The Top 5 Tips and tricks to improve quality of sleep

insomniaSleep is one of the most important things a human can do, it helps to recharge your batteries overnight and increase the chances of you having a more successful day when you wake up. Lack of sleep can substantially affect the way we work, it can decrease concentration, work flow and efficiency, but it can also change our moods and personalities.

A great night sleep is the difference to how you feel overall the next day, and it can make a considerable difference to just how that day is going to pan out for you.

The Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Quality of Sleep

Below we have highlighted some tips on how you can promote a better quality of sleep.

Sleep tip #1: Go to Sleep When You’re Truly Tired

Instead of going to be early and lying in bed watching TV or reading a book, stay up until you really are that tired that you just can’t carry on anymore. The chances are you are going to be longing for your comfortable bed and as soon as you head hits the pillow you are going to be fast asleep. The problem with people who jump into bed early is that they often get accustomed to their bed and by the time they are truly tired, there are also truly restless, tossing and turning to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

SLEEP TIP 2Sleep tip #2: Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine in the evenings is one of the worst things you can drink because you are going to end up putting your body and senses on high alert. This can be difficult to combat and you could see yourself awake going into the early hours because of the effects that the caffeine is going to have on your system.

Instead, have a warm glass of milk which has no caffeine’s or stimulants.

Sleep tip #3: Sleeping Well Makes Your Skin Better

By having a great night sleep you are also letting your skin rest and heal from the day’s events. Before going to sleep remove any makeup and by a choosing a vitamin c serum that you can apply to your face you will be helping your skin to rejuvenate overnight so that in the morning you are going to have a glowing complexion.

Sleep tip #4: Stick to a sleep schedule

Try not to change the times you go to bed or wake up as this will disrupt your pattern. We all like to have a lazy morning in bed on weekends but by doing this you are going to be going to bed later as well, which means come Monday morning when your alarm goes off for work, your body is going to be in complete confusion and you will find it hard to get enough sleep.

SLEEP TIP 5 don't eat before bedSleep tip #5: Lighten Up on Evening Meals

Finally, go easy on when you eat and what you eat in the evenings. The general rule of thumb is to eat well before you head to bed and do overeat so that you are too full. Try eating a light meal a few hours before you go to bed as this will offer you the best satisfaction when you come to lay your head down. Eating too much food half an hour before you head to bed could keep you up all night and you will find it difficult to find comfort when you sleep.

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  1. Sticking to a sleep schedule is definitely a big issue for some people. I can definitely see the logic in your advice here in this article and am glad to have read it. Thanks!

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