experiment and I decided to join crossfit within a month my body started changing I look more bulky and square….but i got to tell that The crossfit comunity is very nice i love it sseriusly, i love the competitions i love the adrenaline I love the people, I love camille such a great athele and good i lo ve froning . ……. please people stop teasing each other both are great sports… people will choose the sport that they like,,, please people both got the same porpuse live a healthy life….. by the way i decided to go back to the Gym i didn’t like the way my body was changing but I like to see crossfit competitions

    sorry for my english hope you understand

  4. This article should be headed as… “Why everybody should hate CrossFit?”
    I am appalled at what they attempt to call ‘training’ at CrossFit ‘boxes’. The fact that it takes 2 short days to become a ‘qualified trainer’ and/or ‘box’ owner says it all!!

    As a qualified and experienced fitness and Pilates instructor I am astonished at the number of clients that are referred to me with countless injuries and rather horrible looking bodies, never mind the major surgery cases that myself and other professionals are working with.

    The only reason that CrossFit is doing so well is because of the marketing team that they have. But one seems to forget that the big dogs who have come up with the marketing campaigns and training systems have probably never been athletes or go to the gym everyday. This is just one huge money making business that is destroying people’s bodies and lives!

    It saddens me to know that the general population know nothing about correct training techniques and international fitness organizations, like CrossFit, are taking advantage of this fact. I hope that one day soon people will realise the harsh realities about this ‘sport’ and that fitness professionals out there will impart the knowledge of correct training methods and techniques to their clients.

    • It takes one class to become a Pilates instructor. Heck maybe even online.

    • No it doesn’t? Where’d u get that info?? Pilates is hours and hours of training and there are many different levels at which u must be tested on to be certified to teach. So your response is absurd.

    • I have completed over 400 hours of Pilates instructor training plus passed 6 exams and I’m still not fully certified yet. I have approximately 200 hours, 3 exams, and a case study still to do. One class/online… have no idea what you are talking about!

    • WOW! now that’s commitment! Amazing.

    • Whats your OT Level?

    • LOL… Pilates…

    • Hi Nick,

      You bring up some good points. Crossfit gives people certificates from a 2 day course, but to actually be called a crossfit trainer it takes more training (see point #4 at the top of the page).

      Crossfit is doing well because it is based on science. If you have a certain level of fitness in crossfit, its a good indicator of your actual health. People who can do Fran (21-15-9) with an excellent time will generally have great health. People who cannot do Fran in a great time will correlate more and more to poor health.

      If you spread this out across 5 benchmark workouts, you will be able to get a good understanding of not just your fitness, but your actual health.

      The thing that draws people into crossfit is real data and real results. Crossfit gives you data to show how you compare to people in your gym and people across the world. This can be an eye opener and a huge motivator.

    • Doing cross fit better then your friends don’t mean your healthier then them
      And the data in cross fit is bull in showing true fitness as your technique makes a big difference so you could have some one with much better fitness with poor technique. Cross fit is a dangers way of getting fit you could get just as fit and strong doing sensible forms of training cross fit is could for short term fitness because your body can only take a very limited amount of this type of training. Fitness and health is a life time and with cross fit you won’t be fit for long it causes to much damage . And Body building is not really much better if you dont stick to strict form when lifting weights and making cardio apart of your training all year round most body builders cut the cardio down off season right down which is not fit at all.
      But at the end of the day both cross fit and body building take allot of commitment at elite level high reps or low reps slow or fast it can hurt just as much dead lifting 400lb for 6 reps or 200lb for 20 reps body builder/cross fit not for the weak and yet neither ideal for long life fitness.

    • Functional strength

      Listen mate I dont want to bash you or nothing. But running fast or having high endurance means nothing for your health. It just means you have high endurance nothing more nothing less. Crossfit is always talking about functional strength. If this is the case why cant most crossfitters do intermediate strength exercises such as the front lever back lever or even the ring dip lean. Why cant most crossfiters perform a true strict muscle up with no kipping. Why are dragonflags and human flags so difficult for them? The answer to all these questions is that they are not building functional strength. Good vardiovascular health yes. However when you hit the age of 50 and up its going to be very hard to maintain those workouts without the proper fundemental base strength. Fuctional strength is life long strength and unfortunately that is not what crossfit gives you. Look at the most recent games if you need proof. If the worlds greatest athletes were dropping like flies and getting seriously injured I think its proof that these exercises ar not good for the human body. In fact I believe they destroy it. But thats just my 2 cents i could totally be wrong and just not understand the intracacies of crossfit. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your article I appreacciate the time and effort you put into it.


      I know many “personal trainers” that took their certification online and paid $50.

      Get outta here.

  5. This is total shit. Whoever wrote this should pull their head out of their ass!!! This is coming from a bodybuilder. Fitness is fitness. When America is plagued with obesity, any form of fitness should be encouraged.

  6. I’ve used circuit training (which is what crossfit essentially is) in the past as part of my fight camp so it does have a use. To each their own i guess but I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t chose a real sport like, boxing, rugby, judo instead of being really good at working out?

    • What an odd list of sports. Boxing isn’t a sport anymore, the last Mayweather fight proved that. Rugby and Judo? Are you high?

    • Judo and rugby are both very intensive sports.

    • So you are a saying boxing is not a sport based on a Fight? Stupidest comment I haveve heard. No wonder people make fun of crossfitters.

  7. I am not sure what bodybuilders the author has watched, but “still look and smell good after a bodybuilding workout”? Are you serious? Did you actually call bodybuilders pussies and tell them to man up. This is the reason people hate you crossfitters. Bunch of douchebags. Doing something really shitty and fast does not make it intense. Do a bit of reading on Dorian Yates, you moron.

    • James, YOU are a douchebag! Get over yourself

    • No, I agree with James, and I’m neither a Crossfitter nor a bodybuilder (I just love to workout and lift)

      I think most people weight lifting could smack around the typical crossfitter like a rag doll

    • And the intensity part is pure bs, If your bodybuilding routine isn’t super intense, you’re probably doing it wrong.

