Fit woman stretching her leg to warm up - isolated over white backgroundThe fitness industry is littered with ad after ad after ad for fitness clubs or online fitness classes – you're probably like me and the email “pitches” inundate your inbox. Most of them are deleted before they're opened as we've determined they aren't worth the money (or the read). But this begs the question, are any of these online programs any good?

There's a few – and one I was recently introduced to is the DailyBurn. With its ease of access and mix of excellent workouts, DailyBurn is a keeper.

“DailyBurn offers a host of useful features that will help you lose weight and improve your fitness levels.”(1)

Not everyone has time to go to the gym and unless you want to make the investment in a home gym or watch the same workout video day after day, your options were limited, until now.  Now, whenever you want to, wherever you want to and for however long you want to, you can get a workout in.

So what's the DailyBurn all about?

The DailyBurn set up is easy and can be completed in 4 steps:

DailyBurn LogoStep 1: Logon to DailyBurn.

Step 2: Sign up and choose a log-in name. (Right now the first 30 days are 100% risk free.  This is a great chance to try the program out – they are confident you will benefit and enjoy the program and want to continue.)

Step 3: Next you will tell them a bit about yourself – height, weight and goals.  They ask about your training history – beginner? Intermediate or expert?  This help plans the intensity of your workout.

Step 4: Next you choose the type of trainer – either the “friend” or “drill sergeant”. This is actually an important step. Some people respond better to a buddy type trainer and others need the push of the drill sergeant – the no-nonsense, “let’s do this” type of training.

Once these 4 steps are done, DailyBurn generates a plan that fits your needs and goals.

What plan is for me and will it get me fit?

Daily Burn Workout Selection

Lots of workouts to choose from…

First you will be introduced to your instructor and the program that best suits your needs and goals.

There is a full description of what to expect, type of exercises and any equipment needs they feel you should have to maximize your workout. (This is usually limited to dumbbells, a step and exercise ball)

A calendar will pop up showing today's date with your first workout ready to go. Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone, and if after trying a workout you find you need a greater challenge or maybe a different routine, the links to the others are right there for you to choose from. The workouts can be whatever you randomly choose or you can stick to the plan they chose to fit your exercise favorites and fitness goals.

The next tab is for nutrition planning – a great resource which includes discussions about eating habits and how to plan healthy eating. It has an area for meal planning with food types broken down for you, along with a diverse recipe database. The recipes are easy to follow, and designed with the busiest of people in mind so it can fit into any lifestyle. Remember, weight loss happens in the kitchen and muscles are made in the gym…

DailyBurn Nutrition

The last section discusses supplementation.

DailyBurn offers their own supplements that you can buy via their website. While it is not required to buy these supplements, they do offer a strong argument for your health and may be something to consider. As hard as you try, not every day is going to be perfect when it comes to your nutrition – supplements are a convenient way to augment your baseline nutrition and make sure you have some healthy alternatives when caught in a bind, faced with eating items not on target with your health goals.

When do you exercise? That's all up to you.

Ben Booker LTF Abs workout for a great core

Ben Booker LTF Abs workout for a great core

DailyBurn is 24/7/365. It's definitely a workout program of sheer convenience.  2 a.m. and you need to work out – just sign on and hop to it.  Away on business, living in a hotel for a few days? Log on via your phone and get your WOD on. You're pretty much a simple mouse click away from your personal workouts. Can't argue with that.

Daily Burn Works for youIs DailyBurn worth the Money?

What about the cost? Frequently the saying goes that you get what you pay for.  This is not the case – you get an incredible set up for $12.95 a month. The average US gym membership is $65 a month. You are saving $625 a year and not just on the membership. There is transportation to and from a gym, extra charges for classes, workout gear, dealing with other people and safety issues. Working out in your own home will cost you $12.95 and you don't spend anything on transportation costs, no extra classes fees, you can work out in your underwear if you so please, no one to bother or judge you and you are within the safety of home.

But will it work on my device? If you have any of the following devices, you are good to go: iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV or any computer. You most likely have one or more of these devices in your home.

Workouts, workouts, workouts… so many choices

So what exactly is offered? Here is a list of the workouts you can choose from: Move! (dance workouts), Live To Fail (weight training), Cardio Sculpt, DailyBurn Yoga, DailyBurn 15, Tactical Body Weight Training (TBT), DailyBurn Recover, Beautiful Belly prenatal yoga, Black Fire (high-intensity movements),  DailyBurn Kettlebell (DBK), True Beginner, Inferno HR (interval live heart rate data training), Intelliburn (customized), Total Cardio and Inferno (intense 21-day program)…


Get your BlackFire WOD on with superstar trainer Bob Harper

There are also chat rooms where you can connect and ask questions of others in the programs as well as access to personal trainers. The workouts are great and easily accessed 24 hours a day as much or as little as you like.

If you can’t get in shape with DailyBurn, you only have yourself to blame.


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