Creating a life by design. Interesting concept isn't it? Well, it isn't just an idea any more.

Thanks to Kin's Farm Market, a family owned and operated Western Canadian chain of stores providing healthy fruits and vegetables, a few hundred people have committed to taking control of their current health. Participants have signed up to invest 2% of each day into their bodies, minds and spirits for 28-days starting March 21st.


Considering the atypical North American gets little to no movement – let alone exercise – each day, the participants can expect to see a massive shift in both mindset and health through the compounding effect of 30-minutes a day.

For 3 participants in particular, this journey is more than just a personal commitment to themselves and their health. Kin's selected 3 participants to follow on this journey, documenting their experiences through social sharing, newspaper articles and the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto community.

Meet the 3 #KinsWLFM challengers: Abhay, Kevin and Michelle

As mentioned in my Vancouver 24 Hour column today, our 3 challengers have very different goals and motivations driving them to make some lasting lifestyle changes.

Our 3 challengers and me (from left to right): Abhay, Kevin, Michelle and Coach Moose

Our 3 challengers and me (from left to right): Abhay, Kevin, Michelle and Coach Moose


“Kevin, a 50-year old married man with no children and full-time career, has different goals from those of Michelle, who at 39 finds herself pulled in a thousand directions as a full-time mother, wife and career woman. Meanwhile Abhay, a 25-year-old single man, is committed to earning his degree in engineering while working full-time to put himself through school.”

All 3 are planning to release some excess weight while retaining and adding on some lean muscle. I think that's something all of us strive for when embarking on a mission to improve our fitness. However, taking time to go beyond simply quantifying our goals takes it from short-term to long-term thinking. Read my recent article, “Little White Lies Personal Trainers Like to Tell” to find out more about the importance of qualifying your goals for long-term, sustainable results – and to create a life of awesomeness!

just try

What's the ‘WHY' driving the 3 Challengers (and YOU)?

I ask a question of all my clients when we start to work together. It's simple in nature, but that doesn't mean it's easy to answer. It takes reflection and honest introspection. The question is “what would you life be like if you reached your goal?”

We find ourselves consumed with chasing our goal, but rarely do we stop to think about what happens once we reach it. And more importantly, how will we feel once we've obtained our idealistic outcome. You see, hitting a number on a scale, running a PR in a 10k run or dropping another dress size is fantastic, but numbers change all the time.

I can speak from experience, the answer is no. You will have moments of happiness during your victory lap or dinner, but when it's over, and the celebration subsides, you're left wondering what's next.

So I ask you again, as I asked our 3 challengers, what will your life be like once you've attained your ‘quantified' goal?

The answers they shared with me were gold! They got it.

Their responses included, “I'd feel more confident and self-assured.” “I'll have improved confidence to play the sports that I love without fear of hurting myself“, and “I'd feel more energetic and have a stronger drive to enjoy life!

Do any of these WHY's resonate with you? 

What's holding you back? Join us!

start something

The opportunity to join us and take part is still open. Click the button below to opt-in and join the tribe. There's no cost, only a positive attitude and a want to improve your lifestyle today, tomorrow and for a WHOLE life.

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And don't forget to follow the online conversation using these hashtags: #KinsHealthTransformation #Kinsx24hours #KinsWLFM 

See you in the tribe…

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