    • You also doing bodybuilding wrong if it is as intensive as a crossfit training is. Bodybuilding is about building muscle, that requires a lower intensity and higher weights. A bit like the bodybuilding vs powerlifting, where powerlifters take more rest and highter weight.

    • In what reality are high weights not intense?

    • That would be this reality.

      The weight that is being lifted says nothing about the intensity. E.g. some with 6 months of training thinks a deadlift of 1.5 times his bodyweight is intense. Someone past his first year thinks 2 – 2.5 his bodyweight his intens. Most people with more years behind them easily see 2 times their weight as warming up or use that weight in their rest/deload weeks.

      I seriously doubt people that don’t know about the difference in volume/intensity/rest/etc between crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc. Those people should stop reading magazines and broscience on forums.

      Hint: it has nothing to do with the

    • What exactly did he say that makes him a douchebag?

    • body builders are d bags

    • And I love your reasoning behind it. Sounds like a crossfit comment: looking for attention with no logic backing it

    • wtf is a crossfit comment

    • lololol!!

    • Yeah, they should watch Dorian Yate’s training videos if they want to learn about intensity.

    • watch Kevin Levrone and Tell me about intensity.

    • I have watched them, buddy. There is no comparison.

    • Yes!!! “Drink the Kool Aid Man!!! The Kool Aid!!!”

    • Did you like it?

    • Dorian yates? That would be that dude on roid that earn his money by making bald claims and promoted every supplement know to men kind. Noone who knows his business takes his writings/vids serious.

      P.s. I’m just dissing his mental capacities, not his fysical ones.
      He looked unbelievable in his prime years, must have worked hard for it. Although most dutch people are much larger then his 1.80m which is below the avarage length of girls in the netherlands and I easily had 18 cm on him, I still though he looked bad ass.

    • ” I’m just dissing his mental capacities, not his fysical ones”: Since the discussion is about physical training, then you agreed with what I said.

    • Yeh, I mostly agree with you, depends on the movie though. Would help for people if you mention what vid you are talking about.

      Disclaimer: Before a starting atlethe looks to dorians training as a example: Dorian yates and the likes are a bad example for natural bodybuilders. Without juice human body does not recover fast enough.

    • Thank you James… My thoughts exactly.. Nothing against crossfit but i have something against these people who constantly demean everything except crossfit.. no reason to tell someone who is doing something different to MAN UP….

    • This is sooo true! Plus if u think crossfit makes good look on gals then i need to correctthethe statement that weightlifting and bodybuilding in general wayyyy more effective in sculping the ideal could choose suitable exercises and routine to improve certain body part which means its more flexible. In my opinion, crossfit gals pretty much build their body towards men’s silhouette with wide lats, thick waist, big quads but not enough glute. This probally is due to its main exercises (for examples squats and deadlifts too much create thicker waist and dont activate glute enough). I dont think everybody has the same perspectives and lots of pple still think those bodies look hot but just saying compared with bodybuilding, this is wayyy more inferior since crossfit ‘s main purpose is NOT about sculping body.

    • Body builders… Crossfit… Both man up. Pull ya heads in. Do what you enjoy. Soccor? Afl? You think they bitch about what’s better? What injuries you can sustain from doing either? Pretty sure they respect each other for what they love and what they put there time into. I do both and yes I enjoy one more than the other but who cares? The way I see it I’m not at home sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself I’m out there doing something. Isn’t that all that matters? Good lord people it’s not sides here it’s 2 different types of training and you are all individual people who will enjoy and get more out of one than the other and that’s it. If your all gonna bitch and moan about the pros and cons of either then your obviously showing your insecurities with what your doing. Do your own thing, worry about what someone else is doing, it’s only gonna effect you, your the only one suffering for it. Your all legends you all train hard. Motivate people, train on ??

  8. When done right, with a good coach, I think Crossfit is excellent. It get’s people training in a group, having fun and staying motivated. I couldn’t resist though, and I have to make a few comments.
    The word “intensity” is used a lot in this article, and I’m usually not one to pick on semantics, but when I hear the word “intensity” I think exercise intensity. Not “level of excitement” or whatever the author is using it to mean in this article. Exercise intensity is about high energy output in a short amount of time. A calmly performed 1RM Snatch is more “intense” than “Grace” the WOD, even if the person performing Grace is sweating bullets, screaming and slamming bars.
    Crossfit in it’s current form will never be in the Olympics. I’m not saying that Crossfiters are not athletic, but “Crossfit” is a business, it is “Crossfit Inc.” Nobody can put on a competition and call it a Crossfit Competition without the blessing of HQ. For that reason, it is not a “sport” as defined by the IOC. Don’t mistake Crossfit Inc with a sporting governing body. Also, it looks like Crossfit does indeed have a relatively detailed anti-doping policy, but unless it adheres to WADA rules, the IOC wouldn’t event consider it (testing in a WADA approved lab is not the same as WADA testing standards.)
    Anyway, I just felt the need to add my 2cents.

    • I totally agree Walt. A one rep max can be extremely intense. In another form, Grace can be more intense. Having your heart rate max out for a few minutes while doing grace is the intensity that will challenge your fitness and your mind.

      Crossfit being an olympic sport is purely speculation on my part.

  9. Brad Chase, you are both biased and sickeningly misinformed. It is actually hard for me to believe that you would call yourself a professional in any faction of the fitness industry after having read this article. And I am speaking as someone who has lived in fitness and training across the board for over a decade, to include both bodybuilding and Crossfit. You should re-evaluate the extent of your blatantly lacking knowledge-base and experience in terms of training styles before you ever choose to write on these topics again.

  10. If you want clickbait, take a completely one sided view and insult the other side in a condescending manner. It really is that easy.

  11. My Dad was a bodybuilder, in track when he was younger, and I’ve lifted weights and participated in sports my whole life. I do crossfit because I like high intensity workouts. That doesn’t mean that my dad or anyone who does any other physical exercise isn’t an athlete… or that crossfit is a better workout. Doing ANYTHING is better than nothing, and that’s what I encourage people to do. Do what you like, whether that’s lifting, crossfitting, pilates, yoga, HITT, p90x, swimming, walking.. I don’t care what it is, if you like it and you’re keeping to it to stay healthy, then good for you! This is why people hate crossfit, because people like you try to say it’s better than other sports. Highlight the exciting things about crossfit, but don’t talk down about other people’s passions. That’s exactly what you did.

