We all know the “rule” about drinking eight glasses of water a day. There are even apps out there now to help us track our water intake and make sure we’re meeting our quota. But do we all know why that quota is so important? And why is it so important to watch how much water we drink?

Drinking TraceOver the course of a regular day, our bodies lose water through sweating, breathing, and even just moving. On an active day, such as a leg day at the gym or striving to eke out your daily 10,000 steps, our bodies are likely to lose even more. When water loss exceeds water intake we become dehydrated, and that means muscle fatigue, cramps, dizziness and a lack of energy.

Hitting your quota for water consumption and staying hydrated not only prevents you from experiencing these negative effects first-hand, but it also ensures your body temperature is regulated and your joints are lubricated — resulting in a better overall sense of health now and well-being.

However with all the water options out on the shelves these days, it begs the question, how does one choose the right water for an active lifestyle?

There are a lot of options available under the sports drinks or “natural” water categories, but beware — these options are more often than not full of sugar and unnecessary calories that are counterproductive to your healthy habits. Be sure to look for bottled water with electrolytes that don’t come packed with extra calories.

Motivation...One of my personal favorites is Vancouver based Trace, the “water with benefits.” Trace infuses trace minerals and electrolytes into a pH balanced water offering a nice energy boost, without any sugar or calories. Plus, these trace minerals come with the bonus of helping with metabolism regulation, bone strengthening and rehydration.

In addition to being a natural and health energy boost, I like Trace because they offer water in a variety of naturally flavored options. On the days when I feel like having a bit of flavour in my water I can reach for the blueberry or coconut vanilla options knowing that I’m still making a healthy decision.

The key to proper hydration is ensuring you stay on top of your water consumption all day and not solely during your workout. Health professionals suggest drinking 17-20 ounces (about 2.5 cups) of water two to three hours before you start exercising, then around 8-10 ounces (about 1 cup) of water every 10-20 minutes starting 20 minutes before your work out — ending 20 minutes after your workout. This varies from person to person, but is a good baseline.

Not only does proper hydration benefit your workout, drinking water, especially a ‘water with benefits’ like Trace, provides real benefits to your body overall. Read on to get even more hydration inspiration.

The 5 Extra Benefits of Drinking Enough Water (remember water is your friend!)

1. Water Benefits your brain

Drinking plenty of water helps your brain function at its most optimal level resulting in the ability to focus more clearly on a given task, support a more stable mood, increase motivation, and prevent headaches.

2. Water Helps your heart

Drinking water increases your blood volume making it easier for your heart to pump properly oxygenated blood through your body. This makes it easier for your body to do simple everyday tasks such as walking up stairs.

Health Benefits of Water

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3. Water Soothes your skin

Proper hydration can often be most noticeable in one’s skin. At a basic level, proper hydration means soft skin that isn’t cracked and dry. On a smaller scale, drinking enough water hydrates the cells in your skin, which can diminish dark circles under your eyes and leave your skin with a subtle glow.

4. Water Keeps your kidneys working

Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from your body and helping to support blood pressure. Drinking water keeps your kidneys hydrated meaning they can properly filter the toxins in your body, reducing risks such as kidney stones.

5. Water Maintains your mouth’s health

Of course, we can’t forget the benefits of drinking water for the water’s first point of contact: your mouth. Adequate water consumption reduces your risk of a dry mouth, which means fewer chances of bad breath and even cavities.

As you can see, in addition to helping fuel your workout, water helps to fuel all the smaller aspects of your life and health.

As it permeates the cells in your body, everything from your skin, to your nails, to your digestive system will feel reinvigorated. A hydrated workout plus regular hydration in your day-to-day life will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready for anything.

TRACE Alkaline Black Water Minerals

And if the benefits of regular water aren’t enough, Trace adds an extra boost through its pH balanced, electrolyte filled water, enhancing the hydration and rejuvenation processes your body needs.

So fill those glasses, “cheers” to getting hydrated, drink up, and get ready for liquid awesomeness.

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