    • This. What Christina said. CF began in a garage with a bunch of people who liked to throw down hard to improve their lives OUTSIDE of the box. Not to see who could get the best times IN the box. Then it hit mainstream, got commercialized, and perverted itself into elitist judgemental clique. Okay, so you like it, so you drank the kool-aid with the biggest straw you could find, Great! But don’t go hating on someone else because they chose a different path. Haters gonna hate. And, it’s crap like this that reminds me why I miss old school CF – before the damn Games and the notoriety. Just a bunch of people breaking themselves to better themselves for life OUTSIDE THE BOX!

  12. Crossfit is basically strongman with lighter implements, marketed to office workers.

  13. Lance armstrong is all natural.

  14. I love Crossfit!! I love bodybuilding!! I love them both!! Each sport takes an amazing amount of dedication and discipline to be the best in the world at it!! I appreciate that!! GO Rich Froning!! GO Phil Heath!! 🙂

  15. You lost me at Catholic

  16. Yep keep telling yourself that dude…now pick up some weights and actually get a good workout! I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 yrs. My first crossfit experience started w/more then half the “class” injured in some fashion, a shoulder injury, calf pull, low back sprain etc.. I was like wtf is going on in here, then the “class” started, I realize why there was so many injuries. I’ve taught “high intensive classes” for years w/out ANY injuries. Sorry dude but there are safer ways of achieving a “high intensive” workout. I will never take/do another crossfit class again and NOT because it’s too hard, (Cause it wasn’t ) I will never do it again because it’s not safe!!!!

    • Michelle, unfortunately this is the experience many crossfit athletes have. There are good coaches and bad coaches. Like you said, if you look around and everyone is injured, get out. Find a different coach.

  17. I’ve been a bodybuilder way before CF existed. I’ve done plenty of strength training for my sport before that, too. Then, CF came into my life. All I can say is “bodybuilders” are kind and considerate at a fitness center and crossfitters, well, they just need to stay away from fitness centers. Each have their own intensities for what is the aim for achievements. And, those of you that find derogatory nick names for crossfitters and bodybuilders, you’re just an average joe or plain jane that has no right to say anything.

  18. Christian Thibaudeau

    I want to start my comment by saying that in my career I have trained athletes from 27 different sports. And I will say that Crossfit athletes are the ones I enjoy working with the most. I have trained (strength and weightlifting portion) Crossfit competitors of Regionals and even Games (team) level.

    I’ve personally competed in olympic lifting and bodybuilding. I did a strongman competition and trained for Crossfit for 4 months even doing a 24 hours Crossfit marathon.

    Keep that in mind when you read my opinion.

    The point that I’m not in agreement with is the “hate intensity” part. Especially since you mention lower reps and longer rest as your gauge for intensity. By that standard you pretty much say that those who use lower reps and longer rest are scared of hard work. Well that means that olympic lifters, powerlifters and throwers, who train with much lower reps than bodybuilders, do less volume and take longer rest are even lazier! And what about 100m sprinters who do work for less than 20 seconds a clip? I’ve trained with a top level sprinter and we took up to 6 minutes of rest between 60m sprints… are all sprinters lazy and afraid of intensity too? And what about gymnasts? Sure they spend a lot of time in the gym, but they have VERY long rest periods and rarely do intense efforts for long. Lazy too?

    Hard work is hard work. So work is hard because you are moving very heavy weights, so work is hard because you are in deep lactic acid from doing a high rate of work some work is hard because of the high skill component.

    From having worked with athletes in so many sports and doing plenty of different sports myself I can say that anybody who works hard (which to me means doing as much as you can to improve at the fastest possible rate in your sport/activity of choice) deserves respect.

    I have trained IFBB pro bodybuilders… could they do Fran in less than 4 minutes? I wouldn’t bet on it. but then again their goal is to build as much muscle as possible. Working hard for them is doing everything they can to stimulate maximum muscle growth. You can like it or not (I’m not a bodybuilding fan myself) but not every bodybuilder hates intensity.

    I agree with you that Crossfit being popular might be part of the reason why it’s hated on. But do you think that bodybuilders go on Google Trends or Alexa to see how Crossfit views are progressing compared to bodybuilding? I doubt it! BUT it is true that some bodybuilders might not like the fact that Crossfit is gaining mainstream acceptance so quickly while bodybuilding is still frowned upon. It’s a normal reaction IMHO: even if they don’t admit it EVERYBODY WANTS RECOGNITION AND RESPECT… everybody! And yes, bodybuilders might get a slight sting when they see even average box Crossfitters getting respect from random people whereas bodybuilders are often called douchebags when they go clubbing.

    But that’s not because of Crossfit. Sure they have great marketing. BUT have the greatest marketing team in the world and unlimited funding and a BAD idea that nobody wants to watch and it wont last long.. (remember the XFL?). Crossfit is getting popular and TV exposure because people like it and like watching it. From a marketing perspective Crossfit is a lot better product than bodybuilding. It is also a better product than olympic lifting. But you don’t see olympic lifters making fun of Crossfit athletes…. quite the contrary, many are joining them, helping them with their lifts, etc.

    Heck bodybuilders could actually gain some respect among Crossfit compettitors by teaching them methods to build muscle. A lot of Crossfit athletes have muscle imbalances that requires the use of optimal hypertrophy methods. Bodybuilders could help and everybody would be happier.

    • Crossfire competitor athletes don’t do Crossfit. They train properly for competing in the different areas of the sport. No athlete with any knowledge would try using Crossfit methods. Crossfit is absolutely terrible in the instruction it gives in a lot of the “boxes.”

  19. NOT gonna be an Olympic sport ok? U cant forget that. If that happens we might as well throw American ninja in too. So if u wanna do ur own crossfitt version of the Olympics, go ahead. Leave the real sports alone

  20. am not a crossfit fan but when I read articles I try to be unbiased. As I was reading I was like great article until I read this “A butterfly pull-up performed with correct form, is safer than a strict pull up with broken form.” So your still telling me it’s not safe, it’s just safer. Sounds like the article is a justification piece, also the piece about the University of Iowa that was condemned by other institutions and clearly was stupidity. I am in no way saying I favor bodybuilding but this articles seems to say Crossfit is lesser of two evils, for lack of better word. I am still wondering why Crossfit is not endorsed by major universities strength or conditioning programs or professional sports teams. Just my two cents.

    • Thanks for the feedback Garza. There is a bit of a misconception about crossfit in terms of being more mainstream. Crossfit is popular among Police, Military, and Fire because those professions need a general level of fitness.

      It makes sense universities have not picked it up, because you need sport specific training to be successful in athletics.

      And a butterfly pull-up is completely safe when performed correctly. Sorry for the confusion on that point.

  21. well i think both are good as most people said and article should’ve been called why crossfit is good not why it’s better than BB . It’s like saying eating steamed chicken is better than boiled chicken ….

    And calling out BB to go try Fran workout or whatever it is is like saying lets see a crossfiter go and do 600lbs squats or 800lbs deadlifts you name it .

    as long as people train stay fit and enjoy it that’s good inuries happen in all sports especially professional sports most athletes compete with some sort of injury constantly they never pain free…

    i think intesnity problem is mostly cause gyms have too few equipment and you have to queue or find alternative exercise and changing weights or trainign with partner taking off putting on makes rest periods a bit longer . But if you get a free gym you can make it pretty intense .

    Me myself i like to throw in some intense sets whenever i get 2 pieces of equipment free but i also like to keep my form good ( to bodybuilding standards ) keep control all the way through exercise .

    who’s the winner here? 🙂

  22. So Crossfit is absolutely competitive and men like myself don’t like to lose. I’ve hurt myself both times I tried getting into Crossfit. I don’t know what “bodybuilders” he’s talking about, I just go to the gym and work out regularly but this article is baloney, it was written by a Crossfitter.

  23. This is all do stupid. Fitness is fitness. Get there however you choose, just don’t be a the fat lazy sacks that most Americans are today.

  24. Lol this cat that wrote this is a moron… Has he ever gone through a body building routine? It’s 6-12 reps not 1-10.. 1-5 reps is power lifting… Secondly I’ve never seen a body builder leave the gym who isn’t exhausted, smelling like stale ass, and leaving a puddle of sweat behind… The reason body builders don’t crossfit isn’t a matter of “manning up” we just don’t want to hurt ourselves. Olympic lifts are too complex to be done “for time” at a weight far too heavy for the person doing them so they have to contort their backs to try and get the weight above their heads. It’s a 95% chance a crossfitters will seriously injure themselves in their gym time. As a personal trainer I would not take on a client doing crossfit because I could never condone a client doing something that WILL injure them long before it gets them results.

  25. Bro do you even lift??? You like the captain of my high school chess team, get a life. You’re wrong on all fronts, I don’t give two shits about Crossfit. I went once..I think we did “Helen”.there were 13 dudes in the class. I was the only newbie…I finished second and never went back. It ain’t for me. But I’ll never write an article as asinine as this to argue my side. You need to lift a lot more weights but you decide to pick up the pencil again.

  26. I am not even close to a bodybuilder nor do I side with CrossFit. Do the homework, google, research, ask physical therapists – you may get (I’m BS ing – will get) answers you don’t like about CrossFit. I suggest to start eating clean, increase protein, drink a ton of water every day so that you are peeing constantly, and very basic minimal strength training to see how your body responds before incorporating cardio. As you gain knowledge you can then focus in on what needs best meet your body and how it is put together. This sounds like happy horse you know what, but it is shocking how little knowledge people truly have about their own body. It actually takes years of training to start understanding your body. I played college football and thought I knew it all when it came to lifting, and I needed to humble myself and study to find out how I could truly meet my needs now that I am 35; what kind of training does my body truly respond to the best and my joints and ligaments stay healthy in the process? CrossFit loves the fact that they have some old faces that represent their craft and then they market and campaign that it is a lifelong way of training. Please use your brain – it is a young man’s/woman’s sport and that of the elite athlete. I was actually shocked at the amount of my fellow brothers from the football days who tilted towards CrossFit, but then I realized that they also didn’t truly know their own body just as I didn’t – we were given workouts by incredible strength coaches and we were elite athletes. Those same strength coaches will tell you CrossFit is not all that great – I have talked to several. So these extremely competitive energetic people are drawn to CrossFit as it is very competitive and challenging, and it is what it is. For the majority of us the young 20’s and/or elite athlete ship has sailed many years ago, and we should focus on actually gaining knowledge and what workouts truly are best for our specific body.

  27. ALL health nuts, gym rats, cross fitters, and body builders are d-bags. if i want to smoke cigarettes and swim in a pool of bacon grease then it’s none of your damn business. just a bunch of people strokin each others egos. “hey look at me, look what i can do!” get the fuck outta here.

  28. Crossfitters are the Christians of the athletic community. It’s a a training paradigm with its and flaws. I personally think it over emphasizes metabolic conditioning and under emphasizes endurance. In the spectrum of strength to endurance it doesn’t really address aerobic capacity in full. Essentially it Is not a true crossfit. It is a mixture of power and strength training done at intensities to challenge lactic acid threshold. In reality while the diversity is high, The scope of the training is narrowed only to crossfit athletes. It’s a program meant for crossfitters. Yet touted as the ideal medium for a means to total fitness

    • I try to incorporate it all. I have met cons programmed in. I do box jumps and wall ball. I do clean/presses at 40% till I can’t stand… I also run wendlers 531. And I work in a 7 mile run once a week.

      Training is training. People need to get off the grouping and label train. Start respecting how their body responds to a stimulus and train according to goals. Labeling yourself limits what your willing to do in the gym and thus limiting how you can push yourself.

  29. It seems this article is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “intensity.” Weight training “intensity” and cardio-intensive training “intensity” are two completely different things. Someone who describes himself as “clearly qualified” to talk about this subject should know this.

    In weightlifting “intensity” refers to a percentage of the athelete’s 1 RM for a particular lift. They can use this percentage to determine the number of reps they should be able to do with a specific amount of weight for that lift to cause hypertrophy in the targeted muscle group. It’s not based on feeling. It’s based on an athelete’s measured ability.

    I’m not sure what CrossFit “intensity” means. Is it also based on a demonstrated measured ability? Is it based on a specific heart rate zone? Is it based on how a CrossFitter feels when he’s jumping on a stack of tractor tires? I really want to know. And until I do, I wouldn’t write an article generalizing an entire group of atheletes based on my misunderstanding of how they use the word.

  30. Crossfit is fine, but “Sooner or later it will be in the Olympics.” is probably not true. The process for becoming an olympic sport is arduous and complex and there is already a long wait list of sports.

  31. “A butterfly pull-up performed with correct form, is safer than a strict pull up with broken form.” is like saying “Riding a bicycle is safer than driving a car with no windshield.”

    No shit a bike would be safer, but driving a car is better and faster when you do it right. What a joke. This article is mostly self-validation of a personal choice.

  32. Working out of any kind is not a sport, it does not make you an athlete. When I played football, baseball and soccer in school we would train for those sports by working out. Working out is not a sport. Lifting weights does not make one athletic no matter the kind of work out.

  33. Rich Fronning is all natural…hahahahahahahaha
    So was Lance Armstrong. He never got caught!

  34. BC gone wrestle up some feathers on the comment front. Why are people so angry. Need more cowbell
    *kettle bell

  35. Could really care less what those on the outside hate about CrossFit. I have an amazing box, amazing friends, and amazing fitness. CrossFit isn’t going anywhere. The more people that try it will get hooked. Many of us having been doing it for years. Definitely not a fad, because many of us can’t stand the thought of working out a Globogym with a bunch of punks who know nothing about fitness. WOD on friends!

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  37. Great Article I personally love weight training due to tempo control. Nothing wrong with crossfit at least america is staying in shape. Also please visit my site at

  38. Get your head out of your ass bodybuilders don’t hate cross fit. They actually don’t care about it. Crossfit can keep reboks and crossfitter pull ups. Bodybuilders can keep their pyramid sets and their barbell curls.

  39. Brad Chase maybe you should check out training videos with Kal Greene, he does 20 not 10 so I do not know where you get your number of reps. You clearly love cross fit but there are a couple of points or inaccuracies I can punch holes through.

  40. Really depends on your goals and what you’re into. I am able to sweat a bucket load through body building, lift weights with intensity, do high and low reps weight lifting and do cardio in 10-15 mins and feel exhausted. It just depends on how you train.

  41. Glassman was right, stupid people such as the author is most dangerous, not any kind of exercises. The ignorance shown by the author of this fourth-grade level piece is jaw-dropping. “Women with broad shoulders.. who want that?” That put you in the same category with provincial anti-LGBT redneck. Froning taking dope? What’s your proof. “BBs look great”?! Try muscle up that ring without peeing your pants. I hear BB gyms being referenced as “meathead station” sometimes, and now I see why.

  42. You know nothing about the Olympics and its lifts and you CLEARLY know jack shit about bodybuilding.

  43. bodybuilders arent athletes. yes they put in a lot of hard work to look the way they do but they cant do athletic things such as running, so it cant become a actual sport. all the running and cardio it takes to do a crossfit workout is athletic. but In the end i dont think we should all be hating on each other. We all have one goal, to be fit. So stop hating.

    P.S. to become an oly lifting coach also takes two days so u cant just only hate on crossfit coaches. Also a lot of the best trainers in the world for bodybuilding and powerlifting didnt go to school to learn what they know. stop with the hatred.

  44. My personal biggest problem with crossfit, is the programming. It leaves you vulnerable to injuries. Example: Putting heavy snatches almost last in the training session after doing some other really hard exercises that really take it out of you. You need to be somewhat fresh and alert to do those Olympic style lifts safely. If they can correct their programming and clean up their form a little bit, it can be a lot safer and better for you.
    Secondly, yeah, you get people who will go to gym “workout” and leave looking fresh with not a drop of sweat. That happens and it is unfortunate. But have you watched some one like Kai Green or Dorian Yates or even Kris Gethin? You can not tell me those people and those workouts aren’t intense? Seriously?
    So you challenged body builders to do crossfit…do a real body building program for once and then compare. Man up!

  45. “My challenge to bodybuilders: Its time to man up.” – wow. just wow. #niceguybrad

  46. Horribly misguided and uneducated article. I’m not a bodybuilder, but I do know a lot of them, along with crossfitters. You really need to do more research. I don’t know you, but this article has left a bad impression.

  47. I think that people should stop pointing out flaws with other training. Each person either enjoys a specific way they train or they have a specific goal. The type of training you perform should be relevant to your goals.

  48. I thought this was going to be an unbiased comparison but it ended up being a Crossfit cock stroking session.
    BTW Crossfit drug tests are so far from being intense or thorough and definitely not random. In fact the majority of Crossfit drug tests don’t even test for PED’S they test for street drugs. If you’re going to preach this shit to people you should do a little more research and tell people the truth. PED is so obvious in Crossfit it’s not even funny. You can see women competing one year looking like a normal muscular female and coming back the next with a distended abdomen,somewhat severe acne and her fucking brow line has grown. All of which are very common signs of PED use. Now honestly I don’t care but I do care that they lead people to believe that their level of fitness was attained with no PED use. Not cool. And kipping is definitely harmful to the shoulders and elbows no matter how it’s done. You should probably take a few classes on the human body and it’s motions and stop just blindly drinking the crossfit kool-aid

    • It will always be healthier to do a difficult exercises, 8-14 times, rest and repeat. These people just love intensity, but they don’t understand that it is very dangerous to do these things too quickly.

  49. My buddy who does crossfit alot just showed me this. It strikes me as odd that people are so venomous.You guys realize crossfit and bodybuilding while similar have very different goals.A bodybuilder is trying to pack on as much muscle as humanly possible with the lowest body fat.
    a crossfitter is essentially a jack of all trades.They have a bit of muscle,a bit of strength,a bit of flexibility and a bit of endurance.

    Its the oldest trade known to man you can either specialize and be great at one thing or you can be adept/good at alot of things.

    No one beats a runner at endurance,
    a yoga master at flexibility
    a powerlifter at strength
    a bodybuilder at muscle

    but for those who dont want to be extreme at any one thing and decent at all of them crossfit is a nice solution.This is not a putdown by any means balancing that many things is hard.But by its very nature the more muscle you have the heavier you are the less endurance youll have.That works for every category up there you cant be great at all of them. Crossfit has proven you can be reasonably decent at all of them i think its nice to have that option.

    And last but not least intensity.Id disagree with the author any advanced workout in any of the above categories will make a grown man cry.

    by the way if any of you are eyeing yoga and going really, my testimony is ive done all of them and yoga was probably the hardest.BODIES DONT BEND LIKE THAT!!!!! lol yes it hurt.

    -powerlifter 7 years

  50. Well, I’m a natural bodybuilder who’s competed all across america in amateur shows in the SNBF and NANBF and I’m an ACE certified personal trainer and I don’t hate cross fit at all. I think cross fit is cool and I actually respect the amazing amount of intensity involved in it. However, I had no idea that there was so much animosity with cross fitters. Brad Chase, it seems as though you put out this article due to some sort of insecurity issue you are suffering from. I could care less how you “label” yourself or how intense you train. This article is a joke and incredibly ignorant. Not all bodybuilders think a like. I can’t believe I actually have to say that. I think cross fit and bodybuilding are both impressive in there own way. Your article sounds like it was written by a 12 year old boy who got called skinny or something and got his feelings hurt. It’s an odd piece of writing from a grown man in my opinion.

  51. I know this isn’t representative of every cross fitter, but the two biggest reasons I find cross fit annoying is:

    1. They mistake difficulty with progress.
    2. They seem more concerned with showing off than improving. Hence the reason so many of them cheat and do gimmicky workouts that look cool but are pointless.

    Basically cross fit is extremely inefficient and there are a lot of wasted movements. When a lot of amateur body builders weigh less but can also out lift pro cross fitters, you may want to step back and take a look at your sport.

  52. Crossfit in itself has a great place in the fitness industry. It emphasizes muscle endurance, core strength, and overall body control. However, just like everything else, it must be done correctly to achieve the above description. I have done both power/bodybuilding style lifting and crossfit based programs, and they have both increased my overall fitness tremendously. Both have their pros and cons, however when suplemented correctly with one another, can increase overall health and fitness, than just staying stagnated with one style of working out day in and day out.

  53. Both crossfit and bodybuilders suck. Any boxer/wrestler will beat a shit of either in no time.

  54. Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

    Circuit training and crossfit are very similar, non stop and high repetitions. It’s a shame crossfit gyms are so expensive!

  55. I won’t comment to Crossfit because I know almost nothing about it. However, everytime at my gym when they do a crossfit “thing” in the basement. While I am benching or lifting heavy weights, I will undoubtedly; almost as if its like clockwork have a dude or dudette come over to me while I am resting between sets and say: “Oh, your benching 175lbs for 12-14 reps? Try 50 lbs and 100 reps!”
    I don’t really understand that because one, thats a lot of reps and two, you can like blow a rotator cuff from stuff like that.
    I’ve also been told by people who do crossfit, that when I am; lets say olympic squats. They’ll tell me: “Olympic squats are bad for you.”
    I’m a pretty quiet guy so I don’t say anything back really. Generally I just walk away.
    But I’ve never seen a group of people try so hard to justify their actions. Especially to a person who doesn’t care and also doesn’t know anything about it.

  56. This is the biggest joke. I’m sorry, I’ve really tried to “embrace” crossfit and give it a chance (and when I say embrace I mean tolerate)… But are you kidding me… Those pull-ups are ridiculous… You’re using your body weight and swing to Catapult you over and over (unsafely might I add) into what looks like a bass fish having a convulsion. You look absolutely REDICULOUS! Be a man and do a real pull up….crossfit is too “let’s see how many times we can do this motion unsafely and call it a competition.” I gotta hand it to crossfit though into making it a social cult workout that just about everyone can do for all those people who can’t push and motivate themselves….
    Crossfitters, I’m sorry, but you’re not athletes. A baseball pitcher that can thrown a 95mph hour fastball is an athlete and is paid $$$ because not a lot of people can do it… But what crossfit has done has changed the “game” and said, well we can’t throw a 95mph fast ball, but what we are going to try to do is throw it 45mph at half the distance… And just to cover up and distort the fact that we can’t throw a 95mph fastball… We’re just going to throw it as many times as we can in a minute…. Because everyone can do that…. It’s ok to do crossfit… We all have our own choices… But don’t try and take away from the weightlifter and body builders who keep it true…. You’re not there and never will be. Stick to gymnastics.

  57. This is the biggest joke. I’m sorry, I’ve really tried to “embrace” crossfit and give it a chance (and when I say embrace I mean tolerate)… But are you kidding me… Those pull-ups are ridiculous… You’re using your body weight and swing to Catapult you over and over (unsafely might I add) into what looks like a bass fish having a convulsion. You look absolutely REDICULOUS! Be a man and do a real pull up….crossfit is too “let’s see how many times we can do this motion unsafely and call it a competition.” I gotta hand it to crossfit though into making it a social cult workout that just about everyone can do for all those people who can’t push and motivate themselves….
    Crossfitters, I’m sorry, but you’re not athletes. A baseball pitcher that can thrown a 95mph hour fastball is an athlete and is paid $$$ because not a lot f people can do it… But what crossfit has done has changed the “game” and said, well we can’t throw a 95mph fast ball, but what we are going to try to do is throw it 45mph at half the distance… And just to cover up and distort the fact that we can’t throw a 95mph fastball… We’re just going to throw it as many times as we can in a minute…. Because everyone can do that.

  58. Crossfit and bodybuilding are two completely different animals. You can’t compare them as if it were apples to apples because it’s not. I’ve been doing crossfit since 2012. I have my level 1 and I understand the science and philosophy behind it. If done properly it is a great foundation for any type of athlete. I do have some criticisms about the competency of some coaches but there are good and bad coaches in every sport. I imagine there are a lot in bodybuilding as well.

    But for the sake of the argument let’s assume that all crossfit coaches and all bodybuilding coaches do everything exactly as was always intended. Crossfit celebrates high intensity and functional movement. The goal is to be ready for any and all physical challenges one would face in life. The goal of bodybuilding goes a different direction (from what I understand). It’s more about developing muscles in a way that create aesthetic appeal. It’s about how you look more than what you’re capable of doing.

    That’s not to say bodybuilders can’t do the “work” we do in crossfit. I’ve seen a lot of guys come out to try crossfit straight from the bodybuilding community. They do very well. There are certain areas they are especially weak but that’s only because they haven’t trained for specific movements and usually just lack the mobility or flexibility. They had a surprisingly strong “engine”. That is to say, so long as they weren’t limited by lack of skill in a movement, they could easily keep up better than most.

    And let’s face it, there are giant douche bags in both sports that give the rest the bad name. Crossfit is better than bodybuilding for improving our capacity to do functional work. Bodybuilding is better for targeting specific muscles to create a “perfect” or “sculpted” body. However, by doing crossfit you will get a lean and fit body. Just like by bodybuilding you will become stronger and your capacity to do work will improve.

    You wouldn’t say a pro football player was in better shape than a pro soccer player. They’re both professional athletes in their respective sports. They’re goals are different and their athletic build is a reflection of what they want their body to do.

  59. lmao yes calories do exist. Just because things aren’t tangible does not mean that they are not real.

  60. Brad Chase is one of the top fitness experts and highly educated. Thank you Brad Chase.

  61. CrossFit can make you extremely sore and under the right circumstances, it can lead to Rhabdo, a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

  62. lmao yes calories do exist. Just because something isn’t tangible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry

      No, they DO NOT exist, you science illiterate fitness industry stooge.


      Better get your information from actual physicists, NOT scammers like Lyke McDonald…..

    • Lmao dude you’re a psycho Relaxxxxxx

    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry

      Energy and mass are NOT thing, nor stuff at all. BOTH are PROPERTIES, CONCEPTS, ABSTRACTIONS , you laughably science illiterate Internet idiot. Bring it on you cocksucker. I have studied this for the last 10 years, have a physicist for a friend and communicate with
      Any physicist will TELL YOU: “Energy is NOT itself ANYTHING.C DIRECT QUOTE, YOU LOSER.



    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry

      Energy is NOT something tangible NOR i tangible. READ THE LAST PART!IT IS AN ABSTRACT CONCEPT.


    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry

      It is not intangible EITHER. Read that again, you laughably science illiterate Internet commenter…..


      Forces are not tangibke but EXIST in the uni erse.UNLIKE FORCE, Energy is a CONCEPT, NOT SOMETHING THAT HAS EXISTENCE ITSELF IN THE UNIVERSE……

      You and Lyle McCockle would get your dumb asses LAUGHED OFF A PHYSICIST’S BLOG

    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry


    • BungleeayvuhCockleberry


      You really do not even deserve a reply being so ignorant.

  63. If you do any of these on a competitive level you will probably end up with joint ink. severe arthritis after you stop. I powerlifter for over 25 yrs and yes I can hardly move now. Doctor Arthritis is everywhere, I have to take pretty strong opioids for pain. Total knee replacements, drugs shot into every joint I have. Didn’t help my job as a Firefighter-Paramedic helped me along this road. LOL I loved competing at meets. Be careful with your bodies, you only get one.

  64. Here is the truth and the only truth

    Exercise should be fun and effective in building a healthy body and a confident lifestyle

    If Crossfit does that for you, then more power to you, if Bodybuilding does it, then Awesome, if neither work for you, then do something else, be it Yoga, Martial Arts, cycling, running, swimming, whatever.

    Just love it and do it on a daily basis

  65. BungleeayvuhCockleberrySuckWhi

    LOL So true. A white guy has no place in a gym just like a black man has no place in a class room. No great thinkers were black, blacks can only run jump and lift heavy things (that is why they try to go to prison). All great academic thinkers are white and ALL GREAT mathematician are Asian. So you should stop talking about energy because all you can do is lift weights and you will be in jail because all crimes are because of black people.

  66. Well the reason why this article doesn’t make sense to me is that it has a warped meaning of ‘intensity’. To me, intensity extends far beyond your physical workout, it’s a way of life which is 24 x 7. A bodybuilder when preparing for a show is utterly and truly devoted to the relentless pursuit of acquiring a better physique through precise nutrition, drugs,training and mindset. An Olympian is totally immersed in a precise ans specific sequence of movements, which he or she does repeatedly, thousands of times till perfection is achieved. Same with someone like a classical music composer. Like the martial arts quote goes,” I fear the one kick you have practiced 10,000 times, not the 10,000 kicks you practiced once. In this context, Crossfit is probably the LEAST INTENSE physical pursuit, majorly because of it being muddled in what the person is trying to achieve. Sure , you may be tired after a Crossfit session; but being tired and being intense are two very different things.

  67. This guy went full retarded, bodybuilding isn’t an olympic sport, have you heard of the Olympic lift clean and jerk (you probably have but you are likely not this complex exercise correctly)? Those guys are body builders, no Olympic athlete crossfits because it is dangerous and fucking stupid.

    Anyone with any sort of intelligence about the human body know lifting too much weight with improper form to the point of exhaustion is a recipe for a fucked up body. The 16% rate injury he reported is likely true.

  68. I coached and did CF for 3 years and am now doing weightlifting with HIIT days sprinkled throughout the week. The amount of injuries, especially shoulders, that I witnessed through the country (I travel for work) led me to really reevaluate what the hell I was doing. CF injuries are horribly under reported. The folks at the boxes I frequented had a tendency to down play and even hide their injuries for fear of ridicule. Shit the level to which the elites are fighting injuries is insane. No one in CF is talking about it because the money train is chugging! People are getting injured doing 115lb snatches! How does that happen?!?! Oh yeah…it’s an Olympic weightlifting movement and you shouldn’t do a set of 75. Total lack of respect for the skill and art of Olys. It’s amazing how comical it is to me now. I was so naive but totally hooked on the community (that’s a huge bonus).
    But, none of this is the real reason I left.
    There is no feeling in the world that compares to the pump and gains. Outside of a handful of the elites CF dudes are so small. Gains are minimal. It’s sad because there are so many 45s in the boxes that sit lonely in a corner. I was the strongest guy at most of the boxes I worked out at and that was never the case at any of my previous gyms. That’s probably why I stayed for 3 years. They thought I was the hulk. Weight training and HIIT are superior for strength and fat loss. You’ll recover quicker and actually look like you lift. There is no reason to do CF unless you want to watch half naked girls lift…hmm…
    It was a great community but you can find that at the gym, church, or the bar.
    Gains and pump. No better feeling. CF will slow down soon. I’ve talked to so many coaches that feel the same way I do. CF was awesome in the sense that it has created a lot of amateur weight lifters that are doing their research, and questioning the machine. Find a real trainer, pick up the fuckin barbell, and grow every day.

  69. While I respect Brad for defending the sport that he loves, telling body-builders to “man up” is way off base. As a physique competitor and a classic physique hopeful, I can tell you that at no point in my workouts is the intensity lower than everything I’ve got. You have to push yourself to get those extra reps when every fiber of your being is telling you to stop. During competition prep you have to have an iron will to keep your macros on point. It is true that, working out the way I do, jumping straight into a CF workout would probably kick my ass. Flip side, bring a CF-er in to do my workout using the form that BB’s use, I guarantee it will kick their ass!
    At the end of the day, though, it’s apples and oranges. Bodybuilding is about tearing down and rebuilding muscle tissue. Sculpting a proper physique requires mind/muscle connection, slow-controlled reps, and strict form. It also requires meticulous meal planning/prepping. CF is about athleticism. They don’t have to worry about full contraction of the muscle and slow, controlled eccentric. It still takes time, patience, and practice. Get above the bar, get up the rope, move that weight from there to there as quick as possible. Top CF athletes are total badasses but so are top Bodybuilders. The mentality is different, the sport is different, the goals are different. I’m tired of defending bodybuilding to CF-ers and I’m tired of hearing bodybuilders put down CF-ers. Just do what you do the best you can and meet your goals.

  70. I have more apprehensions against bodybuiding than crossfit because bodybuilding glorifies a shallow physical appearance which eventually has many of these men mentally disturbed to the point of damaging their health greatly for something that isn’t worth the time wasting your life to. The rest is pure childish aguments.

  71. I will give a new perspective on this. I love strong looking crossfit women. So hot. Crossfit is retarded but I like some of the women. I lift heavy in the real rep range 1-5. Unless they are on a shitload of gear most bodybuilders lift like preteen girls. Walking around in the gym, pumping up their muscles, totally in love with themselves doing their stupid 40 sets hitting the muscle with 5 different exercises. Then guys like me walk in, no checking myself out in the mirror or snapping selfies to post on instagram to feed my narcissistic vanity. I cardio warmup, stretch and lie down and bench press way more weight, arm curl with way more weight and basically do everything with way more weight. My workouts are maybe 15-16 sets on a good day 3 sometimes 4 times a week. I see the same guys in 6-7 times a week doing no warmup, no pre or post workout cardio and usually start off with their stupid cable crossovers first thing (one of the most useless exercises on earth). Can you tell I have contempt for bodybuilders. All show and no go. Unless of course they take a shitload of gear and have great genetics, then they are strong as can be. However the rest of them are vain self absorbed preteen girls. At least in my town. Maybe its not like that in other places. I dont know, maybe I am wrong in other areas. I wont even get into the fact that every 3rd woman in the gym who actually lifts weight is an amateur figure or bikini model or aspiring one. Another vanity driven bullshit hobby. Yes I said hobby because bodybuilding is a hobby the same as model railroading. Bodybuilders are in no shape or form athletes.
    However if I was forced to call either the males or female bodybuilders an athlete I would hands down call the women the athletes. Most of the women figure models (bikini models are just a totally useless classification) I see in the gym work out like crazy and put all the men to shame. Very few guys can keep up with the hardcore woman lifter, even if they spend too much time doing glute stuff.
    Oh and one of the reasons listed above they say crossfitters are not athletes. When if you ever watch the Reebok games or regional games they look pretty friggin athletic to me. Bodybuilders are only good for one thing. Get all dark and oiled up in a speedo and prance around on a stage in front of a largely gay audience and then walk around patting each other on their asses. Oh sorry patting each other on their glutes.

    Go Powerlifters!!!!!!!!

  72. “Olympic Lifts are not meant to be done with high reps”

    That’s very true.. I don’t really know what’s wrong with these people

  73. “Come and drink our kool-aid” Seems like a fitting reference considering it implies you are in a cult and are about to kill yourself…

  74. lets break this article down and show why people who think this are abit deluded.

    1. pullups are going to be needed to be done in reputition so crossfitters resort to kipping pullups, ill place my bets that if a body builder was to do a kipping pullup they would run out of breathe after the 2nd or 3rd pullup

    2.”olympic weightlifting was never meant to be done in fast reputition” Where was this stated?, also why not?, and crossfit is not focused on super high weights focused more on a balance of high speed and weight, not just weight.

    3.crossfit is a sport as the definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. and they are athletes as the definition of an athlete is “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise”

    4.dont really know what to say…..

    5.completely false as tia Toomey (aussie weightlifter) is also a crossfitter 🙂

    6.maybe some people want to look like that, in my opinion why would anyone want to look like a bodybuilder with huge muscles and struggle running a mile but whatever…… can make you sore, maybe grow a pair of balls and stop crying about aching.

    8.if you do the technique right no problems occur 🙂

    9.or you could do crossfit and do both weights and cardio. don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a month if look around for cheaper boxes. although it can be expensive that is true.

    11.he is not on steroids as they are tested prior to the games/regionals etc